Best Automatic Dog Feeder: Feed Your Pooch While You Are Out

No matter the size dog you have, you likely already know that it can be a lot of work to properly take care of them. You are responsible for trimming their nails with dog nail clippers, brushing their coat with a deshedding tool, and feeding them their favourite treats and snacks. On top of that, you have to find time to play with them, provide them with exercise, and try to prevent boredom. Wow. It seems quite exhausting, huh? Of course, owning a dog is rewarding and it all pays off in the end.

While you may think that you have the feeding your dog down to a science, you can always use some additional help, especially if you are running late one night. Fortunately, they do make automatic dog feeders that provide you with the peace of mind you need should you not be home on time and know your dog is waiting for you to eat.

There are many options out there for automatic dog feeders and you can choose from a variety of styles, functionality options, and colours. Everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to what is the best automatic dog feeders, but the best one will be one that allows you to maintain your dog’s feeding schedule at all times.

PYRUS Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser

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  • Food hopper holds 5.5 liters dry foods.

  • The LCD screen has complete functions thats easy to operate.

  • Resistant to impact and good heat resistance.

  • Comes with voice recording, make your pet feel like you're home.

Trixie Tx2 Automatic Food Dispenser

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  • Made of plastic.

  • Timer ensures automatic opening at the set time.

Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Usable for dry food and canned pet food.

  • You need not to remove the battery when the pet feeder is not used.

  • The inside small feed bowl can be removed and cleaned to give your pet a clean environment of food.

Trixie Tx1 Automatic Food Dispenser

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  • Made of plastic.

  • Timer ensures automatic opening at the set time.

Andrew James Large 90-Day Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Controls your pet's eating, portions and feeding times even when you are out.

  • Can programme the feeder to dispense up to 4 portions in 24 hours so you could use this feature to ensure they get regular food whilst you're away.

  • The lockable lid and tamper proof clasps help prevent greedy or curious pets from accessing the whole food supply but all the parts are easy to detach when you need to clean them.

  • Includes voice recorder that lets you save a message of up to 6 seconds so you can call your pet for their dinner.

Below, we will discuss some of our favourite automatic dog feeders and we hope that out of these following 7, you will find one that meets your needs.

The Best Automatic Dog Food Feeders

Trixie Tx2 Automatic Food Dispenser

The Trixie Tx2 Automatic Food Dispenser is made from quality and durable plastic that is impact resistant and also heat resistant. You will find that this feeder is easy to clean and does not hold onto smells either, which is nice.

The feeder is able to hold enough food for two meals or up to 300 millimetres. You can quickly and easily program the feeder to feed both meals at the same time or one at a time, which is extremely convenient.

There is a timer included on the feeder, which can be programmed to open up the feeder at a specific time, which allows you to control when your dog eats.

Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder

When you want to be able to provide your pet with a timed meal when you may not be home, choose the Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder. You can choose your favourite colours from black, blue, orange, or pink and the price is extremely affordable.

One of the nice things about this feeder is that it comes with a connector that allows you to connect a second or subsequent feeder. You can set the timer to feed one meal within a 48-hour time period.

You can use this feeder for both dry and wet food, which is convenient for many pet owners who may have picky eaters.

There is a convenient on and off button that allows you to control when the feeder is on and off without having to remove the battery manually.

Trixie Tx1 Automatic Food Dispenser

If you want an affordable pet feeder that will ensure your dog is fed while you are away, the Trixie Tx1 Automatic Food Dispenser is ideal. The timer works to make sure that the feeder bowl is opened up according to the schedule you set. The feeding hopper is made from 100% plastic, which is safe for your dog’s food. The plastic is durable and will not break or bend, even under pressure.

You can wipe the inside and outside of the feeder clean and the timer allows you to schedule meals up to 48 hours in advance.

Andrew James Large 90-Day Automatic Pet Feeder

The Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder is a popular item that has been featured on The Gadget Show. With this feeder, you can choose the EXACT amount of food that your pet can consume, and you will find that the feeder holds up to 45 pounds of food or 90 days’ worth of food for your pooch.

One of the reasons this feeder made the list is because it comes with a unique feature that allows you to record a six-minute video recording for your pooch that will play every time they have their meal. This feature is meant to help comfort your dog and allow them to see your face while you are gone.

There is a smart sensor built into the feeder that ensures overfeeding does not occur and a locking lid at the top prevents the pet bowl from toppling over and spilling everywhere. Should you need to clean the unit, the parts do come apart easily for you.

This feeder does come with a free 2-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

The PYRUS Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser is one of the best on the market and is quite affordable, so even the budget-conscious pet owners can afford it. The food hopper portion of the feeder holds up to 5.5 litres of dry food, which is enough to feed your dog while you are gone.

There is an LCD screen device that comes with the feeder and it allows you to operate the feeder quickly and easily. The food hopper itself is made from ABS plastic material, which is safe for your pet to eat food out of and the plastic is resistant to any impacts and also heat resistant.

The PYRUS food dispenser made out the list because it allows you to feed your pooch while you are away, and you can even track and manage your pet’s eating schedule on the go.

TD Design 4.3L Automatic Pet Feeder

The TD Design 4.3L Automatic Pet Feeder makes feeding your pet hands-free a breeze. You will find that you can quickly and easily monitor the health and well-being of your pooch. This customisable feeder is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and can dispense anywhere between 1 to 10 portions of a meal. Each of the individual portions measures at 10 grams.

The feeder does allow you to set up 4 daily distribution times and the feeder will feed your dog at the set times. Once one of the compartments is empty, the feeder will sound an alarm for you. There is a backlit LCD display that allows you to touch the screen to choose options and setting for the feeder.

You can go cord-free with this feeder, which is ideal for those pets who may wander around. One of our favourite features about this feeder is that even if the power cuts off, the last feeding schedule will be saved and used, so your pet will never go hungry.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Programmable Digital Pet Feeder

The PetSafe Digital Pet Feeder is a wonderful option that allows you to schedule up to 12 meals per day for your dog. This feeder made the list because it allows you to fill your dog’s bowl anywhere between 1/8 cup of food up to 4 cups food.

The design of the bowl allows you to feed your dog any and all dry and semi-moist foods, so you do not have to change the food you feed your pooch. There is a slow feed option programmed into the feeder, which dispenses the meals over a 15-minute period to ensure that your dog does not eat too fast or inhale their food.

You can easily disassemble this feeder to clean it and all of the parts are washable and considered dishwasher safe, for your convenience. While this product is a bit more on the expensive side, it is worth every penny.

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