The Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds in 2018

They say dogs start to imitate their owners, and that is very true of me and my dog. I feel hours spent in bed is not time wasted, but time spent in a luxury bubble of snugness.

Luckily for me, my dog feels the same so on the rare occasion I can spend half a day in bed, I have the perfect snuggle buddy.

My dog loves my memory foam bed, so I decided to invest in a memory foam dog bed that is just for her.

Why choose a memory foam dog bed?

They’re especially suitable for older dogs who will get aches and pains just like us. They’re orthopaedic dog beds to ensure the best night’s sleep your pooch can get.

Memory foam dog beds can help with muscle and joint pain, and wouldn’t we all do anything to help ease our dog’s aches and pains? If your dog has arthritis or hip dysplasia, a memory foam dog bed is a must!

Younger dogs can get a lot of use out of memory foam dog beds too as the very nature of memory foam is to provide correct support and comfort that will ensure they move about less and are less disturbed in the night. And isn’t that what we all want? A full night’s sleep even if you do have a puppy.

How to choose the right memory foam mattress for your dog

Unlike us humans, our dogs can’t go to a bed store and lie down on all the beds to find the right one (although it would be adorable if they could). So, we have written up the below guide to help you choose the perfect comfy bed for you dog.

Is it thick enough?

Imagine if your mattress was only 3cm’s thick, it wouldn’t be that comfy. Well the same goes for your dog’s bed, the thicker the mattress generally means the more orthopaedic the dog bed will be. And the comfier your dog will be.

Pet owners seem to agree that 5cm deep and above will provide the best comfortable mattress for your dog.

One thing to consider, if you travel a lot with your dog, is that the thicker the memory foam dog bed is, the heavier it will be. Some of the deeper and larger memory foam dog’s beds can weigh up to 10kg! That’s the weight of my dog! If you are planning on camping, or some other crazy traveling with your dog, consider going for a smaller, lighter option.

Is it Cleanable?

Think of how often you wash your bed sheets, now think about how much your dog smells more than you (we’re assuming you’re not smelly). You will need to keep your dog’s bed cover regular washed too.

We recommend choosing a dog bed with a removable machine washable cover, but if you fall in love with one without one, use lots of soft snuggly blankets so you can wash them.

Is it waterproof?

It probably should be waterproof, especially when it comes to puppies and older dogs as they can (through no fault of their own) have accidents.

If your dog is a spoilt little diva like mine and sulks if she needs to sit on waterproof material, you can make the bed more snug by adding a few blankets over it.

Our Best Memory Foam Dog Beds:

Here is a roundup of the best memory foam dog beds you can buy to spoil your dog the way they deserve.

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

This luxury memory foam dog’s bed comes with ‘couch arms’ so they can rest their little heads and give you that puppy dog eye’s look. The arms are generously filled and the base is a solid 14cm deep. It is extremely comfortable.

Providing optimal support and comfort to ensure your pooch has a good night’s rest. This bed will help to reduce joint pain and the colour should

It is water resistant, so not technically fully waterproof so if you have a dog that’s prone to accidents it will be better to choose one of the fully waterproof memory foam beds further on in our guide.

It has removable machine washable covers, which is a must!

This bed comes in 3 sizes.

The reviews include customer images which should help you decide what size is best for your dog.

A reviewer bought the small sized bed for their cat who is recovering from a car accident. The memory foam has been helping provide proper support to his damaged leg, they’ve since bought another one for their other cat (we’re guessing he was jealous that his brother was being spoiled).

A Border Collie with hip dysplasia has been snoring away since getting his Large Memory Foam Dog Bed from PetFusion.
An Irish Wolfhound loves the Extra-Large size bed and has been kipping the day away not wanting to leave it.

Quick Stats:

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Orthopedix Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

This waterproof dog bed comes in an array of colours and sizes. A simple rectangle mattress for your dog to dream away on.

The simple design will be beneficial for dogs with joint problems as it will be easy for them to climb onto and get a sound night’s sleep.

As it’s fully waterproof we recommend this bed for dog’s who may still have accidents. And with machine washable removable covers you can keep this bed in tip top condition. The covers themselves are a fleece like material and not the usual rough waterproof material we expected it to be.

This bed comes in 5 sizes and includes the weight of the mattress itself which is useful if you are considering travelling a lot with this bed.

The reviews include customer images which should help you decide what size is best for your dog.

A reviewer bought the small sized for their Yorkshire Terrier after an operation, he has plenty of room to stretch about on it and loves it.

A large ten-year-old Labradoodle has loved receiving the extra-large bed, so much so he doesn’t want to get off it!

A German Shepherd with hip problems has spent many a happy of nights on the extra-large memory foam bed from ‘The Dog’s Bed’.

Another German Shepherd has the large sized bed and she won’t sleep anywhere else now, her owner says it’s the perfect size and just like a tempur mattress.

Quick Stats:

Memory Foam Off-Cut for Dogs Bed

Some of the memory foam dog’s beds can be quite expensive. If you are unsure if your dog will like a memory foam bed and don’t want to invest too much money on one. This might be the cheapest and perfect option for you.

Bodymould Mattresses sell off cuts of memory foam beds, which are ideal to turn into your dog’s bed.

You will need to buy a cover for it, some covers fitting the sizes this foam mattress comes in can be found here:

AmigoZone Larde Pet Dog Bed Zipped Removable and Washable Cushion Cover

Or if you are crafty you could make your own cushion cover, there are lots of tutorials on youtube on how to make a waterproof cushion cover, and you could personalise it for your lucky pup!

It comes in two sizes, suitable for medium and large dogs. But you can easily cut memory foam to make them smaller.

Lots of the reviewers are happy with their cheap memory foam dog bed.

An arthritic West Highland Terrier loves their new luxury dog bed.

Another posted that they bought the large size and made four complete beds for their Chihuahua, yes, that right, this spoilt cutie has 4 memory foam beds all to herself!

One reviewer bought the 122 x 90 size and made a great tempur like dog bed for their Greyhound.

Quick Stats:

Brown & Beige Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed

This is the deepest memory foam bed we have found, at a whopping 25cm deep your dog will be snoozing for days without an ache or pain.

It’s sofa like design provides support and helps to reduce stress on the joints and spine.

Removable washable plush like covers will ensure your pup is snug as a bug at night.

It is a brown and beige colour which should suit most interiors.

This dog bed isn’t waterproof, however if your dog is fully potty trained this will be a luxury memory foam sofa bed providing your dog with the comfort it deserves.

Comes in just one size of 75cm x 50cm and an impressive 25cm deep

This rectangular orthopaedic dog bed with memory foam and extra high edges offers luxurious comfort and is just the place for a relaxing sleep with no stress on the joints.

One reviewers Lurcher dog has to deal with his human parents occasionally lying on it.

An arthritic Labrador absolutely loves this new bed!

It seems like this bed is large enough to cover most breeds of dog, and it looks like a cute little sofa especially built for your four-legged baby.

Quick Stats:

KosiPet Check Fleece Extra Large Rhomboid Memory Foam Pad Deluxe Waterproof Dog Bed

This waterproof is comfy and quick to clean. The outer cover is made of fleece to ensure you dog can dream away on a soft orthopaedic bed.

The cover is Velcro fastening, so if you have a dog that likes to chew, we recommend you go for one which is totally sealed.

You can buy spare covers for this bed which will come in handy if they get worn by lots of washing.

Looking at the customer images posted in the reviews, plenty of dogs are loving this bed, from Labradors, Rottweilers to Great Danes and even smaller dogs like Cavillers this bed is big enough to accommodate massive dogs and gives smaller dogs enough room to roll about.

KosiPet® Rhomboid Memory Foam Deluxe Dog Bed Pad is 134cm x 83cm

Quick Stats:

LaiFug Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet/Dog Bed with Durable Water Proof Liner

This large bed is perfect of your dog is suffering from aches and pains.

Its simple design is easy for the dog to climb onto and the 10cm deep memory foam mattress is beneficial for dogs that are suffering from arthritis, or hip dysplasia.

Its waterproof and fleecelined, making it easy to clean while still very comfortable!

It comes in two sizes:
Medium 86cm x 55cm
Large 116cm x 71cm

From the reviews it seems that this bed is really holding up to some larger dogs, one pet parent of a 55lbs Golden Retriever has had it for over 6 months and says it’s still holding up nicely.

A 75lbs Grey Hound loves the large size of this memory foam bed and can properly stretch out and has plenty of space.

Quick Stats:

Scruffs Memory Foam Milan Orthopaedic Box Dog Bed 

A perfect orthopaedic memory foam sofa style bed for you pooch. This one comes in three colours, brown/red/purple.

If you want a bright coloured memory foam dog bed for your dog, this one is it.

It has thick ribbed corduroy washable removable outer cover. It also has a non-slip base.

This dog bed is very deep and mould to your dog’s shape to achieve an ultimate level of support.

It is only currently available in the medium size which is 60cm x 50cm

Quick Stats:

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a memory foam dog bed. Hopefully we have helped you come to the best bed for your dog. If this guide has helped you find the perfect dog bed, please post below as we would love to see the pups we’ve helped. If there is anything we’ve missed, add it below so we can better advise people in the future.


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