Pooching Around is a site all about dogs is a site run by two friends, Mike and Simon, who love dogs.

Mike has a 2-year-old Cockapoo called Luna, that he’s had since she was born, give or take a few weeks. Luna lives with Mike and his fiancée, in Warrington. One thing he loves to do with Luna more than anything else is take her out on long walks in and around the local area and even further afield sometimes.

They particularly love a nice challenge, like tackling some of the many mountains and other hills in and around Warrington. However, one of the biggest challenges they’ve undertaken in their short life together was when they tackled Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales.

Mike aims to take Luna on many more adventures, possibly even tackling the mighty Scafell Pike and possibly some of the less treacherous mountains north of the border. Luna is a very excitable girl and loves playing with (and destroying) tennis balls and stealing socks.

Simon, on the other hand lives in Surrey with his fiancé and is the proud owner of a Labrador called Alfie. Well, technically it’s his fiancée’s but since they live together, he’s taken to heading out on a long walk with him and her. It’s one of his favourite ways to unwind after a long hard week of work.

Alfie prefers the quiet life really, but when he’s not snuggled up to Simon or his fiancée’s feet, he’s eating lots of cheese and savouring the prospect of those weekend walks.

Pooching Around was setup in January 2018, with a view to creating a site that was informative for dog owners. It features many comprehensive dog breed guides, including several about the most popular cross breeds like Jugs, Maltipoos and many more. there are also various posts discussing all aspects of owning and caring for a dog.

Although there are many articles on Pooching Around that tackle health-related or diet-related issues, we would like to note that neither Simon or Mike are qualified and professional vets, they are just keen dog owners.

Therefore, the advice offered at Pooching Around should not be taken as a substitute for a vet’s opinion and if you are experiencing issues with your dog or they are ill, then our advice would be that you should take him or her to the vet immediately.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Pooching Around.