Best Gifts for a Miniature Schnauzer Owner

Time to have a look at the range of gifts available that will put a huge smile on the face of our Miniature Schnauzer Owners. Just like the lucky owners of any other breed, these are people who have a photo (or two, or ten) handy in their wallet to show you at the drop of a hat. Their dogs are precious family members and any Miniature Schnauzer gifts will be greeted with ‘oooohs and aaaaahs’ and ear-to-ear smiles.

Christmas Miniature Schnauzer Ornament.

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  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 9 cm, 0.25 kg.

  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin.

  • Each piece is individually hand-painted by artisans.

  • Designed to the Design Toscano brand and suitable for your home or garden.

  • It comes with a festive Santa hat and red scarf.

Aurora 8 inch ‘Flopsie’ Schnauzer Plush Toy.

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  • Flopsie Schnauzer 8inch.

  • Soft Body with some 'beanies'.

  • Cute and Cuddly.

  • Great Gift.

TBS Schnauzer Cushion Cover.

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  • Beautiful printed designs.

  • Approx. 45 cm x 45 cm in size (18 inch x 18 inch).

  • Quality product & material.

  • Hidden zipper for inner cushion.

  • Covers only

Miniature Schnauzer Fridge RulesMagnet.

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  • A great fun gift for yourself, a friend or any dog lover.

Nanoblock ‘building-block’ Schnauzer.

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  • Schnauzer dog made with micro-sized building blocks.

  • Contains over 120 individual pieces, from 4 x 4 x 5mm.

  • Combine with other animals from nanoblock's Miniature Collection.

  • 3D puzzle that develops problem solving skills and sparks creative play.

  • Made from long lasting materials, comes with minimal packaging.

Again, stereotypical images abound. We won’t be making any comments about moustache and beard grooming sets or the famous ‘little old man’ look that these gorgeous dogs have. That’s been done a thousand times. How about some novel ideas to make the owners wish they had a tail they could wag when they receive them?

Best Miniature Schnauzer Gifts

Christmas Miniature Schnauzer Ornament

A lovely, quality ornament. Real, crushed stone cast in quality resin and hand painted. The Miniature Schnauzer is adorned with a red Santa hat and scarf. It is 9cm tall. Part of the Toscano brand collection. Nice enough to tempt your Miniature Schnauzer owners into leaving their Xmas tree up all year round as an excuse to enjoy the ornament every day.

Aurora 8 inch ‘Flopsie’ Schnauzer Plush Toy

Gorgeous soft grey and white collectible. Please note that this is approximately 8 inches long and more of a collectible than a toy for children to play with. Some people reviewing the item did make the mistake of assuming it was a child’s toy. Filled with beans and impossibly cute. A pocket-sized buddy for the passionate miniature (or standard) schnauzer owner in your life.

TBS Schnauzer Cushion Cover

Colourful and cute printed image of a Schnauzer on a soft fabric cushion cover. Popular with reviewers. One cover comes when ordered, not two which is a mistake made by some buyers. Approximately 18 inches x 18 inches square. Hidden zipper for the cushion. Buy a couple and see how fast your Miniature Schnauzer owner bookends their couch. Lovely gift for daily use.

Miniature Schnauzer ‘Fridge Rules’ Magnet

A fun gift available for different breeds with different ‘rules’ for each breed. The fridge magnet is 16 cm x 10cm (approximately 6 inches x 4 inches). Schnauzer rules to live by which will make the owner smile every day. Who could possibly argue with logic like “If I can open the Fridge Door, I am clever” and “If I’ve never had it before I would like to try it”. We hate to admit it but “If it is out of date, that probably adds to the flavour” sounds logical as well.

Nanoblock ‘building-block’ Schnauzer

This is a great gift idea. Challenge the Miniature Schnauzer owner to build this 3D puzzle. It contains over 120 individual pieces. Reviewers said it can take 2-3 hours to build but is well worth the challenge. Fun and mentally stimulating, you know that the owner will have to finish it once they start to build. Long lasting materials, a great ornament and talking point once it is built. Finished product is approximately 14cm x 9cm x 1.5cm. Please note, not suitable for children under 3 years old as there are small pieces and a danger of choking. Nanoblock has a full collection of other animals and dog breeds if you get addicted to the puzzle and simply must build more!

Schnauzer Hanging Gift Plaque

A cute gift letting the world know that ‘A house is not a home without a Schnauzer’. Available for other breeds as well if owners want to get into a debate about which breed best makes a home!! Measures approximately 5 inches by 5 inches square. Ready to hang or display. Cute and colourful.

Miniature Schnauzer Greetings Card

A full range of pet and animal cards from Magnet and Steel. The card is 14cm x 14cm square. Wrapped for protection, it comes with a brown, craft envelope. The card is blank inside making it perfect for any occasion. Whatever is happening in their life, a card with ‘their’ breed on it will be appreciated. Gorgeous photo showing the character of these dogs on the card.

‘Santa stop here’ Pet Sign

Great sign letting the world know that Santa needs to stop at your house because the best-loved Schnauzer in the world lives here. Might start some interesting conversations with other Schnauzer owners when you let them know that you clearly love your Schnauzer more than they do! The sign is 20cm x 12cm (approximately 8 inches x 5 inches). Please note, the sign is laminated cardboard and not suitable for hanging outside. Indoors only.

Great and fun gift guaranteed to see daily usage. Available for other breeds and, also in pink, the ‘Mum’ version. Coaster/drink mat measures 10cm x 10cm. Fade resistant with a high gloss finish with a soft felt base to make it non-slip. Quality product. Great gift to give ‘from the dog’.

Let’s you take the message that ‘a house is not a home without a Schnauzer’ wherever you go in case people did not know! Double sided keyring measuring 5cm x 3.5cm. Durable, clear acrylic keyring. Just a keyring to you, but a regular reminder of their favourite pooch to the owner.

Great idea which can be dispatched the same day that you order it. You can personalize the text to whatever message you want to deliver. Please note this is for straight edged 750ml wine bottles. It measures approximately 9cm x 12cm. Professionally printed on high, white gloss self-adhesive paper with protective coating. Okay to chill in the fridge after sticking on the bottle. Original and creative!

A great excuse for the Miniature Schnauzer owner to admire a gorgeous picture of their breed all day long. A white plastic frame with a plastic face cover. 10 inches in diameter and weighing 367g. Requires 1 x AA battery and is fade resistant. Simple and stylish, great for the kitchen.

If nothing from above caught your eye, and if you also want to go the extra mile, take a look at the best dog pools, dog GPS trackers, and dog heated beds. They all make really great gifts.

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