Best Slip Leads for Dogs: Top Picks Reviewed

Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead

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  • Allows quick control of your dog.

  • Hand sewn by craftspeople.

  • Repels water, easily fits in your pocket.

  • 1.22M x 10mm.

Oakberry Range Colorope Slip Lead

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  • Oakberry 72inch slip lead.

  • 8mm Colorope.

  • Broken tensile tested up to 130kgs.

  • Strong, Durable.

Ancol Deluxe Nylon Rope Slip Lead

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  • Timberwolf rope slip lead.

  • Perfect for the dog who loves the outdoors.

  • With traditional hand sewn ends.

  • Measures 139 cm length by 12 mm width.

Outhwaite Dog Lead Harlequin Slip Lead

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  • Supple but extremely strong slip lead.

  • Suitable for small dogs or, show leads.

  • These 4mm leads are available as either a slip lead or, with a trigger hook finish.

Dog and Co Rope Slip Dog Lead

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  • Collar and Lead in one.

  • Metal slider prevents choking.

  • Soft to handle.

  • Fullgrain leather tabs.

If you have never heard of a slip lead, then you are not alone. In fact, many dog owners have no idea what it is, but once you find out and try one, you will find that it is one of your favourite accessories. Slip leads can be used for daily walks and even training your pup, which makes them extremely convenient.

A slip lead is similar to a leash, but many individuals do not know how to use them or are scared to try. Below, we will talk to you a little more about what a slip lead is and also some of the pros and cons of them. After, we will provide you with a small list of the best slip leads. Please never use a slip lead for running. We have a list of recommended dog running leads here.

Slip Lead: What Is It?

A slip lead is used to better control your dog. It is often used in situations where you need to gain control of your dog and it is similar to a lead. You should NOT use a slip lead daily and it should only be used when you are training your dog, especially when you want to teach him to walk on a lead.

When looking at a slip lead, it may scare you at first, but it is simply a lead and a dog collar all in one and it is a single piece and not two separate pieces.

The use of a slip lead can be extremely beneficial and it is easy to carry with you, as it is lightweight in nature. You can put the slip lead on your dog easily and it removes just as quickly. It is often recommended to get a puppy slip lead if you have a puppy or a small teacup dog.

Often times, dog owners will confuse both a slip lead and choke chain. The biggest difference between the two is that a slip lead includes what is known as a stopper and this piece is designed to keep the lead part up higher on the neck of your dog. Choke chains do not sit as high and they can cause more stress for your dog, especially if too much force is used. We do not recommend a choke chain under any circumstances.

Best Slip Leads: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Below, we will discuss some of our favourite slip lead products. There is 5 total and we hope that you will find one of them meets your needs.

Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead

When you want to try out a slip lead for your dog, the Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead is a wonderful option. It comes in a variety of colours to include black, blue, green, and red. It also comes in a variety of sizes designed to meet your needs.

This is an affordable option for all dog owners and it allows you to quickly and easily control your dog in any situation. The nylon slip lead is handcrafted and sewn for a durable hold at all times. You will find that this lead folds up and fits in your pocket easily. It is also lightweight, so you do not have to worry about it weighing you down.

The nylon material repels water, so you can enter any situation without the worry that you may ruin the lead.

Oakberry Range Colorope Slip Lead

If you are a budget conscious pooch owner, then you will like the Oakberry Range Colorope Slip Lead. This is an affordable lead that does not lack in quality either. It comes made from an 8mm Colorope and is 72 inches in length and olive in colour.

The slip lead is strong and made to be durable in all situations, so you do not have to worry about losing your dog while out in a new setting. The lead slips cleanly over your dog’s head, so it is easy to put on and take off.

Ancol Deluxe Nylon Rope Slip Lead

The Ancol Deluxe Nylon Rope Slip Lead comes brown in colour and is available as a single slip lead or you can purchase the slip lead in multiples. The Timberwolf slip lead is designed to make sure that you are able to control your dog, no matter the situation or environment. This lead is perfect for dogs who love to spend time outdoors, as it is designed for tough adventures and durability is never a question.

The slip lead is made from a strong polyester rope that has sewn ends to ensure the strength of the material. This slip lead is easy to put on and take off and will fit comfortably around your dog’s neck at all times.

Outhwaite Dog Lead Harlequin Slip Lead

The Outhwaite Dog Lead Harlequin Slip Lead is available in green and black, blue and black, or red and black. Each one of these ropes is made to be 46-inches x 4mm, but you have multiple options for sizes to fit your dog.

This slip lead comes in beautiful colours and also performs like a champ. This lead is ideal for smaller dogs and you can use the lead to train or even show your pooch.

The material on the slip lead itself is soft and smooth, but it is made to be extremely durable and will not buckle, fray, or tear, even under pressure.

Dog and Co Rope Slip Dog Lead

If you want an economical choice, the Dog and Co Rope Slip Dog Lead is the perfect choice for you. This slip lead is a collar and lead in one, which makes it an ideal choice for pet owners who want that additional peace of mind.

The lead does include a metal slider on it that allows you to adjust the lead as needed and it also protects your dog from choking.

The handle itself is soft and allows you to grip onto it without any issues of the handle slipping out of your hands or becoming loose and the tabs are made from a full grain leather for beauty and durability.

One of the nice things about the Dog and Co Slip Lead is that it allows you to create a figure 8 halter, should you prefer that type of style.

Ancol Deluxe Nylon Rope

Ancol Deluxe Nylon Rope is a strong, durable rope made of high-quality polyester and a timber wolf rope. While it is very strong, it is comfortable to hold and has a luxurious feel to it, making it a great choice for an enjoyable walk for you and your dog, and making it a lot easier to train your dog to be more obedient to you. The lead can be used as a slip lead or a trigger hook, so you can still use it when you are not training your dog.

The tough nature makes it perfect for outdoor adventures and dogs who love to be outdoors, and strong enough to stop a real tough dog from getting out of control. It measures at 139 cm by 12 mm and has a chocolate colour making it look as good as well as work well. The traditional hand sewn ends add a traditional element, along with the rich chocolate brown colour. The Ancol Deluxe Slip Lead is a durable, high-quality leash that will keep your dog happy on outdoor adventures.

Parklife Range Mountain Slip Lead

The Parklife Slip Lead is made of 100% high-quality nylon and mountain rope, that will be strong, durable and weather-resistant as well as comfortable for you to hold. It is made out of 100% 10 mm thick mountain rope that can handle tension up to 150kg, making it ideal for a strong dog who loves adventure. The Parklife Range Mountain Slip Lead has a good length of 60 inches and 10 mm thick, and will definitely do the job if you have a powerful and active dog who you want to train to be more obedient, so you can have more control over your dog.

Ancol Rope Slip Lead

With its high-quality nylon and its stainless-steel welded ring, this lead will be strong enough to deal with dogs up to 50kg ensuring you can enjoy your walk as you train your dog. The lead is durable, so you do not have to worry about it lasting only five minutes before it breaks. The lead is 12mm thick and has the length of 120cm.

The welded steel ring that I mentioned earlier is there for added flexibility so it can fit a variety of necks, and although the rope is strong it is soft as well making it extra comfortable for you. The flexibility of the ring means that you can you adjust the rope correctly, making it a comfortable fit for your dog and minimizing the damage done to the dog’s neck or body if it pulls or lunges, so you know you can train your dog to be obedient without worrying about your dog’s health and safety. Both dog owner can enjoy the walk with the comfortable, durable and high-quality Ancol Rope Slip Lead.

Are Slip Leads Cruel?

Whether or not a slip lead will damage your dog’s neck depends a lot on the compassion and patience of the dog owner. A slip lead is a training aid for gaining control of your dog to a better degree, not a training aid to stop pulling. If the dog is pulling a lot, the rope will damage your dog neck and could lead to serious health problems such as whiplash, trachea damage, damage to blood vessels in eyes, neck sprains and spinal cord trauma, and pain-influenced behavioural issues which can result in your dog biting you, causing severe pain on your part. You will need to be patient in using a slip lead for trying to gain better control over your dog because there is no such thing as a quick fix training aid. Patience is absolutely vital in training your dog in anything, including in the case of using a slip lead.

As I said before compassion is important too. Serious damage could be caused if it is used by someone who does not know their levels of patience or compassion levels and by people who are inexperienced in dealing with dogs. In the right hands, however, a slip lead will only be as dangerous for a dog as a standard collar or lead. As well as this, a slip lead is a way of using positive reinforcement with your dog, as punishing your dog can cause behavioural problems. In summary, in caring, patient and experienced hands a slip lead will be a great way of using positive reinforcement to train your dog to obey you better but if not, it is not a good idea to use one, and slip leads are not for dealing with dogs pulling, as it will just damage them if they pull a lot.

Slip Leads Pros and Cons

Let’s take a moment to discover the slip lead pros and cons.


A slip lead, if used by the owner with the right experience, patience and care, can be an effective way of training your dog and will physically overpower a powerful and untrained dog. They are also inexpensive and convenient too.


If the user does lack in any of the qualities that were mentioned before or the dog lunges and pulls a lot it can lead to severe neck damage and other health issues. So, to answer the “question are slip leads cruel?”, no, they aren’t, provided you are using them correctly.

Patience is required, as well as compassion, so you must be aware of how patient and how compassionate you are, and they must be to a high degree. Experience in knowing how to deal with dogs is also important, so it is not very good if you are inexperienced. If the lead is hurting the dog it can lead to pain-influenced behavioural problems that may lead to severe bites, as well as the physical health problems.

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