Best Dog Worming Tablets and Wormers: 5 Options To Consider

Bob Martin Clear 3-in-1 Wormer Tablets

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  • 3 in1 wormer tablets for dogs.
  • The tablets should be given directly into the mouth of your dog.
  • Weigh your dog carefully before calculating the dose.

WORMclear Tablets for Dogs

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  • Kills both roundworms and tapeworms.
  • Use from 2 weeks of age and weighing more than 3kg.
  • Meaty flavoured.
  • Effective in One Dose.
  • For dogs up to 40kg.
Beaphare One Dose Wormer

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  • Safe and effective wormer for the routine control of common roundworms and tapeworms.
  • This pack contains 4 tablets and treats a dog weighing up to 40kg.
  • UK authorised veterinary medicinal product.
  • The tablets in this range contain nitroscanate.
Johnson’s Vet Easy One Dose Wormer

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  • A single dose treatment to kill both roundworms and tapeworms.
  • For medium breeds of dogs and puppies from 6kg up to 20kg.
  • 2 x 500mg Tablets
Droncit Dog and Cat Tapeworm Tablets

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  • Highly effective treatment against all the common species of tapeworms infecting dogs and cats.
  • Wormers & Endoparasites.
  • 10 Tablets.


Best Dog Worming Tablets

The most common method of treating dogs is with the use of tablets. They work quickly and pack a punch when the pill dissolves and gets to work. However, it can be hard for dogs to take the tablets. Often, they just spit it out. One thing you can do is to crush it and sprinkle it on their wet food.

1. Bob Martin Clear 3-in-1 Wormer Tablets

The Bob Martin Clear 3-in-1 wormer tablets are one of the most reliable and most popular. They claim to eliminate roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms in one dose. The stunning reviews testify to that.One tablet contains 50mg of praziquantel, 144mg of pyrantel and 150mg of febantel.

2. WORMclear Tablets for Dogs

If you’re looking for an efficient and cheap wormer tablet for tapeworms and roundworms, the WORMclear Tablets for Dogs work in just one dose. These are great into fooling dogs with their slightly meaty taste. You can choose to get one box with 2 or 4 tablets.

3. Beaphare One Dose Wormer

For a one day treatment, the Beaphare One Dose Wormer is excellent for treating tapeworms, and roundworms. One pack has 4 tablets. If you have a large dog, then this wormer tablet is just for you. It can treat dogs weighing up to 40kg and is the UK authorised veterinary medicinal product.

4. Johnson’s Vet Easy One Dose Wormer

Just like its name, the Johnson’s Vet Easy One Dose Wormer is a one dose treatment. A single tablet can kill both tapeworms and roundworms. This product is excellent for medium-sized dogs from 6kgs to 20kgs. With a couple of treats, your dog will eat them straight away.

5. Droncit Dog and Cat Tapeworm Tablets

If you have a dog and a cat, why not get the Droncit Dog and Cat Tapeworm Tablets? One purchase is suitable for both of your pets. Each pack comes with 10 tablets, so you don’t have to worry about running low on stocks anytime soon. These tablets work great for all types of tapeworms including Dipylidium caninum, Echinococcus multilocularis, Echinococcus granulosus, Taenia hydatigena, Taenia multiceps, Taenia pisiformis, Taenia taeniaeformis and Taenia ovis.

One of the worst things that can happen to your dog is having worms. There are a lot of different worm types including roundworm, hookworm and whipworm. If not treated correctly and quickly, they can be fatal and debilitating. There are several ways on how to manage intestinal dog worms. They can be in the form of tablets, granules and liquids.

What are dog worms?

Just as how people can have intestinal worms, dogs also have what is called dog worms. There isn’t a single type of these dog worms. Each of them is different and doesn’t have the same effect on your pooch. Some of these worms won’t do any harm to the dog, and they’ll just pass. However, four dog worm types are threatening to your pet.

Dog Worm Types


You may have heard of roundworms as these are the most common to dogs. These are also the most lethal. If you think your dog has one, treat your pet immediately since roundworms can be passed to humans. Once in their life, dogs become infected by these parasitic worms, often as puppies.

Roundworms have two types: toxascaris leonine and toxocara canis. Both of these steal nutrients from your dog. With a roundworm infection, your dog will show weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting, dull hair and a pot bellied appearance.

To prevent your dog from getting infected by these dirty worms, start by ensuring that their living area is clean, keep other animal’s faeces away from your pups, and prevent your dog from eating wild animals.


Hookworms, just as its name has a hook-shaped appearance. They are often colour black and strip your pet of a lot of nutrients. Because of this, hookworms in puppies can be fatal which explains why puppies are highly recommended to get a deworming.

However, adult dogs are also prone to hookworms. As a dog owner, it is crucial that you should be educated about the proper treatment and symptoms of these worms via dog worm granules, dog worm tablets and dog worm liquids.

Hookworm infections are termed as Ancylostomiasis. Fortunately, it is easy to spot their symptoms, so diagnosis is quick most of the time. Hookworm infection symptoms include poor appetite, coughing ( if the worm has made its way to the lungs) and pale ears, nostrils and lips.

Hookworm prevention is similar to how the other worms are prevented – contamination and dirt. Keep your pup away from contaminated water, faeces and contaminated environment. Once you see your pooch having the above symptoms, take your pet to the vet or buy some dog worm pills, syrup or powder.


Whipworms are vile creatures that stay on your dog’s large colon. These worms specifically target canines and can’t be transferred to humans. Just like their name, they are often whip-shaped. They are pathogenic and easy to transfer between dogs. A lot of people are familiar with this worm type as they are most often seen in dog stools. This is how they are most likely diagnosed. Whipworm infections are often seen with symptoms such as diarrhoea, weight loss, bloody stool and lethargy.

These nasty worms can survive for up to 5 years in the wild. The best way to prevent whipworms is a regular worm prevention treatment instead of a worming treatment when dogs get infected. It is also vital that your pup’s living area is always clean.


Tapeworms live in the intestines of your pooch. They are small and often very long. Unlike the other worm types, these are easy to treat and are relatively harmless.

Tapeworms feed on the nutrients of your dogs. Most of the time, dogs catch tapeworms from infected fleas. Tapeworm infection symptoms include scooting, vomiting, weight loss, licking of the anus and visible worms in the dog’s faeces.

To prevent these worms, worming treatment and regular flea treatment is essential. Dog worm tablets, liquids or granules can be used to treat these tapeworms.

How do I prevent dog worms?

Preventing worms is no easy task as these are very common. Luckily, prevention of parasites is very easy. Worms are dirty and thrive in dirty places and with dirty organisms such as rats and fleas. For prevention, make sure to have a regular flea treatment, proper worming treatment, clean living area and always keep your dog away from any faeces.


All in all, dog worms are widespread in our pets and may lead to severe complications if left untreated. However, they can be prevented and eradicated through regular deworming. Often, vets prescribe tablets, but there are also a lot of worming tablets available for purchase in pet shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and even online. Ensure your pet is free from worms by buying only the best dog worming tablets. We recommend that you do weekly healthy checks on your dog and always look at his ears, teeth and eyes.

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