Dachshund Gifts – Shopping for Sausage Dog lovers

Dachshund shaped silicone ice cube molds and tray.

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  • Real Dachshund shape moulds, great conversation-starters for a housewarming or New Year's Eve party.

  • Made of pliable silicone for easy-to-remove Dachshunds, 100% Silicone

  • Unique Dachshund Gift Item, made for Dachshund and pet lovers

Dachshund print scarf from Lina and Lily.

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  • High quality dachshund print scarf.

  • Oversized: 40 inches wide; 70 inches long. Large enough to wear as many ways as you can.

  • Made of super soft and lightweight, polyester material.

  • Special gift for your family members, friends, etc. Perfect for all occasions and seasons.

Prosper Hands-Free Dual Handle Running Lead.

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  • This little book dedicated to the sausage-shaped dog will prove that it’s not just any old dog who’s a man’s best friend – it’s a dachshund.

Silver ‘doggie doodles’ pen and ornament.

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  • Fun black ink ballpoint pen with sausage dog design.

  • Features a red doggy collar with bell.

  • Will also stand on your desk as a fun desk accessory.

  • Pen measures 10 x 3.1 x 4 cm.

World of Shawls Dachshund print scarf.

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  • Dachshund dog printed Scarf.

  • 100% Viscose.

  • Approximate Dimensions:(L:180 cm x W:95 cm).

Shopping for Sausage Dog lovers. The Ultimate Guide to gifts for the Dachshund owner.

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for someone, it can be a tough task. Many people have everything or seem to like nothing! Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and all those other occasions become a challenge and you probably end up grabbing another, last-minute gift card.

If that someone is a dog owner, you should not have that problem. Dog people love their animals, whether it is a big Labradoodle or a small teacup dog. A dog owner will talk for as long as you are prepared to listen about their precious pooch. If you need to buy a dog person a gift, anything remotely related to the dog that they own will be met with wide eyes and a satisfied smile. They will love it.

Generic dog gifts will be appreciated. Gifts that reflect the specific breed will be loved. A small amount of time online searching for such gifts will turn up many options. Let’s have a look at some of the best gifts for Sausage Dogs owners.

Gifts for Dachshund Owners – Some Great Ideas

Dachshund Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Moulds and Tray

Get a great reaction every time. The tray is made of pliable silicone which lets you pop the ice cubes out easily. Kids will obviously love it. Great conversation starter when dropped in the glasses or punchbowl for adult guests. The tray makes 9 sausage dog shaped cubes and is dishwasher safe when you are done. You just know this gift will be used over and over again.

Dachshund Print Scarf from Lina and Lily

High-quality print scarf with Dachshund prints. Available in 10 different colours which mean 10 different gifts if the owner absolutely loves the first one! Soft and lightweight. Worn as a scarf or shawl. Reviews comment on how it is oversized which lets you wear it in many ways. A popular and well-reviewed item.

“Love is a Sausage Dog” Book

A wonderful book dedicated just to the loveable and photogenic Sausage Dog. Reviews confirm a smile on every page. Great quality, cute photo’s of Dachshunds doing what they do, which is looking impossibly cute. All colours and types (long, short-haired) Dachshunds featured. Reasonably priced, guaranteed to sit on the coffee table of the owner. Can’t-miss with this one.

Silver ‘Doggie Doodles’ Pen and Ornament

Lovely, silver Dachshund pen. This doesn’t feel lightweight. A quality feel to the item. Works great as a pen and stands alone as a lovely silver ornament the owner will keep long after the pen runs out. The doggie also stands upright. There is even a little silver bell on the neck of the Sausage Dog that tinkles. The collar is bright red in colour and the pen is around 10cm long. Note of caution – potential choking parts of a small child got hold of it. More of an adult gift.

World of Shawls Dachshund Print Scarf

Another ‘can’t-miss’ fashion accessory for the Sausage Dog lover. Lightweight and available in 25 different colours. If the Dachshund owner on your list loved all 10 of the scarves reviewed earlier in this list, this makes another 25 gifts you can give them!! You should be covered for the next 10 years of special occasions. 100% viscose. A bit smaller and lighter than the Lina and Lily item but well priced.

Sausage Dog Cushion Cover

This item is 100% cotton. Fresh, light coloured design featuring different coloured sausage dogs. It is 18” x 18” and has one full-length zip on one side to slide in the cushion. Claims to be safe to wash in the machine but some reviews advised hand washing as the safest option. The design/pattern is repeated on both sides of the cover. Get a couple of these and your Dachshund owner will have the cushions book-ending their couch before the wrapping paper hits the ground.

A simple but charming and effective design. Black silhouette of a sausage dog and a red balloon. Noticeable and cute. Approximate size of the shoulder bag is 38cm x 41cm. This product got great reviews. Quality bag, useful and strong. People loved the striking design and wanted more. Similar ideas if they were out there. Kids and adults alike loved it. It might be the perfect gift for someone who has about 40 Dachshund print scarves to carry around!

Black and Tan Dachshund Ornament

A lovely ornament showing the classic black and tan coat of the most recognisable Dachshunds. Also available in red/brown finish. Reviewers loved the detail and the accuracy of the colour. It is a pretty good size. 14.5cm long x 10cm high. Your true Dachshund lover needs to have one of these (at least) on the mantlepiece.

Crossbody Bag. Dachshund Print

This a great, funky gift for the Sausage Dog fanatic. Available in 3 bright colours. Purple, Pink and Turquoise. The bag is 33 x 30 x 12 cm with an adjustable 70cm shoulder strap. Two large pockets on the front of the bag and compartments inside. The bag zips closed. The size was appreciated by people reviewing the item. Bigger than expected which was a plus for most people. It is quite light but not waterproof which is the one thing to look out for.

Pen Set. Coloured Dachshunds

A set of 4 brightly coloured Dachshund ballpoint pens. Pink, blue, green and red. Great for office use. Noticeable and popular. Pull the dog in half to reveal the pen nib. These are plastic and well priced. Good for all ages. Your true Sausage Dog lover will probably stand them around as ornaments long after the ink runs out. Standard black ink in all 4 pens.

If you are still not sure whether the above are right for the person you are shopping for, you can’t go wrong with grabbing some delicious dog treats for their pet.

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