Best Dog Hair Dryer to Dry Your Dog Quickly & Easily

Wahl Pet Hairdryer and Stand

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  • Powerful 1,800 W motor for quick drying - can be used both in the stand or simply lift out for handheld drying

  • The robust, multi-position stand eliminates the need to hold the appliance during drying - freeing up hands for grooming.

  • Adjust as required with the three heat/speed settings plus cool shot - all controls fully accessible both in and out of the stand.

  • Comes with concentrator nozzle to direct the airflow for smooth results and features removable air filter for easy cleaning.

Voilamart 2800W Pet Hair Dryer
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  • Convenient for use with a standard UK power plug, stable and long-lasting motor of 800 hours non-stop working time, guarantees you a long-lasting service life.

  • Flat-shaped nozzle produces the strongest wind-blow for drying out excess water right after bath.

  • Long-pointy nozzle is very good at trapping heat so it is best for dealing with heavy coated area.

  • Added handle on the shell, easy and convenient to be carried and handle anywhere.

2800 W Stepless Speed Dog Grooming Hair Dryer
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  • Beautifully Designed Pet Dryer Blower With Powerful 2800W Low Noise Motor.

  • 2.5M Hose With 4 Different Exchangeable Nozzles.

  • Designed With 3 Noise-eliminating Covers And Special Noise-assimilation Sponge, Works In A Relatively Quiet Sound.

  • With Safe UK Standard Voltage AC 230V, Provide You A Professional Pet Care Right At Home.

MVPOWER 2800W Dog Grooming Hair Dryer
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Dog Grooming Hair Dryer
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  • Comes with 3 different nozzle, ideal for all applications.

  • Low noise only 75dB at full power, perfect for the noise sensitive pets.

  • Never damage coats. It is soft for pets.

  • Adjustable temperature from 20℃ to 75℃.

Panana Low Noise Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer
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Handheld Dog Hair Dryer
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  • Beautifully Designed Pet Dryer Blower With Powerful 2800W Low Noise Motor.

  • Voltage: 220V~240V.

  • Stepless Speed: 15m/s ~ 62m/s.

  • Product size:32.5L x 16.5W x 17H (cm).

Washing or grooming your dog on a grooming table may not prove to be the best experience, but you will find that it needs to be done. When you think about the end results of your dog’s bath, what comes to mind? Likely, their wet coat. You can’t let them in the house because if you have ever learned the hard way, you know that they will run and rub all over your beautiful clean couch or they will trample the towels in the bathroom or even rub on the corner of the walls. If you have never experienced this, be glad!

Getting them dry can prove to be very difficult because a simple wipe down with the towel (check out the best dog towels) is not enough. Whether you have walked your dog in the sun or made plans to sit there and dry the sections of their coat individually, you know how time-consuming and hard it can be. Fortunately, there is an easier way to do it all.

Hair dryers for dogs are the best thing that has touched the market shelves and is definitely something that you want to get your hands on, ASAP. These dryers will provide your pooch with a beautiful blow out that will ensure their coat is dry and free from wetness.

Of course, before you purchase just any hair dryer for dogs, you must know that there are many on the market. There will be some expensive brands and others that are much more affordable. It is important to explore ALL of your options because some options may work better for your dog than others.

If you are unfamiliar with dog hair dryers, you may not know how they are actually made for your dog. These dryers are very similar to hair dryers for humans and essentially, they have the same end result. These dryers are designed to provide your dog with a steady stream of heat at a high speed. This action will remove any and all water from your dog’s coat and make it as dry as possible so that when it jumps in its memory foam dog bed, it doesn’t get it all wet.

Below, we will talk to you some more about dog grooming hair dryers and also provide you with some expert recommendations on which ones we think are the best. So let’s look at some dog hair dryer reviews.

Our Expert Recommendations for Best Dog Hair Dryers

Below, we will cover some of the dog grooming Grooming hair dryers that we think are worth purchasing. All 7 of these options have many pros and we are sure that you will find one that works for both of you.

Wahl Pet Hairdryer and Stand

The Wahl Dog Hairdryer and Stand is an affordable option and it is one of the top-rated customer choices for dog hair dryers. This hair dryer sports an 1,800-Watt motor that allows for quick drying of your their coat. You will never have to worry about a slow dry and you can use this dryer with or without the stand, for convenience.

This dryer features three speeds that allow you to choose the right one for your pooch’s needs. You will also find that you can choose a cool option when needed and the heat speeds will not burn their skin.

There is an included concentrator nozzle that will allow you to direct the airflow for a smooth and comfortable experience. The stand that is included is easy to use and will allow you to continue to dry your dog as you brush his or her coat and hold him or her.

Voilamart 2800W Pet Hair Dryer

The Voilamart 2800W Pet Hair Dryer is a great option for anyone who bathes their pooch on a regular basis. It is CE approved and comes with a standard UK power plug. You will find that the motor itself does last for about 800 hours without a problem and will continue to run until you are done.

There is an included 8.2-foot hose that is flexible and allows you to move it around as needed to dry them in those harder to reach areas. There is a 7-foot cable cord for flexibility as well.

The Voilamart 2800W Pet Hair Dryer does feature two different speed stages, which allows you to choose which one to use and when. You will find that the motor is quieter than others on the market and that you do not have to worry about backups in the motor or issues, as it is easy to clean.

2800 W Stepless Speed Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

The 2800 W Stepless Speed Dog Grooming Hair Dryer is a convenient, easy to use, and stylish dryer for your dog’s coat. It is an affordable option and comes in black, pink, or blue.

The dryer sports a 2800W motor that is low noise and comes with a 12-month guarantee for your peace of mind. The dryer features four different nozzles that can be used with the 2.5-meter hose to ensure your dog gets completely dry.

This dryer does feature a UK standard voltage, which is considered safe and it allows you to experience a groom like no other. You never have to worry about burning your their skin or coat as there is an adjustable setting option that will protect their coat.

When you want an economically priced hair dryer, don’t hesitate to choose the MVPOWER 2800W Dog Grooming Hair Dryer. This dryer comes with a variation of wind speeds, which allows you to choose the one that works best for your situation. You will find that it dries the coat efficiently and is considered low noise at just 75dB.

What makes this hair dryer unique is that it comes with a variety of certifications, which means that it is safe for use on your dog and also in your home.

There are three different nozzle attachments that are included, and they are ideal for all types of applications from the occasional dampness they may experience to the right after a bath wetness.

Panana Low Noise Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

For a convenient and easy to use hair dryer, choose the Panana Low Noise Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer. This dryer comes in either blue or pink and is an affordable option that is priced right in the middle of lower-end options and higher-end options.

You will find that this motor is genuinely quiet and that it comes equipped with 2800W. There are a variety of temperature settings from 30 degree Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. This dryer is small in size, which makes it easy to carry around and use at the same time.

Voilamart 2800W Variable Speed Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

This is an affordable option and reasonably priced for a wonderful product. It does come equipped with two different power settings that allow you to choose what works best for you. Heat is never a worry as you can choose the correct setting, which allows you to prevent burns or skin irritation on your dog.

This product is CE approved, which means it comes with a UK standard plug and it is safe for use in your home. You will find that the motor is low noise and it does not scare your dog away. There is a long nozzle that pushes out a great deal of wind that will help keep sensitive and hard to reach areas dry, but not cause burns that others may.

The Voilamart 2800W Variable Speed dog Hair Dryer is easy to use and move around, so you will know that your dog gets the best dry all around when you use this product.

2800W Blaster Dryer

The 2800W Dog Blaster Dryer is a powerful dryer that features a 2800W motor that is ready to allow you to dry them in one of the most convenient manners. This product is a great choice for those pooch owners who want to get a good even dry for their coat.

You can choose from black or blue and there is a 240V power supply. You can quickly and easily adjust the temperature of this product with just a click of a button. On the faceplate, you will find the power switch, heating switch, and a heating indicator light that lets you know when the air is hot.

You will notice that the product does only feature one speed, which may not be ideal for some individuals, but it does allow you to adjust the heat, which is nice. This dryer does also come with a motor that is considered low noise.

What Features to Look for in the best Dog Hair Dryer

Not all hair dryer for dogs are created equal and this can be said about both humans and dogs. When it comes to drying you their coat, you want to make sure that the dryer is able to actually DRY the fur and leave it soft and manageable at the same time.

If your dog’s coat does not dry, you will find that he smells musty, wet, and dirty. It can be hard to get rid of this scent and is often one of the reasons why many people do not bathe their dogs often.

One of the main features you want to look for on a dog hair dryer is whether or not you can control the heat. This is important because a dogs skin is not as tolerant as human skin and can easily become burned or develop a rash from the excessive heat. You do not want them to overheat either, so do pay attention to this.

Another feature you may want to look for is a quiet dryer or one that has a component on it that makes it quieter. The reason behind this is because the loud noise from the dryer motor can scare your dog and this can lead to a difficult time trying to get his hair dried. You should look for a dryer that is extremely quiet or one that makes minimal noise. Prior to using the dryer on your dog’s wet coat, try to slowly introduce them to the noise the dryer makes, this way, they are prepared and not scared when they hear it.

Lastly, the hair dryer you choose for your dog should be easily cleaned. Hair can become trapped in the dryer and you do not want it stuck there, as this is unsanitary. We hope that this article has helped you choose the best dog hairdryer for your pooch.

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