Best Dog Gates 2021 for Indoor Use and Staircases

Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate.

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  • Adjusts to fit openings from 76 cm to 82 cm.

  • 4 Point pressure fit U shaped power frame provides solid pressure fitting. Pressure indicator assures the gate is installed correctly.

  • Extra Tall height from the floor 91.44cm.

  • Ideal for use in doorways, and bottom of stairs when used with the one way opening catch.

Safety First Secure Tech White Metal Gate.

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  • Suitable for children from 6 to 24 months and fits openings from 73 cm to 80 cm.

  • Extends up to 136 cm when used with extensions (sold separately).

  • Four-point pressure fit gate with SecurTech colour indicators on the handle for easy installation.

  • Green and red visual safety indicator when gate is closed or open.

Folding Three-Part Wooden Dog Gate by Coopers

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  • Creates an instant barrier to and from any room, hall or area..

  • Measures H61cm xL136 (24in x53½in).

  • It folds flat for storage to D5cm (2in).

BabyDan Extra Tall Safety Gate

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  • Extra tall 106cm Pressure Fit Gate suitable for Larger Pets and Toddlers.

  • The gate fits openings from 73 - 80cm. It can be extended to 120cm with additional extensions.

  • Has visible indicators which shows when the gate is correctly fitted.

  • Two way opening with a one handed operation.

Carlsson Tuffy Expandable Pet and Baby Gate

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  • This gate is adjustable from 26 to 42 inches wide and stands 24 inches tall.

  • Pressure mount design that is easy and soft on walls.

  • Designed with small pet door to allows for small pet to pass through.

  • Perfect for puppies, small and medium sized breeds.

A good indoor dog gate is something that is essential when you are bringing a new, furry bundle of fun into your home. A new puppy is curious and vulnerable, and a good gate gives you peace of mind keeping the little fur-ball safe from the numerous hazards around the house, especially when your pup is too young to go outside. It also allows you to protect your possessions as well. Your slippers and anything chewable will thank you for a well-positioned gate. Your wallet will as well. A cute chewing habit can turn expensive very quickly. (Take a look at some of the best indestructible dog toys).

Once you start thinking about it and looking at what is available on the market, you will quickly realise that there are a lot of things to consider. The following features may start to give you a headache as you weigh up the options, but these are all things to consider when looking for the best dog gate for indoors.

  • How flexible is the gate in its configuration? Are you looking to block off a simple opening at home or do you need angles, corners, wide open spaces blocked off?
  • Don’t do all the hard work choosing only to find the stair gate ends up 6 inches too small.
  • Material and strength. How big is your dog? Are we looking at metal, reinforced steel, plastic or wood?
  • How stylish do you need it to be? There are various finishes and colours out there to choose from.
  • Ease of setting up and take down. Self-explanatory. If you reach for the stress ball and break out in a cold sweat just thinking about setting the gate up, you have an issue.
  • Walk through gate? Do you need to be able to pass through the gate easily? If so, does it have simple, one-handed latches so that you can carry your sixth coffee of the morning around the house with your other hand?
  • How many pets do you have? Do you need a multi-pet setup? Smaller dog or cat flaps built into the gate to let other furry family members pass through?

Let’s have a look at some of the best dog gates out there. It is useful to note that many of the gates are advertised as baby or infant gates for dogs as they fulfil the same function. Baby gates work for your four-pawed friends as well.

The Best Dog Gates for Indoor Use

Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate (Best Stairs Dog Gate)

The Lindam model is made from strong steel and can be assembled within 5 minutes. All tools provided. Once built, it is designed for easy, one hand operation. The flexible advantage of this product is the ability to switch from a one way opening for the top or bottom of stairs to a two way opening for use in doorways. Four pressure points mean a secure mounting. It is tall, measuring 91.44cm from floor to top. It adjusts to an opening of 110cm. This product is white.

Safety First Secure Tech White Metal Gate

A white, metal gate easy to assemble and install. No drilling necessary. The gate has a four point pressure fit with colour indicators on the handle to make sure installation is correct and easy. The gate as advertised fits openings from 73cm to 80cm. There are extensions that can be purchased to allow the gate to extend up to 136cm. A feature of this product is a green/red safety indicator which lets you see at a glance if the gate is closed or open. This is one of the best dog gates for stairs.

Folding Three-Part Wooden Dog Gate by Coopers (Best Free Standing Dog Gate)

More of a barrier than a solid, fixed dog gate but a best seller. Create an instant barrier between any room or across any opening. It is light and portable made out of wood. Very flexible with three hinged sections allowing you to fold and use as needed. Fully open it measures 61cm high x 136cm width. Approximately 24 inches high x 53 ½ inches wide. This is amongst the best freestanding dog gates on the market which can be quickly put away in the cupboard when its not being used.

Besides, in our opinion, this is the best folding dog gate on this list.

BabyDan Extra Tall Safety Gate

Finished in black, this gate claims to be suitable for larger pets. Pressure technology allows the gate to be fixed without suction cups. There are useful, visual indicators that show when the gate is fitted correctly. One handed operation helps easy use and the gate has two-way opening. The gate has a triple locking handle for extra security largely to protect from curious baby hands, but your pooch might be very crafty! The gate stands at 106cm high and extends to fit openings of 73 to 80cm. You can purchase extensions allowing the gate to cover openings up to 120cm if needed.

Carlsson Tuffy Expandable Pet and Baby Gate (Extra Wide Pet Gate)

The Carlsson Tuffy is a strong, metal gate with pressure mounts and soft rubber bumpers that are soft on walls. Scuff resistant. Really easy to assemble and install. The Tuffy is lightweight and thus easy to transport and take with you. It stands 24 inches tall and expands to cover 26-42 inch openings. The big plus with this product is the small pet door built in. This is a 25cm x 18cm small door that opens and lets your pet through without you having to take the gate down every time. Very useful and popular with reviewers. Perfect for puppies and small/medium breeds.

So, if you are still on the lookout for an extra wide dog gate, this is the perfect product for you.

BettaCare Pet Gate with Cat Flap

Made of steel and plastic, this product comes in white. Tall gate of 104 cm and a width of 75-84cm. There are different extensions you can purchase to cover openings of up to 148cm (extensions of 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm available). Double locking system for security and a pinch free hinge, another nice safety feature. Interesting feature is the in-built cat-flap. How your medium sized pooch will react when the cat slides effortlessly through the small flap could be worth filming. Many a jealous looking dog could end up on funny video clips we feel.

BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Guard

This is a white, PVC free plastic gate. A unique design that is auto-retractable. The gate folds back, concertina style when it opens. It can be opened easily with one hand. The gate can fit openings of 55-79cm. However, it comes with 3 spare extensions in the box and can be extended to fit openings up to 89cm or 113.5cm depending on which extension is used. The gate is wall mounted and folds back neatly when not in use. There is no trip bar so the folded gate is barely noticeable. Suitable for doorways, stairways and hallways. It can also be installed on a diagonal. Installation videos are available online to help you get everything right or to have a good look before you buy.

Trixie Dog Barrier

The Trixie Barrier is made of birch wood. With clear varnish to show the texture of the wood. The bars are galvanised steel. It is a free standing pet gate and does not need to be fixed to a wall. Good for small dogs and puppies who could not knock it over. 50cm high, 31cm deep and covers openings with a width of 63-108cm. A two=way access door lets you through easily.

Callowesse Extra Tall Pet Gate, 75-82cm

The Callowesse Extra Tall Pet Gate is made from the finest quality materials to ensure your pet does not get into places it should not, and is designed to make your life as a pet owner a lot easier. This extra tall pet gate is easy to use with a pressure lift system, all you have to do is press down and lift in the direction you want to open it in. You only need one hand, so you can still use the gate if your hands are full. It comes with a triple locking system with two locks at the bottom, stopping it from being opened in the direction locked.

The pressure fit system means that you can mount it on a wall with no tools. This means that this tall pet gate is perfect for holiday and rental accommodation. With no tools and no drill necessary, it is a simple and easy installation. Just follow the instructions, and you’re good to go. The Callowesse Extra Tall Pet Gate is 110cm high, which will keep even the tallest of pets secure. This pet gate fits doorways between 75 to 82cm, and you can buy extensions of seven centimetres., making the gate extendable to 89cm with one extension, or 96cm with two.

Bettacare Pet Gate with Cat Flap

The Bettacare Pet Gate is of a quality construction and will keep your pets safe and secure, and out of your way. It fits a variety of different doorways and stairways, with a width of 75-84cm, which can be used with 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm extensions to extend the gate up to 148cm, and has a height of 104cm, ensuring your dog will stay in.

This pet gate with cat flap is easy to install with a pressure fit system, simple to use with a patented-double locking system which will keep your dog away from where it should not stray, and pinch-free hinges and will make for discreet storage. It is easy to operate due to the single-handed opening system and is safe for your beloved pets. You will have maximum flexibility added because of the cat flap, meaning you will not have to worry about your cat being restricted when your dog is behind the pet gate.

The Bettacare Pet Gate with Cat Flap is easy to use and operate and will be an effective barrier for your dog, without being restrictive to your cat’s freedom. Despite this, this gate is not to be used for children, just animals.

BabyDan Extra Tall Pressure Indicator Safety Gate

The BabyDan Extra Tall Pressure Gate is an easy install and east fit gate, that will keep dog’s and other pets, as well as your baby, out of trouble. It is a simple installation and is easy to use. It will fit doorways 73-80cm and will keep even the tallest pets out with its extra tall height of 106cm.

The pressure technology of the gate means that all you need to do is take the gate out of the box and place it in your doorway, no wall cup required. It even has a visible indicator to show when the gate has been fitted properly. As well as being easy to install, the Extra Tall Pressure Gate is simple to use with a two-way single-handed opening, meaning you can use the gate even when your hands are full, and the triple locking system will ensure that your animals and babies will not get into places that they should not.

In summary, The BabyDan Extra Tall Indicator Safety Gate is easy to install, easy to build, and will keep your pets secure.

Carlson Adjustable 66-106cm Gate with Small Pet Door

The Carlson Adjustable Gate with Small Pet Door is a versatile and expendable puppy gate, that will keep puppies and small breeds in while allowing cats and smaller animals out. The gate can expand 26-42 inches wide, fitting a variety of openings, and stands at 18 inches tall, making it great for training puppies and other small dogs. The puppy gate also has a lightweight design, perfect for travel.

The gate has a metal frame making it strong, sturdy and durable, perfect for a gate that will last. The installation only takes a few seconds, and the gate has a pressure mounted system with soft rubber bumpers, ensuring that the puppy gate is gentle on walls and scuff free, ideal for rental accommodation. This system will keep the gate’s position secure, keeping your puppies inside the gate. Adding to the gate’s security is an Easy Fit Locking System. All you need to do is set the knob to the desired fit and lock the pin in place.

The Carlson Adjustable Gate with Small Pet Door is sturdy, easy to install and will not damage your walls. It will keep your dog in, but only if the dog is very small, or it will just jump over the top.

Popamazing 4 Panel Folding Dog Gate

The Popamazing Folding Dog Gate is made up of four panels that fold out and then fold in, so the dog gate can be placed anywhere, and no assembly is required. The gate has durable hinges so it can be placed in a variety of different places including bedrooms, living rooms etc, and due to the way it folds, it is highly portable and space-saving. As well as this, it can be used free standing in a large number of varied situations with a 2pcs wooden rack to prevent the dog gate from collapsing and has inverted brackets so it can be used in a number of other scenarios.

The wood is premium 2cm/0.8″ birch, so it is sturdy and will last a long time, and the surface is smooth and sleek so the dog will not be injured by the gate. The gate is 207.5cm/81.7″ long, 76.5cm/30.1″ wide, and 2cm/0.8″ thick, the panel size is 51cm/20.1″ x 76.5cm/30.1″ x 2cm/8″, and the bar spacing is 5.3cm/2.1″ In summary, the Popamazing is an easy to use dog gate, that can take a lot of damage, but will not harm your dog, and can be used in a variety of places and scenarios to suit your needs.

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

The Carlson Extra-Side Walk-Thru Gate is an ideal dog gate, for keeping your larger animals away from food and mischief while allowing smaller animals, such as cats, freedom to roam.

The gate has two extensions ranging from 29-44 inches (74-112cm) so it will fit a variety of doorways, stair widths, and other openings, and the pet door is 10 inches by seven inches, letting all your smaller pets through.

The Carlson Gate with Pet Door is made from steel, so it is sturdy, durable and chew-proof. As well as this, the gate is lead-free and non-toxic so your dogs will not be harmed by the gate.

The pressure-mounted design means that it will not damage your wall, and is very easy to install. Just as the gate is easy to install, it is easy to use, with its walk-through design it has a one-touch release handle, meaning that even when holding things, you can still operate and use this gate. The gap between the gate and latch will be eliminated when the gate is installed.

The Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door is simple to use, easy to install and most importantly will keep your larger animals contained and allow your smaller animals to roam free.

Best Bettacare Pet Gate Extra High 104cm

The Bettacare Child and Pet Gate is a quality constructed extra high dog gate, that is good value for money, and will stop both pets and children from going places they should not. This pet gate has a patented double locking system, ensuring your pets and children will not escape.

This extra high pet gate has the height of 104cm, which will keep even large dogs and young children away from areas you do not want them to go. The width is 73-83 cm, with multiple extensions available: 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm, so it can fit a variety of stair widths and doorways and can be extended up to 148cm. As well as keeping your dog’s and other pets secure, this pet gate can make for a useful training aid.

In summary, the Bettacare Child and Pet Gate will keep your dog away from strangers, your food and anything else it needs to stay away from, due to its well-constructed, sturdy build and extra tall height.


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