Best Dog Car Ramps for Easily Getting Your Pooch into Your Vehicle

Trixie Pet Ramp

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  • Anti-slip coating and safety rails on the side.

  • Protects the joints of the pet.

  • Highly recommendable in cases of arthritis.

  • The Bi-Fold design reduces storage space

AGTC Portable, Bi-fold Pet Ramp.

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  • Anti-slip coating and safety rails on the side.

  • Highly recommendable in cases of arthritis.

RayGar Bi-fold, Plastic Dog Ramp.

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  • Strong & Durable - Lightweight - Non-Slip Surface - Raised Edges

  • Can carry up to 90kgs.

  • Folded size: 78*39*20cm Approx - Extended size: 155*39*10cm Approx

  • Ideal For Use With A Car, Van, Caravan, Bed or Sofa

Pet Gear Tri-fold Dog Ramp.

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  • Allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. Useful for senior, small and puppy dogs

  • Lightweight.

  • High quality and safe product.

  • Skid-resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady.

Easipet Plastic Pet Ramp.

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  • Strong and durable plastic folding lightweight Dog Ramp.

  • Easy to use with a textured surface providing extra grip and raised edges to help prevent sideways movement.

  • Can carry up to 90kgs ( 200 lbs).

  • Product Weight: 4.5kgs (10 lbs).

When we think of ramps for dogs, probably the first thing that springs to mind would be a dog car ramp. We have all packed the family dog into our automobile on a regular basis and it often involves lifting, scooping, persuading, pushing, pulling, asking or pleading with the stubborn canine to get them safely into the car. Before we talk about the many benefits of a good ramp, let’s also consider for a moment the many different uses of the best dog ramp.

A ramp that allows your dog, big or small to climb into your car, truck, van or caravan with ease is the first use that you would probably think of. Inside your house, how easily does your dog get around? How often do you find yourself helping your pooch or watching them negotiate steps a little more slowly than they used to? Stairs can be a challenge for people and dogs alike. It might even be just the one or two steps between levels in your house or the steps out to the back garden? How about steps leading into your house? As we all get older, those steps become more daunting.

Staying indoors for a moment, we know that you let your best friend onto the bed at night and the couch during the day. Can you look us in the eye and tell us you don’t? Everyone loves a snuggle, and your dog will try all day long to jump onto the bed or couch with you. A ramp or set of appropriately sized portable steps will help them get up.

Does your dog swim? Ramps can help a dog get into and out of pools with ease. If a ramp helps them enjoy the water, it is a great idea. How about boats? If you can help your dog get safely onto and off a boat when it is docked or in the water everyone benefits.

Best Dog Car Ramps UK

Trixie Pet Ramp

The Trixie ramp is a bi-fold ramp. It folds neatly in half for easy portability and set up. The ramp is plastic with a non-slip textured finish with safety rails on the side to guide your dog’s feet. The ramp itself weighs about 5.42kg. The recommended maximum weight for dogs using it is 90kg. It comes in black and is 40cm wide x 156 cm long when fully folded out. Customer reviews did state that for some SUV’s or trucks, it could be a bit steep and they might have chosen a longer ramp. Something to consider if your dog is older.

In our opinion, it is amongst the best dog car ramps on this list.

AGTC Portable, Bi-fold Pet Ramp

A lightweight, plastic ramp weighing just 4.5kg. Bi-fold design to make set up, take down and transportation easy. There is an anti-slip coating on the surface to help grip. Safety rails along both sides to guide your dog. Measurements are as follows – unfolded 41cm wide x 156cm long, folded 41cm wide x 78cm long. Reviews did state that this was a bit lightweight and larger dogs might be a bit reluctant to use the ramp as there is a slight bend, or ‘give’ when they put their weight on it.

RayGar Bi-fold, Plastic Dog Ramp

Similar to the previous two products, the RayGar ramp is plastic and lightweight at just 5kg. Bi-fold design for ease of set up and transportation. Textured finish on the plastic to help your pooch grip and feel secure. Raised edges act as small rails to guide your dog’s paws. Measurements are as follows – unfolded 39cm wide x 155cm long, folded 39cm wide x 78cm long. Manufacturer claims it is suitable for dogs up to 90kg. Colour – black.

Pet Gear Tri-fold Dog Ramp

The Pet Gear Tri-fold dog car ramp is a larger, sturdier ramp. The measurements are 177.8cm long x 50.8cm wide x 7.6cm thick. Durable plastic and a solid feel. The tri-fold design makes set up easy and adds a stable feel when folded out. There are raised edges to help guide your dog’s feet. A rubber, non-slip underside was a feature that people reviewing this ramp liked. It fely solid and secure, unlikely to slip. Tri-fold design also reduces storage space somewhat. Colour is black/grey. Ideal for pets up to 250lbs (114kg). A good large dog ramp for your car.

Easipet Plastic Pet Ramp

Blue or black bi-fold ramp. Durable plastic with a textured surface and raised edges to prevent sideways movement. Measurements are as follows – unfolded 40cmwide x 156cm long x 10cm thick. Ramp weighs only 4.5kg. The Easipet ramp claims to be good for dogs up to 90kgs (200 pounds) although one or two reviews questioned the strength of the ramp at the point of fold when large dogs used it.

Doghealth Pet Safety Ramp

A lightweight dog car ramp (11 pounds, 5kg). It has a bi-fold design and a ridged anti-slip surface (easi-walk) to help your dog feel secure using it. The Doghealth ramp has a lip at one end to hook over the lip of your car boot. It will hold dogs up to 90kg (200 pounds) according to the manufacturer. Measurements are as follows – unfolded 40cm wide x 155cm long x 19cm thick, folded 40cm wide x 79cm long x 19cm thick.

Popamazing Folding Pet Steps

The Popamazing folding steps are a 2-in-1 design and you can use it as a ramp or stairs, whichever suits you and your dog best. Suitable for small to medium sized dogs. Sturdy wood construction and a strong metal frame to support the stair steps. Screws on the side are used to secure the stairs in place. Can be folded down for easy storage and transportation. A comfortable, velvet anti-slip surface. Suitable for dogs up to 36kg (80 pounds). Weighs 6kg (13 pounds). Measurements are as follows – Ramp is 44cm wide x 70cm long. Stairs are 40cm wide x 23cm deep.

So, if you are looking for folding dog steps for a car, this is the right solution for you.

Easipet Dog/Pet Foldable Access Steps

These foldable steps are made of strong plastic which is light for mobility and ease of use. They weigh approximately 2.35kgs (5 pounds). Fold away for easy storage. Great for use in the house when your furry friend wants to get onto the couch or bed. It comes with carpet which can be attached to the treads to give extra comfort and grip if needed. Strong plastic with rubber feet to prevent slipping. Beige with brown pawprint design. The size when assembled is as follows – 47cm high x 38cm wide x 60cm deep. When folded it is 77cm long x 38cm wide x 13cm deep.

Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Ramp

A clever, telescopic dog ramp for the car. It has a convenient carry handle for transportation and has a safety release latch to prevent accidental opening. The ramp weighs 6kg but can support pets up to 180kg with no bend due to the telescopic design. There is no ‘fold point’ which can be a potential point of weakness. The ramp extends from 96cm to 182cm. Rubber feet for extra security to prevent slipping. A high traction walking surface for secure grip and raised edges to prevent paw slippage sideways. Ideal for larger pets. Grey in colour. People reviewing the product liked the fact you can extend it to the length you need which makes it fit pretty much any vehicle. A popular choice.

The Benefits of Dog Car Ramps

Let’s think for a moment about reasons why a ramp is a good investment. A good ramp can play a huge part in the long- term health of your dog.

Injury recuperation – If your dog has been hurt or undergone surgery, a ramp can be essential. Lifting your dog into the car or helping them up stairs can aggravate the injury and cause pain.

Senior dogs – One step can become an obstacle. Making it up onto the couch or the bed can be a major challenge. A ramp takes the stress off the joints and muscles for your furry senior citizen and lets them continue to get close to you without pain and stress.

Access to water – A ramp to your pool, whatever size it is might allow your dog to rehab an injury in water. It might allow your dog to continue to enjoy fun and exercise in the water.

Helping with known issues – Problems with hips or joints are well documented with certain breeds. Using a ramp throughout the whole life of these dogs will minimise the stress (and pain) on the hips and joints over time. If we know this will be a problem as the dog ages, start using ramps early to prevent wear and tear on the joints and hips. Anything you can do to offset future problems is a smart move.

Screening and training – Guide dogs and other working dogs are often exposed to ramps of all sorts during the screening and training sessions. A great way to confirm that the dogs have the right temperament and mobility to manage the challenges that will come their way.

What to Look For

Many things need to be considered when you look to purchase a ramp, not least the size of your dog. Consider the following;

  • Size – length and width of the ramp. Suggested maximum weight on the ramp and what size dog is it designed for.
  • Strength and durability. Is it weather proof and rust proof if you use it outdoors all the time?
  • Material – How heavy is it to move. Weather proof?
  • Flexibility and portability – Is it easy to take with you? Is it a folding dog car ramp, is it a telescopic type of design or does it fold ‘accordian’ style? It has to be easy to use and easy to transport.
  • Safety features – non-slip in all weathers? Does it have reflective strips for ease of use at night?
  • Design and style – If you are using it 24/7 indoors, how does it look? Colour, material, nice to look at. Essentially, it becomes part of your furniture. Easy to clean?
  • What type of car is it for? Is it a dog ramp for a 4×4? If so, the angle will be a bit higher so make sure it can support the weight.

Now that you have got your dog into the car safely, you should also think about making sure they are nice and secure for the ride. Take a look at some of the best dog car harnesses, dog car seats, and car-suited dog crates that are out there.

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