Maltipoo: Ultimate Breed Guide

There are many very popular cross-breed dogs available – we are talking about those that are carefully bred and selected, rather than your average mongrel – which make excellent family pets, and the Maltipoo is surely one of the most charming. This fun-loving, very friendly and loyal animal is cuteness personified with its wonderful long hair and longing eyes, and is perfect for families or even for people living in smaller homes. Easy to train and intelligent, they are a great pet for a first-time dog-owner, too.

Part of the attraction of this breed – a cross between a Poodle and a Maltese Terrier – lies in its small size. This is a dog that will not grow to more than 14inches in height, so you are guaranteed a portable pet! They are a very playful dog that will be great with children, so is the perfect family pet, and while bred for ownership by people with allergies, it is no guarantee that your particular puppy will have this trait, so be prepared to spend a lot of time with your new friend to get acclimatised! More about this wonderful little dog follows.

Origins of the Maltipoo Cross Breed

Cross-breeds have become more popular over the past few years as people begin to realise that the temperament of the breed has been carefully considered. In the case of this wonderful dog, what you get is the combined character of two lovely dogs, the Poodle and the Maltese Terrier.

Like many cross-breeds, it was first bred in the USA as a companion dog that would be suitable for people with allergies, and the result is a small and friendly, if vivacious and strong-willed, breed that is one of the most wonderful family pets you will ever own. These modern cross-breeds are very popular because of the guarantees that come with knowing the breeder has carefully selected both parent dogs, and we strongly recommend you check out breeders very carefully.

In many ways, the appeal lies in the fact it is not a large dog. This is by no means a toy dog, but it is one that is small enough to curl up on your lap when it wants to – and believe us when we tell you that this wonderfully affectionate and loyal dog will want to! The weight is anywhere between 5 and 20lbs when fully grown – dependent upon the parent dogs – so check with your breeder in advance as to the likely size of the offspring.

We can’t stress how important it is that you buy your Maltipoo puppy from a reputable breeder; this gives you the advantage of knowing that the parents have been carefully selected not just for looks, but for health reasons. Never buy from a pet shop, and if you do choose to look at rescue dogs, make sure you have all the information you can on the dog’s past.

So, what is the Maltipoo like to own, and is it the right dog for you and your family? Let’s have a look in more detail.

Maltipoo Breed Characteristics

If you are looking for a smaller breed that will be fun for all the family, will follow you everywhere, and will be loved for a lifetime, this breed fits the bill. There are smaller cross-breeds, yet many people find them to be the perfect and most manageable size. This makes it perfect for people who want a dog but have a smaller home, and the quiet yet playful temperament is another of its fine and attractive traits.

It is impossible to stress too much how important it is that you find a breeder with a good reputation from whom to buy your  puppy. The peace of mind that comes with knowing the parents have been carefully chosen is something that you will find of great benefit. There are many such breeders around, and you should be prepared to travel to find one that comes highly recommended.

The Maltipoo is bred from two breeds with known god temperaments and characteristics – the Poodle and the Maltese Terrier – so it naturally offers you the combined nature of these two wonderful animals. In short, a well-bred and trained Maltipoo will be a fun, playful and obedient animal that is perfect with children, and one of considerable intelligence. With intensive training from an early age, coupled with socialising the dog regularly, you will find you have a well-behaved family pet that will also be good with other animals.

Maltipoo Pros and Cons


  • Is bred to be a dog for those with allergies, but be aware that not all puppies will have this trait
  • It is a friendly and loyal breed, and one that will bring many years of enjoyable fun to the family.
  • Easy to train and receptive to instruction and learning, so you will find your dog soon understands you.
  • This is a playful breed that will be more than happy fetching the ball or playing tag with the children.
  • With the right training, become a friendly and loyal dog, and if you socialise from an early age, one that also enjoys the company of other pets and people.
  • This is a dog that, because it is not on the large side, will happily live in a smaller apartment or home
  • As with all dogs it will need exercise, but given its size, not as much as many bigger breeds


  • Can suffer from separation anxiety, so needs to be in a home where there is at least one person for it to be around most of the time.
  • Can have longer coats that need some attention, so be aware that grooming on a regular basis and professional attention every now and then
  • As with all breeds, there are certain hereditary diseases and ailments that the Maltipoo can suffer from, so talk to your breeder for reassurance
  • Is part terrier so be prepared for cheeky and determined traits that may mean training is a little harder than for some breeds, but it will be receptive to firm and positive training instruction
  • This might be a small dog, but it is one that will eat a lot, so talk to your breeder about the right food for your puppy
  • Is a lovely, easy-going but energetic and fun smaller dog that will make a perfect pet for a family, or for someone living alone.

General Appearance

The Maltipoo is a very pretty dog that combines the attractiveness of the Poodle with the charm of the Maltese Terrier. The long-haired varieties are particularly pretty, and you will be absolutely in love with the beautiful big eyes and glorious face as soon as you set eyes on a Maltipoo puppy. People love these dogs, and they tend to become everyone’s best friend!

Sone Maltipoo puppies have a straight coat that is soft and luscious, others a longer and more curly affair that is at once pretty and endearingly unkempt. Either way, this is an extremely attractive and amusing little dog, and one that will never fail to please and charm all who come into contact with it. As with all cross-breeds, the type of coat and colour cannot be guaranteed, but your breeder will be able to give you an idea of what to expect.

Maltipoo Colours

There is no standard coat colour as it will depend entirely upon the parent dogs, and even then, there can be some very interesting results. Your breeder should be able to give you an idea of the potential colours of your puppy, but for the record, it will likely be anywhere from plain black or white, to any of many shades in-between and possibly multi-coloured.

Talk to your breeder about colour options, and you may find they can offer you a great choice from a current litter, or have an idea of upcoming litters. It may be worth talking to more than one breeder for greater choice.

How to Groom a Maltipoo

Because of the nature of its coat – the Maltipoo tends to have a longer coat for the size of dog – it can be quite high-maintenance when it comes to keeping it clean and healthy. If your dog plays outside a lot, it will pick up dirt and debris in the coat, and this will need removing. A soft and quick brush a few times a week should be part of your routine if you want to keep it looking and feeling good.

Furthermore, as with all dogs, you should have your Maltipoo groomed professionally every now and again. The results will be a very beautiful dog that everyone will stop to talk to, and that will be proud of its appearance as you are!

Maltipoo Temperament 

There is no doubt that the good nature makes it one of the most ideal of all the cross-breeds as both a family pet or one for a single person. This is not the smallest of dogs – it is certainly not a toy or lapdog – but it is a manageable size, and one that is also very easy to get used to around the house. Train it correctly, and you will find you have a friend for life.

As the Maltipoo is a cross-breed, the temperament of an individual dog cannot be guaranteed. This is further reason you should go to a professional breeder. They will have carefully selected parent dogs that are proven to have reliable offspring. As this is a breed that has been around now for some years, it is common to breed two Maltipoos, which results in a more standard and reliable offspring. The simple fact remains, however, that in general the parent breeds are good-natured and non-aggressive dogs that produce puppies that will become very friendly and lovable family dogs.

We could list many reasons why this breed makes an excellent pet, either for a family or for a single person, and one is that it will soon build a bond with the owner that is unbreakable. Your puppy will want to follow you everywhere, and you will need to make time for it on a regular basis. This is a dog that loves to be around people and that craves human attention, so it is not recommended as a pet if you are leaving it home alone for long periods.

The Maltipoo is a playful animal that will be great with children and one that can be easily trained to get on with other pets, including dogs and cats. This is also a very loyal dog that will soon form a bond with its owner, and one that will become your best friend. Do be prepared to have to set aside time for your dog, and to make sure it gets plenty of playtime and exercise, both indoors and out.

A quiet dog by nature, a neglected dog will – like all dogs – bark for attention, and come become easily scared if it does not feel it has the protection of its owner around it at all times.

It is just about the perfect family dog, is relatively easy to train and will soon learn who is in charge if you are willing to take the time, and will get to know its place in the home. If you follow our tips on training – read on for those – and select a well-bred dog from a reputable breeder, you will enjoy your Maltipoo for many years to come.

Living with a Maltipoo

Buying a dog is a major decision, so you need to take care looking into things before you take the plunge. We strongly recommend that, whether you are looking for a Maltipoo or a different breed, you talk to breeders and also – of at all possible – to other owners about living with this breed. A reputable breeder will be more than happy to show you around and tell you all they can about your new puppy, and will also be able to introduce you to the parent dogs.

Both the Maltese Terrier and the Poodle are breeds known for being bright. Intelligence in a dog is a two-way thing: on the one hand, you get the benefit of an animal that is relatively easy to and on the other you get a strong-willed dog that can on occasions be somewhat inquisitive and often a little too eager. If you train your Maltipoo well – more on that below – and keep it occupied and entertained as required, and the result will be a very enjoyable pet.

There is no doubt that they makes a fine family pet, and will be great with small children, but as with all dogs make sure you supervise in this situation as a dog can react in unexpected ways sometimes. For older children, and for people living alone, the Maltipoo is a perfect dog, and is happy with limited exercise in the form of regular short walks, so will be great even in the smallest of homes.

One good thing about the temperament of the Maltipoo is that it has a low prey drive; this means it can be trained not to chase after other small animals. However, you should be aware that if something moving quickly catches its eye, it may be inclined to go after it. Make sure that from an early age you train your Maltipoo to come back when called, and this should attend to this problem as best is possible.

They will enjoy long and short walks in the company of other people and other dogs, and will soon make friends if it meets them regularly, so get your dog socialises early in its life. Living with a Maltipoo will certainly add flavour and enjoyment to your life, and you will find you have made a great decision when you choose to buy your new puppy.

Training Your Maltipoo

We guarantee that once you start looking at Maltipoo puppies you will want one. They really are the most endearing and attractive of dogs, and they make fantastic pets. Your breeder will be happy to talk you through the essentials, and training is very much part of the early life of your puppy.

As an intelligent breed, the Maltipoo is one that is highly receptive to training, but also one that can react in the wrong way if you are too harsh or negative with it. To help you on your way, here are a few things you should not do when training:

  • Shout – This breed is a small dog that will respond well to positive instruction; while you can – and should – be firm with your puppy in giving instruction, it is important you do not overdo things and begin shouting, as this may cause the dog to shut down and cower rather than to respond.
  • Use physical reactions – small dogs such as this can be fragile and easily hurt, so you need to train your Maltipoo without the need for physical intervention.
  • Lock it away – Never shut a puppy away on its own for being ‘naughty’; remember, the dog is just young and has a lot to learn and won’t take to being left alone.

Here are a few things you can do to make your training more successful and more enjoyable for both you and the dog:

  • Start early – begin training your dog as early as possible, and it will form a bond with you very quickly, which makes things a lot easier.
  • Socialize – it is very important that you get your Maltipoo puppy to socialise early in its life, both with people at home, and with other dogs and animals.
  • Be positive and firm – Your Maltipoo is an intelligent animal and will notice how your tone of voice and attitude changes; positive is good, and as it is a stubborn dog at times, a firm approach is also best if you are to get the right response.
  • Patience – be prepared to take the time to spend with your dog on a regular basis. Training a puppy will take a long time, and remember, it has a very steep learning curve.
  • Treats – when your dog does what it should do, give it a nice treat – it will be much happier responding to your calls if it knows there’s something nice at the end!

Training is a large part of enjoying your dog, so start early, and make sure you get all the family involved, too.

Maltipoo Health Care

Feeding your dog the right food – and the right amount – is a very important part of its health routine, and your breeder will be able to help you with advice on this, and on other areas of health care. Like many dogs, there are potential hereditary health problems, and this is a good reason again to go to a breeder: they will be able to give you assurances that they have done all they can to ensure the parent dogs are as healthy and suitable as possible.

Getting Your Own Maltipoo

We once again recommend that you source your Maltipoo from a reputable maltipoo breeder uk – and that you take the time to find one that you trust and like – and you may have to travel to find the right dog. You can find rescue Maltipoos, but if you do take this avenue, be sure to get all the information you can on the reason the dog is up for rehoming, and the breeding history.

Buying a dog is not a small investment; you will need to pay over the years for its regular immunisations, and for its food and other health care requirements, and be aware that as this is a sought-after and very attractive breed, a Maltipoo puppy may cost you anywhere upwards of £1000.

Similar Breeds

The Maltipoo is a cross-breed that is not the smallest like other tea-cup dogs but of a handy and manageable size. Should you want a bigger dog, you might want to check out the Labradoodle, a very affectionate and fun animal that is among the bigger cross-breeds. For a smaller dog, the Morkie – a cross between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers – is a perfect choice of loyal, fun animal that will happily spend most of its time on your knee! These are just a couple of the available breeds, and there are many more besides, each of which will male an excellent pet.

Maltipoo Last Word

If you are looking for a smaller dog that is a manageable size, would be great for children and will live happily in a small home, the Maltipoo is certainly for you. This attractive, fun and enjoyable dog is easy to train, quiet by nature and yet fun when it wants to be, and with regular short walks and frequent basic grooming, you will find you have made an excellent choice.

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