The Best Gifts for Boxer Dog Lovers

Boxers are one of the most recognizable dogs breeds out there and many people fall quickly in love with their faces and muscular build. The breed is one of the most commonly owned breeds and ranks 10th in breed popularity, according to the American Kennel Club or AKC.

Pet Faces Boxer Dog Velour Cushion

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  • Super soft material
  • Handwash with a sponge
Retro Mini Metal Boxer Dog Saying Sign

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  • Boxer dog mini vintage style metal sign.
  • There is a jute string for hanging.
  • Size 9 x 6.5 cm.
Sorry I Can’t I Have Plans with My Boxer Shirt

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  • Unisex Cotton Fit, Short Sleeve, T-shirt.
  • Show your love for your pet with this eye catching design.
  • Will also make a Superb gift for christmas, birthdays etc.

Boxer-Opoly Board Game

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  • The board game classic with a Boxer twist.
  • Choose traditional play or one hour version.
  • For 2 to 6 players.
  • Ages 8 and up.
Boxer Dog Art Painting

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  • Boxer Dog Art Print, printed on 197 GSM Art Paper.

Male and female boxers stand somewhere between 22 to 25 inches in height and they can weigh as much as 80 pounds. This breed is known for being extremely active and they will keep you on your toes. Boxers require a lot of attention and exercise and their owners are completely mesmerized by their beauty and ability to be affectionate.

Boxers do make wonderful pets and can be a great companion for kids as well. Dog lovers like to show off their favourite breed and they find comfort in reminders of their pet while they are away from them. If you have a boxer lover in your circle or friends or in your family, you may be wondering just what to buy for them when special occasions come around.

Boxer dog gifts are ideal for even the most difficult to shop for people or even yourself should you love the breed and want to let everyone else know you have an infatuation with a special boxer. Below, we will present you with some great ideas for gifts and we are confident that your boxer lover friend or family member will love them as much as we do.

Best Boxer Dog Gifts

Retro Mini Metal Boxer Dog Saying Sign

The Retro Mini Metal Boxer Sign is the perfect addition to any home and can even be hung in the game room, man cave, on the front door, or in the garage. This sign is the perfect size at just 9cm x 6.5 cm. You will find that it is made from a durable metal that does not bend or give in even when there is some pressure applied to it.

The sign can be hung up with the included durable jute string that allows you to place the sign wherever you want it to go. If you know someone who loves boxers and someone who loves vintage designs, then this is the perfect gift to give.

The sign itself is designed with the picture of a boxer on the front and the sign reads, “alert and watchful, mischievous, playful, they are exuberant and will greet you ecstatically, thrives on physical and mental stimulation. Watch out for the drool.”

Sorry I Can’t I Have Plans with My Boxer Shirt

The Sorry I Can’t I Have Plan with My Boxer Shirt is the ideal gift for any man or woman who loves the breed. The shirt is unisex in nature, which makes it a wonderful gift for anyone that you know that has a boxer and is proud to sport it on their shirt.

The shirt does feature the words and a picture of a boxer on the front. The shirt itself is made from cotton materials and is pre-shrunk for your convenience. The sleeves are short and ideal for any spring or summer weather.

Size is never an issue and this shirt comes in all sizes to accommodate your gift recipient. You can choose from small all the way up to 3XL.

Boxer-Opoly Board Game

If you know someone who loves monopoly and loves boxers, then Boxer-Opoly Board Game is the PERFECT gift for them. You will not only blow the recipient away with gift, everyone around will be jealous. This game mimics the classic monopoly game, but it has a slight twist – it is about boxers.

The game is meant to be played by 2 to 6 players and you can choose from two different versions of play to include traditional game play or an expedited one-hour play option.

The board for the game is made from durable materials, so you do not have to worry about it deteriorating or becoming damaged after a few rounds. The entire dimensions of the board are 20” L x 10” W x 1.5” H.

Boxer Dog Art Painting

The Boxer Dog Art Painting by Mike Ramshaw is the perfect gift for someone who is an art lover and someone who owns a boxer. This piece is a print that comes in both an A5 and A4 option. The original painting is a watercolor that was done by Mike Ramshaw, who is an independent artist.

There are a number of available mounted options to choose from to ensure you provide your favorite boxer-lover with the best gift. None of the prints come framed, which allows you or your gift recipient to frame the print themselves.

Each one of the prints are delivered to you protected to ensure that your gift recipient receives a beautiful piece that is intact.

The Boxer Dog Art Painting features the face of a beautiful full-grown boxer and the colors used in the painting are red, yellow, orange, blue, and more.

The Pet Faces Boxer Dog Velour Cushion by Rosewood Pet Products is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the boxer breed. This pillow is ideal for anyone who has a boxer or loves the breed and wants to show off their pride.

You will find that the pillow’s front displays a cheerful face of a boxer that is panting. The face is clearly distinguishable, and the velour material makes the pillow extremely soft and comfortable to lean on.

This pillow can be used on a chair, couch, or anywhere else you want to place it and it makes a wonderful gift that everyone will gloat over. This pillow can be hand washed with a soft sponge when it needs to be cleaned.

Boxer Dog Gift Plaque

The Boxer Dog Gift Plaque features the saying “A house is not a home without a boxer.” This plaque is ideal for anyone who loves the boxer breed. The plaque itself measures 5 inches x 5 inches, which makes it the perfect size to hang up anywhere in the home or even on the front door. The plaque can also be used with a stand to feature it on top of a desk or even in the curio cabinet.

This plaque is wonderful for any family or friends who love boxers or have one themselves. You will find that gift recipient finds that the saying rings true for them.

Made from quality materials, you will find that this plaque does not fade over time and will hold up to the normal wear and tear of being in a home.

Boxer Dog Gift Fridge Rules

The Boxer Dog Gift Fridge Rules are a fun gift that is perfect for anyone you know that may have a boxer in their home. This magnet can be placed on the fridge or anywhere else where you can have a magnet such as on a filing cabinet.

The magnet comes in a 6-inch x 4-inch size, which is the right size so that it is not too large and not too small. The rules presented on the magnet are rules from a boxer’s standpoint and make for a good laugh. Some of the rules include:

  • If it’s out of date, that adds to the flavour
  • If you drop it, the “3-second rule” applies
  • If you leave the fridge door open, thanks
  • If it’s still wrapped, that’s extra roughage
  • If I look lovingly at you, I deserve a treat
  • If I can reach it, then it was meant for me

If all else fails, every Boxer owner would love to receive some delicious treats or a new comfortable retractable lead for their pet.

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