Best Dog Running Lead for Jogging With Your Pooch

Dogs and kids. Family members that we love unconditionally and would do anything for. They tend to be the number one priorities in our lives and we sometimes sacrifice things that we would like to do simply because the needs (and wants) of our family members come first. One of the first things to suffer might be your fitness routine. Trips to the gym, daily runs, workouts at home. You might not have the time or the tools to let you keep these up.

Let’s have a look at those runs you love to take. There are products on the market that let you pound the pavement or fly over the fields with your dog safely by your side. Obviously, your dog has to want and be capable of running with you. Your Dachshund with his shorter legs might be wishing he was elsewhere while you are feeling the burn. Your sedate, stoic Bulldog might refuse to be dragged even a few yards if your speed is not to his liking.

If your precious dog is up for it, what should you consider when looking for the best running lead (do not use a retractable lead) to take your dog for a jog. You probably choose your exercise outfits carefully looking for style and functionality. The same should apply to your dog lead for running.

Best Dog Running Leads

Barkswell Hands-Free Reflective Running Lead.

A lightweight hands-free dog running lead suitable for dogs up to 60 pounds that fits waist sizes from 28 inches to 48 inches. There is a D-ring clip that slides around the waist belt to help the lead always be in the perfect spot while you run. The lead stretches from 3 feet to 4 ½ feet with 20 inches of “spring” built in to absorb any shock. Reflective stitching on the dog lead and also the waist belt is a key safety factor helping you stay visible at night. A useful feature is a 2-compartment, padded pouch on the waistband for the items you have to have with you. 2 compartments allow you to have those essential poo bags in one and your smartphone in the other.

PupRepublic Hands-Free Adjustable Reflective Running Lead.

This product is great for all dogs from 9kg (approximately 20 pounds) and up. People who reviewed the product commented on almost forgetting it was there. Comfortable and offering great core support with a sliding D-ring clip to allow the lead to be where it should be during the run. It also offers shock absorption with a well designed ‘bungee’ effect. The PupRepublic waist belt adjusts up to a 48-inch waist. Remember you may be adding more clothing on winter runs, so flexibility is key. Tough, strong, weather resistant fabric with triple lines of reflective stitching on the entire set. There are 2 handles and a useful grab knot to give you the feel of total control during the run. It is also sturdy enough to add a 2nd clip if pooch number 2 wants to come along as well. Comes with a free ‘poo bag pouch’!

Prosper Hands-Free Dual Handle Running Lead.

The Prosper Hands-Free fits waist sizes from 26 inches to 50 inches. The lead is 54 inches when relaxed and extends up to 68 inches at full stretch. A bungee feature helps absorb any shocks as you run. The lead is tough, durable and weather resistant and reflective stitching helps keep you and your furry jogging partner safe in the gloom. The lead is generally used for dogs of 25 pounds or more and is suitable for medium to larger dogs. Finally, there are 2 handles for security if you like to hold them while you run. It also doubles as a great walking lead with this feature.

ADOGO Hands-Free Running Lead.

This is a tough running lead, suitable for dogs between 30 pounds and 100 pounds. Strong material and a stainless-steel connector will withstand all that the weather can throw at you for years. The waist is adjustable from 26 inches to 43 inches. Good for different people in the family to take the dog (no excuses) or good for a few extra layers in cold weather. When not stretched, the lead is 32 inches. Fully stretched it is 47 inches. The built-in elasticity helps take the strain out of any pulls or tugs. Reflective stitching is incorporated for the safety of both of you.

Fypo Reflective ‘Bungee’ Running Lead.

The Fypo running lead is hands-free and fits waist sizes up to 47 inches. The extension on this lead is longer than most, stretching up to a maximum of 75 inches. The bungee feature is built in to help absorb shock if your dog pulls playfully or changes direction chasing Squirrel number 73. Heavy-duty nylon lead for years of use. There is a useful pouch to store treats, i-pod, mobile phone, poo bags and anything else you need.

Bunty Red Adjustable Running Lead.

The Bunty running lead comes in 3 different sizes and a range of colours for that style conscious dog! The lead is adjustable in length from 100 cm (40 inches) to 170cm (68 inches). The waist size depends on which product you choose. Small is 22 inches – 39 inches. Medium is 28 inches to 50 inches. Large is 31.5 inches to 57 inches. Easy to unclip from your waist belt while running if you need to assume total control.

If running isn’t your thing you may want to bike with your dog. If your dog is too small or lazy to bike, then check out some other ways to bike with your dog.

Things to consider when buying a lead for running for dogs

  • Length and adjustability – It is all about getting the balance right. You will work out the ideal length that works for you and your furry running mate. Your height will make a big difference. Adjustability is key to getting the feel and the use right. How do you control the length?
  • Waist size – Will it still fit when you add layers on that cold, winter run?
  • Durability – tough is good. The last thing you want is seeing a dog’s behind disappearing over a distant hill and realising it is your dog
  • Colour – You spend a lot of money looking good in your exercise gear, so make sure your pooch matches in style!
  • Reflective strips – Safety first. Be seen in low light. The more reflective elements the better.
  • Hands free v not hands free – A big question. Many of the products reviewed below are hands free which is becoming increasingly popular. A good hands-free lead that feels safe and controllable can really help your run.
  • When you are considering how safe the lead is for you to use, also consider the safety of your dog. Make sure you are thinking about the potential strain on the dog’s neck during the run.
  • Additional features. LED lighting, a pouch for your belongings, different sizes for different breeds and so on.

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