Best Dog Grooming Table: Folding, Electric and Hydraulic

If you are looking for the best dog grooming table, then you likely have a dog who has high maintenance grooming needs, or you simply want to start your own business or groom your own dog. No matter what your needs are, a grooming table is a safe and effective way for you to elevate your dog to your height to trim or dry his or her coat.

Milo & Misty 30 inch Small Grooming Table

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  • Ensures your pet stays still with the 50cm noose and an embossed non-slip rubber top.
  • 76cm-high sturdy platform that's designed to hold a weight of up to 100kg (Size: 78L x 48.5W x 76Hcm).
  • The table easily folds down for storage or to transport it for mobile use.

  • Comes with an integral basket to keep grooming equipment and products close to hand.
  • Simple to set up, easy to clean and a breeze to use.

AllRight Folding Dog Pet Grooming Table

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  • Great For Grooming,Trimming,Dressing,Drying And Other Uses.
  • Lightweight and portable and folds flat in seconds for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable portable arm with noose, arm can be moved around the table.
  • Heavy duty, fully welded aluminium frame, folding tubular legs provide maximum stability, extremely robust and easy to assemble.

Popamazing Tinkertonk Adjustable Foldable Dog Grooming Table

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  • Foldable and adjustable grooming table for loved dogs or cats, a total beauty platform for pets.
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg.

  • An under-table storage Mesh Tray for storaging accessories and tools.
  • Strong foldable metal legs in glossy black finish.
  • Dimension: 80.5×46×76 cm (L x W x H), 32 x 18 x 30 inch (L x W x H).

Bunny Business Adjustable Portable Stainless-Steel Dog Grooming Table

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  • High quality tabletop with aluminum edging design for long use.
  • Adjustable stainless steel arm with two 50cm noose, stainless steel legs and addtional basket for long use.
  • Black pvc table top.
  • Size: w90*d60*h76(cm) / 36*23.6*30(inch).
  • Maximum weight capacity is 150kg.

Pedigroom Professional Adjustable Dog Grooming Table

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  • High quality, robust design.
  • Interchangeable with different tables.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport for mobile grooming.

  • Fits grooming tables up to 2.4cm thick.

Without a grooming table, you run the risk of accidentally clipping (hair clipper reviews here) too much hair off of one spot or another or you may accidentally nick them. A grooming table can help eliminate the worry and safety issues that arise with trying to groom from the floor or countertop.

Below, we will discuss some of the best qualities of a portable dog grooming table, so that you know what to look for. We will also provide you with some recommendations from our experts.

Some of the Best Dog Grooming Tables UK

Below, you will find some of our top picks. We hope you will find these picks helpful.

Milo & Misty 30” Small Grooming Table

The Milo & Misty 30” Small Grooming Table is one of our top picks for small dogs. You will find that this table is easy to set up and is easy to use. The table folds down when not in use and can be stored in your closet or taken in your vehicle with you.

This grooming table features a 50cm noose and a non-slip rubber stop to ensure your pet’s safety at all times. The rubberized grips on the bottom of the table guarantee that the table will not slip around and move as you attempt to groom them.

The Milo & Misty Grooming Table does come with a basket that is attached underneath the table to store your grooming supplies and accessories.

AllRight Folding Dog Grooming Table

The AllRight Folding Dog Grooming Table is an economical choice and is ideal for pet owners who may be on a budget. This table is perfect for grooming your dog and can also be used for cats as well. You will find that you can use the table for more than just grooming and you can use it for drying your dog, trimming their nails, and even dressing them.

The grooming table is made to be extremely durable and features a welded aluminium frame and tubular legs for a strong stance. You can rest assured that this table will withstand the pressure you place on it.

With an adjustable portable arm with a noose, you can easily secure your pet and ensure that they are safe at all times. The lightweight design also allows you to quickly and easily fold down this table for storage or transport.

Popamazing Tinkertonk Adjustable Foldable Dog Grooming Table

If you want a dog grooming table that is easily adjustable and can be folded and stored or transported, the Popamazing Tinkertonk Adjustable Foldable Dog Grooming Table is an ideal choice. This table holds up to a maximum of 100kg, which means that you can easily groom your small to a medium-sized dog without the worry that the table will not hold.

Since the table is adjustable, you can move it as needed to meet your needs and the needs of your pooch. The foldable legs are made from quality metal to ensure that they do not buckle. You will also find that this table features a mesh tray underneath the table and it can be used to store your grooming accessories.

Bunny Business Adjustable Portable Dog Grooming Table with Arm Noose and Accessories

The Bunny Business Adjustable Portable Dog Grooming Table is a full-service table that is made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability. This table holds up to a maximum of 150kg in weight, which makes it ideal for your small to medium-sized dog. There is a large option for this table as well, which allows you to groom your larger pup.

The tabletop is the best on the market and is designed for extended use. One of the reasons we like this table is because it comes with an adjustable stainless-steel arm with two 50 cm nooses and features two nylon clamps to prevent rust and deterioration.

The Bunny Business Dog Grooming Table is portable and folds flat within just seconds to ensure you can take it anywhere with you or you can store it in your home.

Pedigroom Professional Adjustable Dog Grooming Table

The Pedigroom Professional Adjustable Dog Grooming Table is an economical choice for many dog owners and while it is priced affordably, it does not lack in quality. In fact, the table is made from some of the highest-quality materials and is interchangeable with different tables for ease of use.

This grooming table is adjustable and allows you to create a safe environment for your dog as you groom them. In addition, you can take this table with you and fold it down, when needed for easy storage.

Pedigroom Large Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table with H Bar

If you want a seriously high-quality dog grooming table, the Pedigroom Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table is a wonderful choice for the professional groomer. This table is made with you and your dog in mind and comes with an adjustable noose and arm that allows you to secure your pet.

There is a non-slip PVC leather top that is not only durable and comfortable but easy to clean and provides support as he or she stands on the table. The table holds a max weight of 120kg and can be used with your small-sized to medium-sized dog.

What to Look for When Choosing a Dog Grooming Table

Before you decide on just any grooming table, you want to make sure you evaluate your available options and determine which one would be the best dog grooming table for you. Unfortunately, it can be easy to choose one that you think may work, but you later find out it was not the best choice. Below, we will explore some of the most important things to look for.

Adjustable Height

A good grooming table will be one that allows you to adjust the height of it. Even if you only have one dog and he is full grown, you still want to be able to adjust the height. This way, you can move and manipulate the table the way you need it to ensure a safe groom.

Without the ability to adjust the height, you may find yourself in a position where you or your dog is uncomfortable.

Easy to Clean

If you choose a dog grooming table that is too difficult to clean, it will not get cleaned properly and this can become a health hazard to you and your pooch. You should choose a table that is easy to clean, and this means a table that does not have too many grooves that you have to worry about. The smoother the surface, the better.

If your grooming tables comes with a mat, you want to ensure that it is a removable mat, so that you can properly clean it and underneath it.

Shelves and Baskets

Grooming your pup is more than just taking a pair of scissors to their coat and you will have multiple items and accessories that you need at a moment’s notice. For example, you should have a dog brush, clippers, and towels available.

Because you will need to have items ready for your use, you should choose a grooming table that features some shelves and baskets. This way, you can easily store the items you need and access them quickly.

Folding for Easy Storage

Who wants a table to take up a bunch of room in their home? No one. As you shop for a dog grooming table, do look for one that easily folds up and does not require a ton of tools to do so. You will find that having a folding dog grooming table allows you to open it up and use it when you need and conveniently store it when you don’t.

Many of the tables available on the market fold down into a slim design, so that you can store them in the closet or even in your laundry room.

Non-Slip Surface

Most tables that are of quality will feature some type of non-slip mat. This mat should be removable, as mentioned above, and should keep your pooch as comfortable as possible. You do not want them to stand on the metal surface, as he or she may easily slip and fall.

Rubber-Capped Feet on the Table

As you shop for a dog grooming table, try to find one that comes with rubber-capped feet on the bottom of the table. This way, you will know that the table will not slide around on your floor. The rubber caps provide additional stability and will also protect your home’s floor at the same time.

For more information on grooming tables check out Vetinfo.

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