what is the best harness for German Shepherds

What is the Best Harness for German Shepherds?

Are you looking for the best harness for German Shepherds? If so keep reading! If you’re looking for the best harness for German Shepherds, then stay tuned. We’ve found the best harnesses currently available for these beautiful dogs in this list where we go through the different options for the best harness for German Shepherds. …

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what is the best harness for dachshunds

What is The Best Harness for Dachshunds?

Are you looking for the best harness for dachshunds? If so, keep reading for my top recommendations. Finding the best harness for dachshunds can be tricky. Due to their short legs and long back, dachshunds can be rather tricky to find harnesses for. Though they’re an adorable breed, their unique body shape means that you …

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do dogs have nightmares?

Do Dogs Have Nightmares?

Do dogs have nightmares? Take a read of this post and learn about how your dogs dreams! As dog owners, we want to make sure that our pups are as safe and secure as possible… And you might have found yourself wondering… “Do dogs have nightmares?”. If you bolt upright after a nightmare, you may …

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the best cbd oil for dogs

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Looking for a list of the best CBD oil for dogs? This list will help! CBD is an incredibly popular supplement these days, and though it’s well-used among humans, it’s really taking hold in the animal kingdom too! If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for dogs, then this list will talk you through all …

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What Does It Mean When a Dog Puts His Paw on You?

A dog putting his paw on you is a form of communication. Obviously, we cannot speak to our dogs although proper training using a dog training book gives them a good understanding of our commands. Your dog cannot verbally speak to you. Instead, your pooch relies on body language and certain sounds that he makes …

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Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

You may not be able to see them but dogs do have belly buttons. Most mammals, including dogs and humans, have a scar left behind from where the umbilical cord attached them to their mother. This is what we call the belly button. In humans, the scar is very visible. Have you ever tried finding …

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How Long Can a Dog Go Without Food?

There are several reasons why you might be concerned about your dog not eating. Has your pooch not touched his food today? Or are you running late and unable to feed your dog at her normal meal time? Regardless of the specific situation, regular meal times are very important for dogs. Dogs are pets that …

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Can Dogs Eat Parsnips?

Parsnip are a fibrous powerhouse of dietary nutrients so is it safe to add this vegetable to your dog’s diet? Parsnips, like most root vegetables are safe for your dog to eat when given in moderation. Read on to find out more about the dietary quality of parsnips and how you can feed them to …

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Can Dogs Eat Turnips?

Are turnips a safe vegetable for dogs to eat? There are plenty of vegetables that are safe for dogs to eat. Adding certain vegetables to your pooch’s meals can have health benefits. It is also an affordable way of adding extra substance to Rover’s chow. Read on to learn more about turnips and whether you …

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Can Dogs Eat Weetabix?

Most grains are safe for dogs to eat but is weetabix a safe human food for your pooch, too? Some dog owners may be concerned about the other ingredients in weetabix. Also, weetabix is a processed food, specifically intended for human consumption. Is it harmful for your dog to eat processed human food? Read on …

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Furbo Dog Camera Review

I was sent this item for free to review by Furbo. This is my honest review. There are some impressive devices designed for dogs that you can buy right now, but few come close to being as innovative and fun – not to mention useful – like this one, the Furbo Dog Camera. No, it’s …

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Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Pasta is one of those meals that everyone will enjoy but can your dog have his own bowl of pasta, too? Be careful when you want to feed your dog the leftovers from dinner because not all human food is good for your pooch. Although ingredients of plain pasta noodles are safe for most dogs …

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