Best Dog Towel: Top Choices for Drying Dogs After a Bath

Trixie Bathrobe for Dogs

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  • Microfibres provides ideal moisture absorption.

  • Large size; Length: 60 cm.

  • Protects dogs against cooling.

  • Used after bathing or walking in the rain.

SnuggleSafe Microfibre Dog Pet Towel
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  • Highly absorbent micro fibre.

  • Washable, quick drying.

  • 140cm x 76cm.

Microfibre Super Absorbent Pet Towel

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  • Microfiber pet towel.

  • Super absorbent , fast drying - is a must for any wet pet.

  • Removes moisture and soiling from your pets coat.

  • Dimensions: 110 x 71 cm.

Ancol Micro Fibre Towel
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Microfibre Dog Pet Towel
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  • Microfibre pet towel.

  • Extremely absorbant.

  • Measures 90cm x 58cm.

  • Features pet therapy stitching and detailing.

Arcadian Large Microfibre Dog Towel
Microfiber Pet Towel Amazon UKMicro Fibre Dog Pet Towel
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  • Ideal for after bathing your dog.

  • Folds up small and is machine washable.

  • High absorbency towel.

  • Needed for wet and dirty dogs.

  • Made from woven microfibres.

Bathing your dog at home in its favourite dog bathtub will help you save money on professional grooming expenses. In doing so, having the best dog drying towel reduces the mess your dog makes after bath time and therefore reduces the time spent wiping down the bathroom after the shaking!

In some cases, the best dog towels come in handy after your dog goes for a swim in its dog pool. It will dry your pet’s coat in no time which helps ease your worries when going home with all the dirt stuck on your dog’s wet fur. It is also recommended that you use a deshedding tool to remove any hairs from your dog after a swim.

Best Dog Towels – Our Top Picks

For the following list, we considered all the important points and aspects of the whole dog bathing process, and we were able to choose the top 6 of the best dog towels and microfibre dog towels.

Without further ado, here are best dog towel choices in no particular order.

Trixie Bathrobe for Dogs

If you’re looking for a fashionable dog towel coat, the Trixie Bathrobe is a perfect choice. Made from 100% microfibre, it offers the ideal moisture absorption. This bathrobe suits any dog type since it comes in different sizes ranging from 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and 75 cm.

With its smart design, the dog towel robe can protect your dog against cooling after a bath, a swim or a walk in the rain. It has an adjustable collar with a drawstring to ensure that it will fit your dog’s neck and avoid any choking hazard. Also, the bathrobe is a good fit due to a loop in the tail area.

SnuggleSafe Microfibre Dog Towel

The SnuggleSafe Microfibre Dog Towel is ideal for small and large dogs. It comes in two sizes: 92 cm x 46 cm and 140 cm x 76 cm. This towel is great for dogs with long and thick fur. It is made from a highly absorbent microfibre that dries your dog four times quicker than an ordinary towel.

It is easy to clean and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about any more dragging a heavy bag when going out for a swim. The SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Dog Pet Towel is lightweight at 159 g for the standard size and 313 g for the large size.

Microfibre Super Absorbent Pet Towel

If you want a cute pet towel, the Microfibre Super Absorbent Pet Towel has a paw print design that helps avoid any accidental usage of your pet’s towel. It comes in beige colour with a size of 110 x 71 cm. People buy this towel because of its super absorbent capabilities. It is excellent for daily usage and ideal for travels.

Pet Therapy Groom Professional Microfibre Pet Towel

The Pet Therapy Groom Professional Microfibre Pet Towel works great for drying your dog in no time since it is made from microfibres. It rapidly soaks the water off your dog’s coat or fur which is far better than a regular towel. It features a pet therapy stitching and detailing that completes your pet therapy experience in style.

The towel comes in a 90 x 58 cm size that perfectly suits any small dog breed. The pet towel can be used for outdoor activities especially after a soggy walk and even soak up surface water and spillages.

Ancol Micro Fibre Towel

The Ancol Micro Fibre Towel is ideal for use after a dog’s bath time. This towel is made from woven microfibres that make it highly absorbent. It absorbs and draws out excess water from your dog’s coat and fur. It is just what you need for wet and dirty dogs. You can even use the towel for drying your dog’s paws before they come in the house.

You don’t have to worry anymore about washing your dog’s towel. The Ancol Micro Fibre Towel is machine washable and even folds up small to perfectly fit your bag when you go out and travel.

Arcadian Large Microfibre Dog Towel

If you’re looking for an antibacterial towel, look no further, the Arcadian Large Microfibre Dog Towel prevents odours and keeps your towel fresher for a more extended period. It can also double as a comfortable blanket for your dog which is great for cold nights.

With a size of 140 x 70cm, this towel suits all breeds. It is perfect to be used as a bed cover, seat cover, car boot liner and crate liner. The Arcadian Dog Towel comes in a variety of vibrant colours including, pink, orange, green and blue. It is made from a premium quality microfibre that is super soft and extremely durable which can be tumble dried or machine washed.

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Towel

Often, dog owners are guilty of buying towels which aren’t specifically made for dogs. Others, just recycle their old towels, which is a big no-no! The majority of bath towels available in the market for human usage are made from cotton. Cotton usually does an excellent job of absorbing water off your body after a shower or bath. However, it can’t absorb everything from a dog’s coat.

Adequate Material

The ideal best dog towels are made from microfibres, a material that is famous for its incredibly absorbent capability. A towel made from a super absorbent microfibre can hold five times its weight in water.


The best towels for dogs for drying should and almost will have no problem in removing water from your dog’s coat and furs. No matter how thick of a coat or fur your dog has, it will get the job done.

You can check the towels effectiveness by checking if your dog is still dripping after using your dog’s towel. If it does, that’s your sign that the towel isn’t up to the standard of drying your pooch.

Proper Size

It is essential to buy a dog drying towel whose size is compatible with your dog. Take time to make sure that the towel suits your dog’s size and needs. Some dog towels sold in the market are suitable for small sized dogs, while others are for medium or large sized.

Hairs in Place

If your dog’s hair gets caught in the towel you’re using; then it’s time to look for a replacement. A high-quality dog towel must never do such a thing. Most often, this happens when owners use a towel designed for humans.

The best dog towels for drying should efficiently and adequately dry off your dog’s fur and make sure your dog’s hair remains. Don’t buy a towel that contributes to your dog’s hair loss and could potentially cause bald spots.

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