Best Harnesses for Small Dogs: Top Picks & Reviews

Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

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  • Perfect for cocker spaniels, beagles and similar sized breeds.

  • Adjustable shoulder, chest and belly straps for customised fit.

  • Sturdy and lightweight nylon material, Robust woven straps adapted from mountaineering technology for extra strong hold.

No Pull Padded Adjustable Dog Harness by Gankarii

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  • Easy adjustable chest strip. Fitted with efficient reflectors for visibility.

Dog Harness by Comfort Fit Pets

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  • Easy to Put on and Take off Soft Dog Harness with a Quick release clip.

  • Has Two Reinforced D-rings that locks securely on to your leash.

  • Easy to Carry, Incredibly lightweight.

Furbaby Adjustable Small Dog Harness

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  • Fully breathable mesh fabric material, making longer walks even more enjoyable than before.

  • The no-pull harness design allows you to pull back on the lead without causing any pain or discomfort to your dog.

  • Made from the very best premium quality materials and are built to perform and last.

Doodlebone Soft Padded Dog Harness

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  • Soft padded air mesh dog harness.

  • Super soft yet strong and safe.

  • Prevents pressure on your dogs neck.

  • Macine washable.

If you find yourself on the hunt for a small dog harness, you are off to a good start. It is important to make sure you choose a good no-pull harness that is comfortable for you, but more importantly, comfortable for your dog. It is no surprise that some people prefer harnesses for their dogs and others prefer collars. It is a debate that continues on, but for the purposes of this guide, we will talk about harnesses and not choose sides at the moment.

Below, you will find some great information about the benefits of harnesses and dive into the minds of our experts as they showcase 10 of their best dog harnesses for small dogs.

Best Harnesses for Small Dogs

No Pull Padded Adjustable Dog Harness by Gankarii

This No Pull Padded Harness is an ideal choice for anyone with a small dog who wants to stay within a reasonable budget. The material is a durable and soft nylon that provides your dog with support and comfort on even the longest walks. The interior liner of the harness is breathable, so you never have to worry about the material retaining sweat.

This harness comes with an adjustable chest clip that allows you to customize the fit to your pooch. One of the nice features about this harness is that it comes with a locking release conversion that allows you to open and close the buckle without the fear that your dog may accidentally slip out.

As an example, this is the best chihuahua harness in the UK and other such similar sized doggies.

Dog Harness by Comfort Fit Pets

This small dog harness by Comfrt Fit Pets is designed for those dog owners who have an escape artist on their hands. The harness itself comes with two d-rings that lock onto your leash. When purchasing this harness, you can choose from red, pink, blue, or black.

Comfort Fit Pets offers a lifetime guarantee on this harness and they have constructed each harness from durable, easy to care for material that can be washed as needed.

The Furbaby Adjustable Small Dog Harness is a top choice and is one of the best-selling options out there. It comes in both extra, extra small and extra small to ensure it can fit even the smallest of dogs out there. This harness is designed to keep your pooch as comfortable as possible. The materials are breathable, washable, and constructed with durability in mind, so you will find you can use it over and over again for years to come.

This harness is an anti-choke harness, which is nice because even if your pup does try to pull, he or she will not feel constriction on the throat. This is a no pain, no hassle, no discomfort harness.

Doodlebone Soft Padded Dog Harness

The Doodlebone Soft Padded Dog Harness is an economical choice and while it is under $15, it does not lack in quality. In fact, many people are happy with their choice and find this harness to be better than many of the expensive brands on the market.

The material is made from a padded air mesh that allows their body to breathe as it is worn. When you first feel the harness, you will notice that it is soft to the touch, but do not let the softness fool you as it is very strong. If you want a harness for your small dog that will not place pressure on his or her neck, choose this one.

Puppy Dog Vest Harness for Small Dogs

The Puppy Dog Vest Harness for Small Dogs comes in a variety of neon colors to include green, purple, blue and orange. This harness is designed for both small and very small pups. One of the nice things about this harness is that it reduces chafing that may occur when your dog tries to pull as he or she walks.

Each one of the harnesses come with a reflective piping around them that allows others to see them as you walk at night. You will find that this harness is easy to put on and the adjustable straps allow you to provide your pup with a customized fit.

No Pull Small Dog Pet Harness by LSW Pet Design

This No Pull Small Dog Pet Harness made by LSW Pet Design is not only cute, but it is very affordable. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of colors from pink to blue and more. The material used on the harness is comfortable and durable enough that you will be able to use it over and over.

The neck part of the harness is not adjustable, which allows you to rest assured that they will be secure in the harness itself. This particular harness is designed to reduce any neck strain that may experienced with other options and traditional collars.

Smalllee Lucky Store Soft Mesh Nylon Vest for Dogs

The Smalllee Lucky Store Soft Mesh Nylon Vest for Dogs is an ideal choice for those dog owners who have small dogs that weigh up to a max of 6.5 pounds. This vest is even designed to fit cats and is made from a breathable mesh fabric that prevents them from sweating.

The vest features a padded neck line, so that chaffing will not occur while your dog is on a walk. You can easily wash this harness in the washer and dryer, for your convenience. Harnesses come in either red or black with white polka dots.

Ancol Simply Comfortable Mesh Dog Harness by Simply Comfy

The Ancol Simply Comfortable Mesh Dog Harness by Simply Comfy is an affordable choice for individuals who are looking for an economical, yet durable purchase. This harness is made from breathable and lightweight materials that allow the body to breathe even on the hottest days.

You can choose from either black or red and each harness is adjustable to provide the perfect fit.

fiE Fit Into Everyway Dog Harness

If you are after a one of a kind harness that will work for your small-sized dog, the fiE Fit Into Everyway Dog Harness is the perfect option. This harness is another one of our favorites because it is a complete harness system for your dog. You will find that you can choose from a variety of colors to include black, green, and orange.

This harness comes with safety features built into it such as nylon webbing for comfort and 3M reflective material to ensure that your pup sticks out when you are on walks at night. This harness even comes with a sturdy handle that allows you to loop it onto your vehicle’s seatbelt for supreme protection when on rides.

The outer layer of the harness is made from a scratch-resistant material that is able to be spot cleaned on site. You will notice that there is a d-ring on the back of the harness and this allows you to attach your choice of leash securely.

Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

One of our favourite harnesses for small dogs is the Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness. This harness comes in a variety of colours to include blue, green, orange, purple, pink, and black. This dog harness is made from some of the best materials and allows you to have complete control over your them as he or she walks.

One of the nice things about this harness is that it is made with comfort in mind and the fabric does not wear on your pooch’s skin. There is an adjustable chest, should, and belly strap for a custom fit.

The material is made from nylon and the woven straps are made for a durable hold, even in the toughest situations.

Now that you have seen all the options its time for you to decide which is the best small dog harness for your dog.

Dog Harnesses: What Are the Benefits?

Simply put, a dog harness is an accessory that attaches to your dog and is used in conjunction with a leash or lead. Harnesses surround the torso of the dog and allow better control when walking and they ensure that your dog does not slip out, as they may in a collar alone.

There are many benefits that come along with using a harness on your small dog and many people do prefer them, especially seniors and those who want to know that their dog will not slip away. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Benefit 1: Stop Pulling

Some dogs like to pull when they are on a leash and a harness stops this from happening. When your dog is on a traditional leash, he or she will be able to move around freely, and you have little control over them. The harness works to stop your dog from pulling forward and thus pulling you forward.

Benefit 2: Better Control

One of the biggest benefits of a harness is that it allows you, as the owner, to be in complete control. It can be difficult to control a dog on a traditional collar, especially if they yank and are able to come free. Not only will you panic, but they will panic too.

A harness allows you to walk with your dog as opposed to your dog walking you. Whether you find yourself in a crowd of people or your dog is a little too curious at the dog park, you will feel better about the situation.

Benefit 3: Stop Lunging

Some breeds of dogs like to lunge and when they are on a leash attached to a traditional collar, it can be difficult to stop this behaviour. One of the biggest concerns with dogs that lunge is that a traditional collar may restrict their breathing, especially as the collar places pressure on the neck.

Benefit 4: Comfortable for Puppies

It can be difficult to find a collar that truly fits your puppy right and many of them struggle to understand what it is around their neck. One of the most important things to do is made sure that anything you put around your puppie’s neck is secure and also comfortable.

If you are already taking your puppy outside because it is no longer young enough to go outside, it is important that it is safe and comfortable. Many people choose harnesses for their puppies because a harness is a secure way to control them and not injure them. Since a puppy’s behavior can be unpredictable, it is best to have a safe way to handle them. Harnesses are adjustable and can be customized to fit your puppy. Do make sure you measure your puppy’s neck and chest though before you settle on a harness as you want to make sure it provides a secure fit.

Are you after a dog harness for your car? Then we have written about those as well.

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