Best Gifts for a German Shepherd/Alsation Owner

Everyone has an instant reaction when a specific dog breed is mentioned. The stereotypes are endless. Whether you are a dog owner or not, you associate specific words and traits with certain breeds. When we hear the name ‘German Shepherd’ or ‘Alsation’, images spring to mind of guard dogs, police dogs, intelligent, alert and brave. The type of dog you want by your side when you hear a strange noise in the night.

All these images are accurate but let’s think about how the owners see their dogs. Let’s be honest, the German Shepherd is still their baby! They have a fierce loyalty to the breed and consider them as cute, loveable and friendly as any other dog.

With this in mind, let’s have a playful look at some great gift ideas for German Shepherd/Alsation owners. We do not have to go out and try and find a spiked metal collar or a ‘beware of killer pet’ sign. Owners will appreciate funny and creative gifts. They will react with glee to a cute, amusing, well thought out present. Their dog is their baby and they will melt when they unwrap the perfect doggie-prezzie!

German Shepherd Christmas Ornament

This is a lovely, quality Christmas Tree Ornament. One of the Toscano range of designs, it is hand cast using crushed stone and bonded with high quality resin. 3 inches high sporting a festive Santa Hat and scarf. Hand painted, they will be rolled out every year and given pride of place on the tree. I guarantee that the owner probably already has a Santa hat for their dog, so getting them German Shepherd ornaments is something that they will never forget.

‘Keep calm and hug a German Shepherd’ Gift Mug

First, let’s just make a quick disclaimer to protect ourselves legally. We are not suggesting you rush out into the street when stressed and hug the first German Shepherd or Alsation that you see. Wonderful dogs they may be, but randomly sprinting up to any dog and hugging it is not the best first move. Try asking the owner first!

With that out of the way, this is a great gift mug. Owners see their German Shepherds as friends and protectors and they would hug their dog anytime to feel better. The image is on both sides of the mug. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. 4 and a half inches tall with a large, easy-grip handle. Guaranteed to become the go-to mug for the first coffee of the morning.

German Shepherd ‘Fridge Rules’ Fridge Magnet

Funny stuff! This magnet is 16cm x 10cm (approximately 6 inches x 4 inches). A fun gift to squeeze a smile out of the owner every time they catch a glimpse of it on the fridge. Available for different dog breeds as well.

Rules for your German Shepherd to live by are on the magnet. It strikes me that these rules could probably be applied to your kids and possibly your partner! “If it’s edible, I will probably like it”, “If I look lovingly at you, I deserve a treat”, “If I can reach it, it was probably meant for me”. Rules to live by indeed.

A lovely set of 2 engraved drinking glasses. They each have a 30cl capacity. Engraved in the UK using sandblasting techniques. The images are very nicely done. Owners who reviewed the product talked about the quality feel of the glasses and struggled with whether to actually use them for fear of breaking them. They come nicely wrapped in blue tissue. You might also consider a pair of engraved wine glasses from the same manufacturer (Northumbria collection) as an alternative or additional gift.

‘Yomiko’ German Shepherd Plush Toy

Yomiko Plush Toys are a series of collectible toys. The brand is known world-wide and you can find different sizes, dogs, cats and other animals if you so desire. This German Shepherd toy is approximately 13cm (5 and a half inches) long. Premium quality with airbrushed details. Make sure you hand wash and air dry as machines can damage the product. More of a collectible than a play toy, but lovely to look at and touch. About as cute as you can get!

Arguably, it is amongst the best German Shepherd gifts on this list.

Cotton Bag with German Shepherd image. ‘Mike Sibley’ Portrait Artist Collection

A natural cotton bag with a detailed and realistic image of a German Shepherd on the side. The image is painted by Mike Sibley who is known for being a talented portrait artist. A practical and eye-catching gift. The bag is 14 inches x 16 inches. Strong but lightweight enough to be folded and stored in your pocket or bag. Machine washable. A practical gift that will be used time and time again on shopping trips. Other breeds available in the range all painted by Mike Sibley.

Vintage, Retro-style metal wall sign. German Shepherd

This is a different and striking gift. It is a metal sign with a vintage, distressed look applied to the finish. Pre-drilled holes to let you attach it to the wall if desired. The sign is 15cm x 20cm (approximately 6 inches x 8 inches). Available for other breeds as well. Interesting choice of words imitating the old, retro signage describing the ‘amazingly versatile and loyal German Shepherd who always needs lots of activity and exercise and who sheds massive amounts of hair”!!

Santa stop here German Shepherd Sign

A simple and cheap gift guaranteed a smile from the owner. 8 inches x 5 inches, a simple sign to hang up. It praises the owner for having the ‘best loved German Shepherd’ in the world. Without doubt your friend is the most loving owner in the world. Without doubt your friend takes better care of their pet than anyone else in the world. Without doubt they are more crazy about their dog than anyone else in the world. Let them know!

German Shepherd/Alsation Deluxe Soft Toy

This is more of a toy than the collectible plush toy that we discussed a few items ago. 35cm long (just over 1 foot), a cute stuffed toy with a Santa hat on. It is one of the Living Nature series of toys. There is a tag attached to each toy with educational facts about the animal. Great gift for kids to cuddle but also learn a few facts about the dog. Habitat, food and so on.

Wooden Sign ‘Love is being owned by a German Shepherd’

An eco-friendly sign made from compressed wood from Gigglewick Gifts. It is approximately 8 inches x 4 inches. A simple, fun wooden wall plaque which is funny because it states the truth about all dogs. They basically own us. Don’t try and deny it!

If you weren’t able to find anything that you were looking for, don’t worry. Every dog owner will appreciate a dog training book, some delicious treats, or even a car-suite dog seat for the favourite pet.

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