Best Dog Prams & Strollers 2021 (& How to Pick One)

Pet Gear AT3 Stroller

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  • Large protective pet compartment.

  • Adjustable height handle.

  • Wheel brakes and shock absorbers.

  • Internal pad with waterproof tray. Easy fold mechanism.

Pets N’All Stroller.

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  • Provides proper visibility and ventilation for your pet. The mesh cover also helps to keep bugs away.

  • The stroller is easy to fold and requires less space for storage (only takes up 18cm, 7in of space). Drink holder available.

  • Top, front, and rear ventilation windows allow your pet to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery at all times.

  • Stable 4-wheels and safety brake bring smooth and joyful walk to you and your pet.

Foxhunter Dog Stroller

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  • Front and rear entry; Highly water resistant and strong polyester fabric throughout the body.

  • Top, front and rear mesh windows guarantee great ventilation and keep bugs away from your pet.

  • Two rear brakes; Comes with large storage basket; Equipped with handy cup holder near handle

  • Suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Easily folded down and put away for storage.

Pet Gear Happy Trails no zip Stroller.

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  • Easy-locking, no-zip entry.

  • Panoramic view window and interior tether.

  • Water-resistant material.

  • Stroller height to handle 101.60cm.

PawHut Pet Stroller

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  • Convenient front and rear entry, 3 breathable nets for safety ventilation and protection against bad insects.

  • Large bottom storage basket for your shopping, and cup holders and tray on the handle for water and treats.

  • 2 front universal wheels and 2 rear directional wheels with brakes for easy maneuvering.

  • Overall Dimension: 75L x 45W x 97H (cm)/ Folded Dimension: 35L x 15W x 76H (cm).

Everybody needs a breath of fresh air. Getting out of the house is our chance to exercise, socialise, get some sun on our face (or wind and rain on a typical English walk), and change the scenery. Stretch our legs and get moving. Imagine if you were not able to do that.

Your furry, four-legged best friend probably enjoys getting out of the house even more than you do. It is one of the highlights of their day. It is heartbreaking if your pooch is getting old and struggling to walk or needs a dog ramp to get into the car. Arthritis might be setting in. Maybe your dog has suffered an injury or is recovering from surgery? Any of these situations can be helped by using a good, dog stroller.

At first glance, a casual passerby might simply think you are spoiling a lazy dog. Pushing them around in dog pushchair. These people are probably not dog owners and don’t appreciate that a dog buggy can be a huge difference in a dog’s quality of life. It can be the difference between your dog enjoying it’s normal, healthy lifestyle or being housebound.

Best Dog Prams UK

Confused? Hopefully not. Here are some quick reviews of a few dog buggys on the market right now. We hope it helps!

Pet Gear AT3 Stroller

This is a very versatile all terrain dog stroller that’s available in the UK, well reviewed by dog owners. First, you can adjust the handlebars to suit your height instantly making it comfortable to push. It is suitable for small to medium dogs up to a maximum of 100 pounds. Inside there is padding which helps protect your pooch from jolts and bumps. This padding also includes a waterproof tray. Easy to assemble and a quick-fold feature, handy for car rides.

‘Versatile on many terrains’ was the comment from owners. Solid tyres that bounce and feel like they are inflated. Shock absorbers to soften the bouncing if your dog has arthritis or joint pain. A good choice for a dog who is recovering from surgery or bone breaks. The only negative feedback claimed that it was sometimes hard to maneuver.

Pets N’All Stroller

One-click easy folding, this one is portable, flexible and suitable for dogs and cats up to 30 pounds. It is made from strong, durable plastic and has a lightweight steel frame. A big plus with owners who reviewed it was the mesh top. Many dog prams have mesh sides, but a mesh top allows you to see your dog and interact with it during the walk when the mesh is being used to prevent bugs and weather getting in.

Big rubber tyres proved popular as they were sturdy over all types of ground. A basket on the bottom and even 2 cup holders were great features recognizing the owner’s needs as well. The only negative comments were aimed at the hard wheels. Praised by some, but criticised by others as they didn’t absorb much of the impact when hitting bumps.

Suitable for dogs up to around 40 pounds, this is a great one if you are considering jogging as well as walking with your dog inside. It is made of water-resistant, strong polyester. Useful as you splash through puddles while getting your daily exercise. It has a good-sized storage basket for ‘doggy’ or ‘human’ stuff.

It did prove a bit harder to assemble for some owners but once put together, the lightweight design means it was easy to control and steer. If jogging, this is essential to keep the pram on track at speed. Clips inside help to secure your pooch. Cup holders again prove popular, great for your water bottle if running or your coffee if you are taking it a bit easier.

This lightweight dog pram also proved popular as a pet transporter when other small animals needed to go to the vet. Versatile and easy to handle.

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Stroller

This dog buggy is stylish and made with quality materials suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds. Water-resistant and lightweight. Pet Gear opted to make this without zips which can be seen as a safety feature. Stability was a factor appreciated by owners who reviewed it. Stabilising mechanisms help keep your pet secure and in one place as the it moves. Shocks absorb the bumps and bounces giving a comfortable ride. Light and compact, it was deemed easy to manoeuvre, but a couple of reviews claimed that the base that the dog sits on became slightly unstable and lumpy.

PawHut Pet Stroller

Lightweight and foldable, the PawHut Dog pushchair is suitable for dogs (or cats) up to 23 pounds. Your pet can access the dog buggy from the front or back. Mesh nets allow for ventilation and protection from bugs and weather. The material has waterproof coating brakes on the rear wheels allow for good handling and safety.

A large storage basket allows for supplies on the walk or space for shopping. Cup holders are another useful feature. This Stroller does have reflective strips for night time safety. A popular choice. The lightweight and ease of folding is the main plus for owners reviewing it.

Pet Stroller IPS-70

This is a tough dog pram/buggy suitable for dogs up to 70 pounds making this a great large dog stroller choice. Large firm wheels (8 inches) and a locking, brake system on the rear wheels give a sense of sturdiness and control which you need with a bigger dog inside. The wheels have built in suspension as well for a smooth ride.

Interior leads and clips keep your dog still if needed. The interior is removable for cleaning and storing. There is a snack tray and cup holders with a storage basket for doggie supplies. The interior is roomy and designed for the comfort of your medium/larger dog.

Polironeshop Argo Bicycle Trailer

This is a versatile trailer/stroller. It has a lightweight tubular steel frame offering strength and security. The bicycle trailer can convert quickly into a stroller for true flexibility so you can combine bike rides with walks. No large tools required to switch. Wider wheel settings allow a smooth ride and protects against the trailer shifting at speed.

It comes in 3 sizes. S, M and L suitable for 60, 80 and 110-pound animals. All sizes covered! It is designed well inside with a non-slip coating on the floor. Nets and mesh to protect against bugs and weather. Front flap can be used to prevent splashing when being used with the bicycle. A great, sturdy choice for all sized dogs if you want to enjoy bike rides as well as walks.

Suitable for large dogs. Suggested limit is 110 pounds. This heavy-duty one is designed with 6 wheels. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees to allow for as much control and steering as possible. These wheels can be switched to directional wheels at the flick of a switch if the 360-degree option is not needed. Large enough and stable enough for 2 medium sized dogs. Stainless steel tubing is used for the frames and the wheels are 8 inches and 11 inches. The tubes are anti-vibration and the large mattress inside allows for up and down movement without your dog bumping the floor.

The sides are mesh offering ventilation and visibility with a top flap allowing dogs to stick their head out if desired. Two internal leads are installed if you need to keep your dog secure. It is collapsible and detachable allowing for easy transportation. A rear bag and detachable carrier are useful, and it comes in red or blue. A great solution for the larger pooch who simply wants to go for his walk!

Transparent Dog Stroller + Covers by Splendid Pets

Splendid Pets do sell strollers, available in 5 colours. Platinum Grey, Flame Red, Blossom Pink, Navy Blue and Jet Black. However, the product review here is mainly on the transparent covers that they offer. These are weatherproof covers that can be used on most popular 4-wheel models on the market.

They cover everything. Velcro attachments allow you to stretch the cover over the whole pram, including your storage basket and cup holders beneath. As we all know, the typical British weather forecast is ‘a bit of everything’ and we have all been caught in a downpour. The full cover protects your furry friend from even sideways blowing wind and rain while you get to push and suffer in silence. Ventilation is good. Breathing holes over mesh. A great and useful accessory to bring with you at all times.

What to Look For

Dog strollers are a quickly growing trend and there are many models on the market if you are looking for one. It might seem obvious to list the things you should consider, but here we go anyway.

Price. Durability. Functionality. Comfort.

You might have a 7-pound Miniature Poodle. You might have a 60-pound Chocolate Lab. You might have to pack the it into your car boot on the way to a walk. You might walk primarily on paved streets or you may love to go cross country. Your dog might want to hop in or out, or he/she might stay in it for the whole walk. You will find yourself out on sunny, hot days and also be needing cover when the clouds break and you get caught in rain. You might want to jog as well as walk. Consider all these factors when you look at strollers.

Remember when we mentioned dog walks in the UK to be rainy and muddy rather than sunny and particularly enjoyable? We weren’t joking. As that is most likely the case for you, we’d recommend that you get dog walking wellies and find out how to deal with your dog’s muddy paws. It will save you a lot of headaches.

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