Top 10 non-spill dog bowls (that your dog will love!)

Are you looking for the best non spill dog bowls? If so – keep reading!

Looking for the best non spill dog bowls? We get it! Some dogs just get so excited at mealtimes they can’t keep tidy! Some pups are just messier than others, and nothing ruins a clean floor faster than a sloppy dog!

However, your perfect laminate floors needn’t take a beating every mealtime. In fact, you can purchase non spill dog bowls which stops mess in its tracks. 

Though you can’t expect a totally non-spill experience from your dog’s eating, you can significantly reduce the amount of spillage from your dog’s bowl when they eat and drink by choosing a non spill dog bowl. As these bowls are specifically designed to keep food and drink in, they’re a great investment for any pet owner. 

If you’re ready to find the perfect non-spill dog food bowl or non-spill dog water bowl for your home, then read ahead. We’ve narrowed down the options to our top 10 picks which should help to make your decision much easier.

Let’s dive right into our top non-spill dog bowls!


One of our favourite non-spill dog bowls is the LumoLeaf dog bowl. As well as looking appealing, this dog bowl is easy to clean. What makes this bowl special is that it features a floating disk and anti-slip base which effectively stops water from splashing and overflowing. With an aim to slow down your dog’s drinking to avoid gulping and air swallowing, it’s an easy purchase that will keep them healthy too! This is an amazing choice for people looking for non-spill dog bowls.

Indipets non-spill dog bowl

Another excellent non-spill dog bowl on the market currently is from Indipets. The stainless-steel design looks elegant, and the easy pick-up handle makes human error less likely! Easy to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant, this is a no-nonsense choice for pet owners who are looking for non-spill bowls that last. This is a great option for non-spill dog bowls.

Upsky non-spill dog water bowl

The Upsky no-spill water bowl is one of the most prolific available, so if you’re looking for a tried and tested option, then this should be your go-to. Much like the LumoLeaf, this non-spill dog bowl has a floating cover which allows for a slower release of water.

Working to prevent splashing and water trails in your home, this bowl is a must-have for any mucky pups. Both easy to assemble and easy to clean, this dog bowl really is a godsend and a great choice for a non-spill dog bowl.

Road Refresher

If you’re looking for a great non-spill dog bowl, then the road refresher is a great choice. True to its name, the Road Refresher from Prestige Pet Products is the perfect option for pets on the go. Ideal for use in the home and on the road, this non-spill pet bowl is one of the most convenient and versatile options out there. Made from heat-resistant, toughened polypropylene, this bowl will certainly stand the test of time. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, this bowl is also said to reduce your pet’s slobber by up to 90%. Result! A great non-spill dog bowl to buy!

Kurgo Travel Bowl

If you’re looking for one of the top 10 non-spill dog bowls which you can also take on the move, then you’ll want to check out this bowl from the Kurgo Store. Specifically designed to be travel-friendly with a tapered lid and unique wedge shape, this is the perfect choice for pups on patrol. Lightweight and able to hold up to 700ml of water or food, it’s a foolproof option for long-haul car journeys, which makes this a great non-spill dog bowl.


If you’re looking for a slow feeder dog bowl which also happens to be non-spill, then this option from the Blue_Bone store is ideal. This non-spill dog bowl is a bit different, as it causes your dog to feed three to five times slower than normal!

With obstacles that cause them to prolong their eating time, this bowl is a no-brainer for pups who tend to gulp their food down with gusto. As well as aiding indigestion, this non-spill dog food bowl is made from 100% food grade silicone, so it’s entirely safe to use. Another awesome non-spill dog bowl to save you cleaning up!


This slow-release non-spill dog bowls is ideal for preventing spills. Said to be anti-spill, anti-choking, anti-dust, and odourless, it’s one of the best non-spill dog bowls currently on the market.

This dog bowl is great for pet owners on a budget, as it’s very reasonably priced. Though more expensive bowls can be worth investing in, this option is just as effective and won’t break the bank! What’s more, this bowl is made from food-grade silicone, so it’s perfectly safe for your pup too. Another perfect non-spill dog bowl to try with your pup.


This non-spill dog bowl from LKHF is one of the best choices for those pinching pennies. Though the design of this bowl is basic, it’s still clever! This bowl is anti-overflow and splash-free, and the disk welded design prevents dust and bacteria from falling into your pup’s water.

With one of the largest volume capacities on our list (it holds up to 750ml!), this is a great choice for larger pups who constantly need a top-up! A great non-spill dog bowl for those on a budget.

Valterra A72 The Water Hole

With a cheeky name and a great design, The Water Hole is one of the best non-spill dog bowls out there! This non-spill water bowl for dogs can be used both in the car and in the home, so it’s an excellent choice for travellers.

With a two-piece construction design and removable top for easy cleaning, this dog bowl is super easy to maintain. Simply pop the top off, clean, and go! A great non-spill dog water bowl to try out.

Petmate non-spill dog bowls

If you’re after a great non-spill dog bowl which will stand the test of time, why not consider this non-spill dog bowl from Pet Mate? This bowl’s sturdy, splash-proof design keeps any floor clean, and its negligible weight also makes it great for travel! If you’re a frequent camper or road tripper, then this is a great item to purchase. This non-spill dog bowl also couldn’t be easier to clean, making it ideal for busy pet parents. 

We hope that our list of the top 10 non-spill dog bowls has been helpful!

Before making your choice, it’s always a good idea to consider your pet’s personal needs. For example, if they’re frequently in the car with you, it’s a great shout to purchase a non-spill dog bowl that’s suitable for use in the car. On the other hand, if you struggle with butterfingers, a non-spill dog bowl with handles may be best. 

Whatever option you go with, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by any of our choices. They’re all sturdy and get the job done! 

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