Best Natural Dog Chew: Our Top Natural Picks

Express Pet Supplies Beef Bull Cow Tails Chew Treat

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  • Long lasting.

  • High cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles.

  • Helps keep teeth clean and healthy.

  • Gluten Free.

Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew.

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  • 100% natural chew for dogs.

  • Sharp points have been removed to make them safe.

  • A healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium.

  • Satisfies a dogs natural urge to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth.

100% Natural SPLIT Antler Dog Chews

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  • Long lasting.

  • Cut from naturally shed deer antlers and halved making them easier for puppies or dogs with less powerful chews.

  • With no artificial additives they leave no colourful stains and do not smell.

  • Cleans your dogs teeth and gums.

Dried Chicken Feet Natural Crunchy Chew Treat

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  • 100% dried chickens feet with no added preservatives.

  • Natural Chewing item that dogs love.

  • Non-Splinter.

Petmascota Tree Root Dog Chew Toy

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  • Long lasting.

  • Low in fat.

  • 0% additives or preservatives.

Dogs love to chew on things and most dog owners know this and they try to accommodate their pup. Chewing is just one of those behaviours that are natural and happens. Many times, dogs will chew because they find themselves bored, they are home alone and anxious, or because they are starting to teeth. This is when you need to get your dog some dental chews. It allows them to alleviate any boredom they experience, and it also allows them to learn how to use their teeth and mouth while stimulating them both physically and mentally.

If a dog does not have the right items to chew, you will quickly notice that it spells destruction within your home. A dog may start to chew the corners of your tables, the legs of chairs, and even some of your most-loved shoes. Providing your pup with plenty of toys to engage him is a good idea, but toys do not help take the urge to chew away.

You may be wondering just what you can do at this point then and the answer is a natural dog chew. Tasty, healthy, and appropriate-sized dog chews are one way for your pup to take the edge off and you will have the peace of mind you need because your pup will not be gnawing on your furniture.

There are many different types of dog chews on the market and this means that your decision is not only important, but it can be confusing as well. There are many chews that may not be healthy for your pup while others may be some of the safest on the market. You do not want to put your pup at risk, so it helps to explore chews before you simply decide to purchase one.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that you should NEVER provide your dog with a dog chew if you are not going to be home. The reason behind this is because they can pose a safety risk, especially if your pup bites off a piece too big and tries to swallow it or in case they injure themselves with the chew.

Below, we will talk some more about which dog chews you should avoid and also what our top recommendations are for chews.

Our Top 7 Natural Dog Chew Recommendations

Below, we will talk about our top 7 natural dog chew recommendations from our experts. We hope that you find the information useful and that this guide helps you choose the perfect natural chew for your pooch.

Express Pet Supplies Beef Bull Cow Tails Chew Treat

The Express Pet Supplies Beef Bull Cow Tails Chew Treat is a wonderful treat for your pup and is considered hypoallergenic, which is especially important for those pups who suffer from different allergies. These chews are long-lasting, which means you will not go through them as fast and neither will your pooch.

You will receive 6 chews in the pack and each chew is made with a high cartilage content, which will work to help strengthen your pup’s jaw muscles over time. These chews also work to help keep your pup’s teeth healthy and clean and you do not have to worry about a bunch of residue on the chews either.

One of the reasons we chose these chews is because they have a low odor, they are low in fat content, and they are completely gluten-free.

Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew

If you want your pup to chew on some natural animal bones, the Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew is a wonderful option and comes in either medium or extra-large. These chews are 100 percent natural and made specifically for dogs.

All of the sharp points have been completely removed from the antler chew, so you have nothing to worry about when you give it to your pup. You will find that this is a healthier chew and it comes loaded with calcium, vitamins, and minerals to ensure your pup’s nutrition is on point.

You never have to worry about these chews splintering like some of the other brands out there and these will last a while. Not only will your pup enjoy chewing on these antlers, the chew will clean their teeth as well.

100% Natural SPLIT Antler Dog Chews

Made by Antos Antler, the 100% Natural SPLIT Antler Dog Chews are the ideal solution to your pup’s urge to chew. This antler lasts long, so your pup will spend hours of time chewing away at it. You can choose from three different sizes to accommodate your pup – small, medium, and large.

One of the nice things about this antler is that it is a no mess chew, so you never have to worry about splinters, shards, or residue. This chew is all natural and contains NO additives at all.

The chew itself is sourced directly in the UK from the Red Deer and is a wonderful chew for your pup.

Dried Chicken Feet Natural Crunchy Chew Treat

The Dried Chicken Feet Natural Crunchy Chew Treat made from TentSpares is a wonderful chew for your pup and is completely natural as well. This treat is 100% dried chicken feet and they are ideal for both puppies and also full-grown dogs.

Chicken feet contain both chondroitin and glucosamine, which is wonderful for your pup’s joints and overall bone health. Each one of these chicken feet treats is made from natural ingredients and contain no additives.

You will find that this treat does not splinter and that there is no foul odour and no residue that will be left behind on your hands.

Petmascota Tree Root Dog Chew Toy

The Petmascota Tree Root Dog Chew Toy is a wonderful choice for your pup and is a 100% natural dog chew that will last a long time for your pup. Your dog will find this chew fun and entertaining, which will fight boredom.

This is a medium-sized chew, but you can choose from other sizes to meet the needs of your pup. One of the reasons this chew made it onto the list is because it is low in fat and it contains NO preservatives or additives.

The chew is made with protein, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to ensure that your pup receives some of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals he needs.

Goat Ears Natural Dog Treat

Goat Ears Natural Dog Treat made by Express Pet Supplies is a hypoallergenic chew that is perfect for your pup, especially those pups who suffer from allergies. You will find that these goat ears are a lower fat and better option over cow and pig ears.

These chews are natural, and they do not have an odour and they are not greasy like some of the other options such as pig ears. Goat ears are better for your pup because they do not have as much fat content as other options.

Each one of these ears is made from 100% goat and contains NO preservatives, NO colors, and NO additives.

Yakers Dog Chew

Yakers Dog Chew is a 100% natural dog chew that lasts a long time and is perfect for those dogs who like to chew a lot. You will find that this treat is healthy for your pup and is both gluten-free and preservative-free, which is perfect for those pooches who suffer from allergies.

Each one of the dog chews comes loaded with protein and calcium to help ensure that your dog receives enough of the minerals and vitamins he needs. The chew also works to combat both tartar and plaque as your pup chews on it.

The Yakers Dog Chew comes in two sizes – medium and extra-large – to accommodate your dog’s needs and provide him with a chew that he can relax with and enjoy. One of the unique things about this dog chew is that it is made from skimmed cow’s milk and skimmed yak’s milk. The chews have a natural taste that your pup will love, and you will find that these chews are not too hard on your pup’s teeth either.

Which Dog Chews Should You Avoid?

There is no dog chew that is 100 percent safe from choking, so it is vital that you always monitor your pup if he has one. You should choose a dog chew that is easy to digest, as you do not want the chew to cause intestinal or stomach upset in your pup.

If you think that a particular chew is too hard, too dry, or just not right for your pup, skip it and wait until you find one that you are happy with. Your pup’s safety is important, and you do not want them to bite off too big of a piece and risk choking.

You will find that chews that appear to be too hard are very dangerous for your pup because they can lead to serious injuries such as oral cuts and even tooth fractures. In general, the rule is, if you were to knock the bone into your knee and it hurts, it is too hard for your pup.

Hooves and bones of animals are often a popular treat, especially antlers. Some of these options are ideal for your pup, especially if they are natural and all of the sharp points have been removed. If you notice that any of these parts have sharp points, avoid them.

You want to avoid plastic chews, as your pup may ingest some of the pieces should they be able to rip a piece off of destroying the chew. The pieces can become stuck in your pup’s GI tract and cause issues for them.

Lastly, if you have a pup who suffers from allergies, you want to make sure that you choose a natural dog chew that is free from some of the common allergies that dogs may suffer from. You want to take a look at the ingredient list, which should be placed on all dog treats. You want to look for chews that contain no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no additives.

In addition, you will find that there are chews that come gluten-free and grain-free. These are a good choice for pups who have allergies to specific types of foods such as wheat and flour. Hypoallergenic chews are ideal for pups with allergies as well and if you are unsure of how your pup will respond to a chew, aim for one that is hypoallergenic, as these are usually safe for all dogs.

We would also recommend you to get one of the best airtight dog food containers where you can keep the delicious treats for a long time without compromising on their delicious taste.

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