Best Gifts for Pug Owners & Lovers

Koly Pug Print Scarf/Shawl.

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  • Elegant design, you can wear in many ways, you can put in your bag when you need at any time.

  • This cozy Pug-Printed Scarf Shawl is perfect for cold weather

Luxbon ‘Hug Pug’ Cushion Cover.

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  • Size: 45cmx45cm / 18x18 inches.

  • Patterns on one side only.

  • deal decoration for a dull couch, sofa, chair, window seat, bed, car or living room, book store or coffee shop.

  • Great gifts for housewarming, birthday or wedding party.

Keel Toys 30cm Plush Soft Pug Toy.

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  • Soft cuddly toy dog is made using a very soft, tactile, dense plush.

  • Ideal gift for that special someone or even to treat yourself

  • Surface Washable.

Pug Shopping Bag by Pukator

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  • Cute Pug Durable Reusable Shopping Bag.

  • Handy and lightweight.

Aroma Pug Microwaveable ‘Hot Hug’

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  • Removable lavender fragranced tummy insert.

  • Outer cover can be removed and cleaned as per instructions.

  • Ideal gift to snuggle up with day or night and help to sooth, calm and aid restful sleep.

The Pug! How much character can you fit into one face? A breed that is instantly recognisable and loved everywhere. Once those big, mournful eyes gaze upon you, your resistance crumbles. Those eyes can make you drop everything and rush to get whatever the Pug wants. You are powerless to resist. Those eyes could probably hypnotise you if you made eye contact for long enough. Beware the stare, you are feeling sleepy!

That face seems like it was designed to be put on t-shirts, mugs, posters and other gifts. Pug owners adore their cute and funny pooches and will appreciate anything Pug related. A quick search of the internet uncovers a wide range of gift ideas for the discerning Pug owner. Any dog-related gift will be appreciated. Any of the Pug related gifts will be gleefully received. Anything that reminds them of their precious furball or shows the world that they are Pug-people will be the best gift they receive.

Let’s take a look at all gifts for pug lovers that we have handpicked for you today.

Great reviews from people who purchased this scarf as a gift. A lovely, soft material and quality for the money were comments made. The scarf is large which allows it to be worn as a shawl as well. Fun prints of that wonderful pug face all over the scarf. It measures 190 x 80cm (approximately 74.8 x 31.5 inches). Comes in 5 colours. Blue, grey, light blue, red and white.

Luxbon ‘Hug Pug’ Cushion Cover

Great graphics and colour on this cushion cover. The picture of the Pug face has great character and will take pride of place on the sofa. A blend of linen and cotton (50% of both) making the finished product strong, durable, eco-friendly and pleasant to the touch. Square cushion cover measuring 45 x 45cm (18 x 18 inches). Please note, image is on one side of the cover, not both. Great value. Buy two so that your Pug fanatic can bookend the couch and thank you twice as much!

Keel Toys 30cm Plush Soft Pug Toy

Lovely gold and black Pug soft toy. This soft little bundle of delight measures 35 x 15 x 15cm. It is surface washable. Weighs just 304g. This can become a child’s favourite toy or the perfect snuggle companion for Mum or Dad on the sofa in the evening. Keel Toys have a line of plush toys featuring different breeds.

Pug Shopping Bag by Pukator

A bag that will get you noticed! Pug People will absolutely love it. A close up laminated picture of that adorable Pug face in all its glory. Well reviewed by people who purchased it. It is durable, made from strong, woven polypropylene yet is extremely lightweight and great for carrying folded in a purse or handbag. Long handles and used amongst other things as a beach bag by one buyer. It measures 40cm x 33cm and is from Pukator’s ‘Pugs and Kisses’ range of products.

Aroma Pug Microwaveable ‘Hot Hug’

An adorable and very useful gift idea. Aroma’s ‘Hot Hug’ Pug. The Hot Hug is made from the softest and cuddliest fabrics. Kids of all ages will love this. A Velcro strip hides the cotton calico tummy insert bag. This is what you heat in the microwave and it provides up to two hours of warmth according to one review. The soft outer cover can be removed and washed making it completely reusable for kids who attract the dirt! Pug is the only dog breed in the Hot Hug range, but you can get eight other animals. Bunny, Horse, Lamb, Tiger, Bear, Owl, Fox, Dinosaur and Unicorn. Please be careful to follow the exact instructions provided by the manufacturer to make sure heating is done correctly and safely. Not suitable for kids under the age of 3.

Dreamscene ‘Faux Fur’ Pug Throw Blanket

Ready to wrap yourself in furry Pug? This is a super soft, faux-fur polyester blanket. Finished to feel like Mink fur. Your Pug Person will melt into this. Lifesize (or bigger) image of a gorgeous Pug on a cream/white background. Perfect for your bed, your couch or you might even be fighting with the Pug to own it! Size is 150cm x 200cm (approximately 5 feet x 6 feet 8 inches). Covers a double bed. Machine washable, so no big deal if your Pug does decide to share it.

Pug Plush Sleep Eye Mask

Here is a really fun and useful gift idea. A plush, super-soft eye mask with the top half of a Pug face on the outside. Get your cameras and cell phobes ready for some great photo opportunities. It is one size fits all. Measures 21 x 9 x 0.5cm. It works as advertised, keeping out all light and helping you sleep. People who reviewed the mask confirmed that it is super soft and comfortable with a satin back and is great to wear all night. It also comes nicely packaged in a clear, PVC box which makes it ideal for a fun gift for your Pug loving friends.

‘Crazy Pug Lady’ T-shirt by Fancy a Cuddle

As long as the Pug owner that you know will not be offended by being called a ‘Crazy Pug Lady’, this will be a huge hit as a gift. Fancy a Cuddle exclusively make their T-shirts with high grade cotton. The quality of the cotton ensures a vibrant, bright print and no peeling. The shirts are machine washable and manufactured to make sure the shape is maintained along with the feel and quality throughout the wash process. Round collar, short sleeve, rib crew neck with taped neckline for comfort.

The T-shirts come in 8 colours. Pink, Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sapphire Blue, White, Yellow. There are 6 sizes to choose from. Measurements as follows:

  • XS 30-32 inch chest
  • S 32-34 inch chest
  • M 34-36 inch chest
  • L 36-38 inch chest
  • XL 38-40 inch chest
  • 2XL 40-42 inch chest

Fringoo Funky Pug Sports Socks

A great, fun pair of sports socks from Fringoo. Who wouldn’t want to pull on a pair of Pug faces over their feet before hitting the track or heading out for a power walk. A lot of design features are incorporated to keep your feet warm and dry during exercise so they are not just a novelty item. Venting, thermo-regulation, sweat-fighting fabric blend and air channel cushioning. Wow, and you thought it was just a pair of socks. Fringoo has 28 designs to consider, although I am sure the Pug faces will be your first choice. One size fits all but there were some reviews that suggested the socks were smaller than expected. Worth considering.

Fizz Creations ‘Pug Travel Mug’

Almost as good as taking your Pug along for a car ride, this travel mug will give your owner their ‘Pug-fix” while keeping their favourite beverage hot or cold. Travel mug is covered in Pugs. It holds 16oz (450ml) and does a good job of keeping your tea or coffee warm. Plastic, with a spill-proof lid, the travel mug is dishwasher safe. The silicone sleeve allows for comfortable and easy use. Fun and practical. More than anything, it just sounds great to say you have a Pug Mug!

If you weren’t able to find anything specific for the person you are shopping for, take a look at some of the best retractable dog leads, dental chews, and memory foam dog beds.

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