Best Gifts for Pug Owners & Lovers

The Pug! How much character can you fit into one face? A breed that is instantly recognisable and loved everywhere. Once those big, mournful eyes gaze upon you, your resistance crumbles. Those eyes can make you drop everything and rush to get whatever the Pug wants. You are powerless to resist. Those eyes could probably …

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best dog car ramp

Best Dog Car Ramps for Easily Getting Your Pooch into Your Vehicle

When we think of ramps for dogs, probably the first thing that springs to mind would be a dog car ramp. We have all packed the family dog into our automobile on a regular basis and it often involves lifting, scooping, persuading, pushing, pulling, asking or pleading with the stubborn canine to get them safely …

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Best Dog Ear Cleaner for Perfectly Clean & Healthy Pooches

Your dog’s ears are one of those areas you don’t want to have to clean, but you definitely do not want to smell dirty ears either. Part of grooming your dog is taking care of his or her ears and if you keep them clean, then you do not have to worry about them becoming …

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best automatic dog feeder

Best Automatic Dog Feeder: Feed Your Pooch While You Are Out

No matter the size dog you have, you likely already know that it can be a lot of work to properly take care of them. You are responsible for trimming their nails with dog nail clippers, brushing their coat with a deshedding tool, and feeding them their favourite treats and snacks. On top of that, …

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Buy Dogs Puppies Worming Tablets for Tapeworms on Amazon UK

Best Dog Worming Tablets & Wormers: 5 Options To Consider

Best Worming Tablets for Dogs The most common method of treating dogs is with the use of tablets. They work quickly and pack a punch when the pill dissolves and gets to work. However, it can be hard for dogs to take the tablets. Often, they just spit it out. One thing you can do …

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best dog training treats

Best Dog Training Treats: Which Ones Should You Use?

Here Fido! Sit Daphne! These may be phrases that you hear yourself constantly saying out loud to your pooch, but he or she may not listen. Motivation is always a bonus and can help train even the most stubborn of dogs out there. Whether you have asked all the right questions before you bought the …

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best dog nail clippers

Best Dog Nail Clippers for Grooming Dogs At Home

If you are a DIY dog grooming type of person then you have already got a dog grooming table and have likely either trimmed your up’s nails or you have thought about it in the past. Before you jump into it, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared. As a DIYer, you …

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Buy Dog Harness for Car in UK

Best Dog Car Harness 2021: Safe, Reliable Selections

One of the main reasons that we own dogs and love them so much is companionship. They are our best friends and part of our family. We enjoy every minute we can spend with our furry companions. To that end, we like to take them wherever we can, whenever we can. If we could take …

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Best Large Dog Beds for Big Breed Dogs 2021

As soon as you bring your dog home, he will be not just your four-legged friend. Your dog will become part of your family and so his comfort will become a priority for you. It does not matter if you have a small-sized dog or a big one, the priorities are always the same: a …

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Best Dog Dry Shampoos: Water Free Washing

Some dogs (and owners) hate bath times. Bathing a panicking dog in the shower is not fun! Thankfully, somebody invented a dog dry shampoo made especially for dogs. This product works like magic as a quick fix to clean and spruce up your dog’s fur and coat without having to go through the trauma of …

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best bulldog gifts

Best Gifts for a Bulldog Owner

The Bulldog is surely one of the most recognisable breeds in the world. That wonderful face has probably been stuck on more posters, t-shirts and gift items than any other breed of dog. A symbol of resolve, character and stubborn power, associated with a lot of what made Britain great and forever linked with Winston …

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