Best Gifts for a Bulldog Owner

British Bulldog Union Jack Money Box.

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  • British bulldog money box with Union Jack design.
  • Made from ceramic.
  • Rubber stopper underneath.
  • Height 10cm, length 13cm, width 8cm, slot 3.5cm.
  • Ideal gift for the home.

‘Lina & Lily’ Lightweight Scarf – Bulldog Print.

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  • Size: 40 inces wide; 70 inches long. Large enough to wear as many ways as you can.
  • 100% Polyester.

  • Made of super soft and lightweight material.
  • Made of super soft and lightweight material.
  • Special gift for your family members, friends, etc. Perfect for all occasions and seasons.

Bulldog Air Freshener.

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  • This air freshener feature a double-sided image.
  • Measures approximately 4 inches x 2.5 inches.
  • Has a cord for hanging in the car or home.
  • The air freshener has a long-lasting bouquet fragrance.

Salt and Pepper Pots – Union Jack Bulldog Set.

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  • Salt and Pepper Set.
  • Item Weight: 222 g.
  • Material: Ceramic.

Pet Face British Bulldog Velour Cushion

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  • Great gift for every dog lover.
  • Super soft material.

The Bulldog is surely one of the most recognisable breeds in the world. That wonderful face has probably been stuck on more posters, t-shirts and gift items than any other breed of dog. A symbol of resolve, character and stubborn power, associated with a lot of what made Britain great and forever linked with Winston Churchill and his ‘Bulldog spirit’. We must also recognise just how cute the dog is as well. Who could possibly resist that soulful upturned look that a Bulldog can give you? How can you not give him one more treat?!

Bulldog owners obviously love their breed and are proud of the look and reputation of the dog. We guarantee that a Bulldog owner already has items with ‘that face’ on them so maybe do a little bit of research before you buy. Let’s have a look at some of the best bulldog gifts that would be a treat for our Bulldog owners, or indeed any dog lover. You don’t have to own a Bulldog to love the look and be proud of what the dog represents to so many people.

Best Bulldog Gifts

British Bulldog Union Jack Money Box

A very ‘British’ gift to start off with. A Bulldog money box was even featured in the James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ as if we need to add any more British-ness to the item. The Bulldog is a ‘Ted Smith’ design painted in classic colours in a cartoon-like style, with the Union Jack flag draped over it’s back. Made from ceramic with a rubber bung underneath to open the money box when needed. It is 10cm tall x 13cm long x 8cm wide. Money slot is 3.5cm. A great place to stash your coins until you have enough to treat your Bulldog to more goodies.

‘Lina & Lily’ Lightweight Scarf – Bulldog Print

A lovely gift for the fashion conscious, proud Bulldog lover/owner. Scarf is made of super-soft, lightweight polyester. It is 40 inches wide x 70 inches long. Made this big so that it can be worn in many ways. People who bought the item commented on how clear the print is. Clearly recognisable as a Bulldog and not just a black/grey blob.

Bulldog Air Freshener

We are not saying you need an air freshener because of your Bulldog. Not at all. This is simply a cute air freshener with a double-sided image of your stoic pooch. Long-lasting bouquet fragrance that every Bulldog and their owner would appreciate in the car or home. Measures approximately 4 inches x 2 ½ inches. The cord makes it ready to hang. Owners may love this so much that they wear it around their neck and stop using deodorant forever.

Salt and Pepper Pots – Union Jack Bulldog Set

Fun gift that will be used time and time again. One Bulldog looking up at you, one Bulldog looking down for treats. Salt and Pepper set weighing 222g. Made from ceramic, they measure 17cm x 14.4cm x 7cm. Classic Bulldog colouring with the Union Jack Flags draped over their backs. Comes nicely packaged in a box with Bulldog cartoon image on the side.

This is a great, fun gift that is very well reviewed by people who have ordered it. The velour cushion is the shape of the face. Big eyes coming right at you! No carefully painted dog on a background here, just nothing but Bulldog face on this cushion. Super soft material and can be hand washed with a sponge. The cushion is 15.2cm x 30.5cm x 45.7cm. Available for other breeds and cats.

British Bulldog Art – Mounted Print Painting

Lovely mounted, painted print. Very cool, stylised colour. This is a mounted picture, not framed. Image is by Mike Ramshaw, an independent artist. You have the choice of 8 x 10 inches or 11 x 14 inches. A great, colourful gift for your Bulldog owner to hang and display. Colourful and modern but really captures the look of the breed.

‘Octave’ Snugg Microwaveable Wheat Heated Bottle

A fun, heated bottle with ‘snuggle up’ printed on the front along with the picture of the loveable Bulldog. Perfect to soothe the aching muscles after a long walk round the park or losing to your Bulldog in a wrestling match. A wheat-filled warmer that heats up and gives off a nice, lavender scent. Soft, plush, fleece feel. It is 14cm wide x 22cm long. Please note, follow the heating instructions carefully. Take note of the allergy advisories and burn warnings before use to make sure you get the right kind of reaction when you snuggle up to it.

‘Keep Calm and Hug a British Bulldog’ Mug

One of the most British Bulldog gifts. Add the ‘keep calm’ comments to the image of our British Bulldog and you have a winning combination. Great image on both sides of the mug. It measures approximately 9.5cm x 8cm. Perfect for that first mug of tea of the day. Also perfect for the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth mug of tea for the day. We do have to throw in the usual disclaimer. Please check with the owner before you fling your arms around the nearest Bulldog. He or she might be having a bad day!

Personalised Blue Bulldog Rucksack/Backpack

Visually striking gift idea. Bright blue Bulldog rucksack/backpack which the kids will love as well. Personalise with any name across the front of the picture. Fade-free colour print on the bag. It is approximately 33cm x 31cm x 8cm. Straps adjust to fit perfectly. There is one netted/mesh pocket on the outside of the bag and a zip pocket to hold smaller items as well as the main compartment in the bag.

Bulldog ‘Fridge Rules’ Magnet

The Bulldog version of the fridge magnet series of gifts. Great picture of a couple of Bulldogs looking guilty with fridge food all over their heads. The magnet is approximately 6 inches x 4 inches. Guaranteed to make the owner smile every time they open the fridge which could be hundreds of times a day depending on the owner! Rules to live by are stated on the magnet. Who could argue with “If it is still wrapped, that is extra roughage” or “If you have Pork Sausages, I can do tricks”. Makes sense to me.

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