Best Gifts for a Cocker Spaniel Lover

Cocker Spaniel Rules – ‘It’s Mine!’ Dog Breed Fridge Magnet

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  • This fridge magnet is made from clear/transparent plastic.

  • Attaches to metallic items such as fridges by the magentic strip attached to the back.

  • Dimensions are approximately 90mm wide by 60mm high.

Pamper Yourself Now Cocker Spaniel Long Scarf

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  • Cute cocker spaniel dog scarf; 100% Polyester.

  • Fantastic gift for any season.

Dog Key Ring by Paper Island Top Dog & Cat Keyrings

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  • Cocker Spaniel Black Keyring.

  • Length: approx. 12cm Including Chain; Made From Flexible PVC.

Santa Stop Here Pet Sign

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  • Fun cat Christmas sign; Features cute image of dog with santa hat on.

  • 20cm x 12cm (8 inches x 5 inches

HotScamp Baseball Top

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  • Professionally Printed on Premium Cotton to withstand years of use

The Cocker Spaniel is a proud and gorgeous breed that is mainly a beloved companion despite remaining a capable bird dog at heart. The Cocker Spaniel’s cheerful and amenable disposition makes him a delight to have in the family. Beautiful to look at, he is never more pleased than when he is pleasing you. Being the best snuggle buddy on the couch and fantastic playmate for the kids, it’s no wonder the Cocker Spaniel breed has taken the hearts of so many.

If you’re looking for the best gift for yourself, a friend, family, or lover who likes the Cocker Spaniel breed, then look no further. Here are our top picks for the best cocker spaniel gifts for owners.

Best Cocker Spaniel Gifts – Our Picks

The perfect gift to make the receiver laugh! And it seems all that’s written in there is valid according to all the great reviews from people who purchased the magnet. It is approximately 90mm by 60mm in size which is great since it will not take all of the space on your refrigerator. With a magnetic strip attached at the back, attaching it to any item made of metal is easy. Advice your friend to place this gift in a higher place or his/her Cocker Spaniel might claim it as his.

Pamper Yourself Now Cocker Spaniel Long Scarf

if you already have a waterproof coat for your puppy, a fantastic gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or for Christmas, this cute Cocker Spaniel scarf makes a lovely gift for any season. It is made from 100% polyester and has a size of 90 cm X 180 cm. And for people who love the lilac colour, rejoice! This soft and beautiful scarf comes in lilac. For someone who adores a Cocker Spaniel, he/she will surely love it just like how all the customers who reviewed the product do.

Dog Key Ring by Paper Island Top Dog & Cat Keyrings

Almost as great as taking a Cocker Spaniel wherever you go, this keyring includes a soft Cocker Spaniel character, a metal dog tag and a “proud owner of an enthusiastic, lively, loving, loyal Cocker Spaniel” tag. This keyring is the perfect addition to any Cocker Spaniel item collection.

Santa Stop Here Pet Sign

Make sure Santa doesn’t miss your house and ensure your Cocker Spaniel receives his Christmas present. It also doubles as a boasting sign for your neighbours to see the best-loved Cocker Spaniel in the world. This cute pet sign features an adorable image of a Cocker Spaniel with a Santa hat on. It is measured at 20 cm X 12 cm (8 inches x 5 inches). For Christmas, include your pet and show the world you have the best Cocker Spaniel in the world. You can place this pet sign anywhere you want, be it in the yard, or inside the house.

HotScamp Baseball Top

What better way to show the world that you love your Cocker Spaniel than an article of clothing that you can wear. The baseball top that reads “Leave me alone. I’m only speaking to my Cocker Spaniel today.” is professionally printed on premium jersey cotton that can stay in its best condition throughout the following years of abuse. The product comes in white/black colour and Small to XXL size.

Alex Clark Squash Mug

For someone who loves to drink coffee, milk or tea in a mug, this fantastic mug with a photo of two Cocker Spaniels and a heart between them is the ideal gift. The beautiful china wear has “Contented Cockers” written on it, and you will be too if you get your hands on one of these. It is microwave and dishwasher safe so it’ll definitely last you a lifetime unless it accidentally falls and breaks. If you want more, the Dunham born artist, Alex Clark has more of these babies. Check out his beautiful mug collection, and you might want to start your own collection when you check his.

Keep Calm and Love Your Cocker Spaniel Fridge Magnet

Who doesn’t love the Keep Calm and Carry On quotes? Yummy Grandmummy has taken it one step further and created a fridge magnet that reads “Keep Calm and Love Your Cocker Spaniel”. With its unique design, the photo is printed on a matte photo paper and measured at 7 cm x 4.5 cm. This could be one of those “Sorry I can’t get you the real thing!” kind of present. Now, every time you open the fridge, you’ll be reminded of your little darling Cocker Spaniel.

All You Need To Know About Your Cocker Spaniel: An Owner’s Guide Book

What can be a better gift than a book about a Cocker Spaniel? Get to know your pup more with this guide. In this book, the author, Jane Simmonds, traced the breed’s history and offered some expert advice on choosing a puppy, best dog training books, and care. For more than 25 years, she has been showing and breeding Cocker Spaniels, so you’ll surely get a lot of information from her book. As an added bonus, there is an extra chapter about health care that’s written by the practising vet Estela Baden.

With 128 pages in paperback, this book has a whopping 4.7 out of 5 stars rating with a lot of great reviews from different Cocker Spaniel owners recommending the book. It packs a lot of information and is easy to read. It is one of those must-have books if you’re thinking of adopting a Cocker Spaniel.


Whichever gift you choose for yourself, your friend, family, or significant other, they will surely love these nine best gifts for a Cocker Spaniel lover. Who knows, your Cocker Spaniel will like it too?

Which gift was your favourite?


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