Can Dogs Eat Swede?

Man’s best friend really is a great companion – and a lot of fun – and keeping your dog healthy is part of the deal. You need to make sure he or she gets the right exercise. Usually, some running is great, not just for the dog but for you too. To make your runs easier, make sure to get a running dog lead. Besides, it is also important for your pup to have a comfortable memory foam bed, and perhaps most important, you need to make sure your dog is given the right food.

This means checking out the available foods for your type of dog – the size and breed can influence what and how much you feed your dog, and how often – so it’s worth checking the opinion of experts. However, we all like to give our dogs little treats every now and again, and one of the questions that are often asked is which vegetables are healthy for your dog. So, can dogs eat swede? Let’s have a look!

Veg for Dogs

Vegetables, in general, are fine for dogs, and in fact, can provide a wealth of nutrients and vitamins that they may not get elsewhere. Swede – and its close relative the turnip – is a good choice of vegetable for dogs, especially raw and perhaps with other green vegetables. The butternut squash and carrot are other great vegetables that they can eat as well.

It is strongly advised you wash any vegetables before you give them to your dog, to get rid of traces of pesticide or other chemicals, and that you mash or cut it into small pieces before feeding. You can add it to the dog’s food if you wish, but be careful not to give the dog too much – a little and often is better than a lot once in a while.

Also, if you are giving your dog the leftovers of your dinner, be sure to check that there are none of the vegetables in there that can be dangerous to dogs, which brings us to the next section!

Veg that is NOT for Dogs

Never, and we mean never, give your dog garlic or onion. These two – and other varieties in the same family – contain toxins that are dangerous to dogs, so please check the leftover dinner you are about to give your dog doesn’t include any! Also, keep away from corn; this is because of the amount of genetic modification that has gone into such plants, which is known to cause some dogs problems.

So, the basic answer to can dogs eat swede is yes, they can; in small amounts, and mashed for digestion, raw vegetables provide your dog with welcome additional nutrients, and a tasty added snack too!


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