Why does my dog keep farting?

Have you been asking yourself “Why does my dog keep farting?” – if so, we’ll try and answer your questions here!

We’re going to level with you here – when dogs fart, it’s unpleasant. If your dog keeps doing it, it’s no wonder you’ve been googling “Why does my dog keep farting?”.

Of course, they can’t help it, but if they’ve let rip one too many times lately you may be wondering if there’s a root cause behind their stinky new problem. Asking yourself “Why does my dog keep farting?” is the first step to helping find the solution.

Why does my dog keep farting?

Before you think about dealing with your dog’s farts for the rest of their lives, just take a step back. There are several things that might cause your dog to get gassy, so before you consider a max-strength gas mask give this post a read! 

Oh – and in case you were embarrassed, it’s a pretty common problem and you’re certainly not alone! There are lots of other people asking the question “Why does my dog keep farting?”. It’s not just you!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and answer that burning question: “why does my dog keep farting?”. 

Why does my dog keep farting?

“Why does my dog keep farting?”

Poor digestion

You may be feeding your dog a diet of kings, but they may not be able to digest the food properly. This isn’t a reflection on you as a dog owner, it just means that you need to alter your pup’s diet so that their digestive system can handle their food more efficiently. 

Poorly digestible diets can feature several things, but some common culprits of chronic flatulence in dogs are peas, beans, milk, fatty foods, and spicy foods. If you’re trying to weed out what’s causing the problem, just keep a close eye on what you’re feeding your dog (or what they’re managing to steal off the kitchen counter…!). 

Food allergies

If the issue isn’t digestion, your dog might keep farting because of an undetected food allergy. 

Though dogs can often be intolerant to the foods we’ve mentioned above, they may have a more specific allergy that needs discovering. Though you can try and figure this out for yourself, it is much easier to head down to your vet and get your dog on an elimination diet. Not only will this sort the issue out quickly, but it will cause your dog much less discomfort in the long run! 

Poor quality ingredients

Another food-related reason that explains why your dog keeps farting is poor quality ingredients in their food. Some dog foods feature poorer quality filler ingredients that dogs don’t tend to handle as well. So, if the farting has been going on for quite some time, it’s a good idea to check out the ingredients list on any of their daily food items or treats to filter out any nasties. 

It’s not super common for dogs to react to ingredients in their foods, but some dogs don’t handle corn or wheat particularly well so just keep an eye out for these. If those two don’t seem to be the issue, it may be one of the binding agents used in the food. If you can, opt for slightly more upmarket brands. We know that this isn’t always possible, but the higher price tag usually means that all fillers have been painstakingly removed. 

Less farts and a healthier dog? Talk about a win-win. 

Sudden change in diet

Okay, so you’re probably seeing a bit of a trend here by now. Food is a major thing that keeps dogs farting. 

However, this is a bit of an odd one. Though your dog might not technically be intolerant to the food they’re eating, any sudden change in diet can cause a bit of a tummy upset. For example, if you suddenly decide to get bougie with an upmarket brand, you might notice your dog keeps farting. That doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying the food or that it’s bad for them – they’re just adjusting! 

To try and keep farts to a minimum when switching food brands, just start slow. The ingredients between brands can differ quite a bit, so just give your dog time to adjust to the new food. Simply mix in some of the new food with the old and go from there! 

They’re swallowing air while eating

If your dog is serious about mealtimes, then they may be gulping considerable amounts of air down alongside their dinner. Though this problem isn’t exclusive to dogs that eat quickly, it’s worth trying to encourage your dog to eat more slowly to try and abate this slightly. 

This is easy said than done, we know! However, with some decent training and smaller portions, you may be able to encourage more chilled-out eating patterns and stop those farts in their tracks! You could also use clever bowls that encourage dogs to take their time eating – I’ve included some suggestions below which I’ve tried, and work amazingly.

Your dog is on the heavier side

If your dog is receiving one too many treats, then they’re bound to be more prone to farting. If your dog is overweight, obese or doesn’t move enough, gas can build up and cause chronic flatulence. 

Obviously, you should be trying to keep your dog as healthy as possible when it comes to their weight. So, if you notice that your dog keeps farting it’s well worth getting their weight checked ASAP. 

How can I stop my dog from farting?

Let’s face it, if you’re googling questions like “Why does my dog keep farting?” – then you’re probably also hoping there’s a way to stop the farting too!

If you’re looking to keep the gas to a minimum, then you might want to act.

As you can see, diet is a major reason for why your dog keeps farting. Therefore, it’s a good idea to switch up your dog’s diet. If you’re worried about a major intolerance, then try and figure this out with your local veterinarian. Hopefully with some hard work, you guys can discover exactly what’s causing your dog’s excessive flatulence! 

If diet isn’t the issue, then it’s worth tackling your dog’s potentially sedentary lifestyle. More exercise for your dog is never a bad idea (providing they’re not already worn out!), so an additional walk during the day might help to keep their digestive system in working order. Dogs that exercise tend to fart less, so it’s certainly worth a try. 

We hope that this guide to why your dog keeps farting has been useful. The bottom line is that gas is normal. If your pup is healthy and exercising enough, the occasional toot should be nothing to worry about. However, if it continues to be excessive, check those food labels, keep their body moving, and check in with your vet for more detailed knowledge. 

Why does my dog keep farting?

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