Chiweenie: Chihuahua and a Dachshund Mix

In recent years, cross-breed dogs have become as popular – if not more so – than pedigree animals. We are talking here about carefully bred hybrid dogs, not mere mongrels! Such dogs are popular for good reason; breeding two dogs of good temperament pretty much guarantee a friendly and loyal animal, and with many different sizes to choose from, you can have a dog that suits any type of home. Also, many of these breeds do not shed their hair and those that do shed very little.

If you are looking for a small, attractive and enjoyable dog, one that is easy to train and would make a great family pet, we can recommend you check out the Chiweenie. Not the most common of the cross-breeds, this lovely animal is the offspring of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, so the cuteness factor is guaranteed! To find out if this little dog is the one for you, let us give you all the information we can.

Origins of the Chiweenie Cross Breed

The cross-breed dog has become a popular choice in recent years, not least thanks to the many different breeds available. The knowledge that you are getting a dog bred carefully from chosen parents is also a bonus. The Chiweenie is a small, fun and enjoyable dog that will provide you with many hours of pleasure, and one that is perfect for a first-time owner.

First bred in the USA in the 1990’s, the Chiweenie has become popular as a dog that will happily curl up on your lap and sleep – but be aware that, when he wakes, it will want to play! Energetic, intelligent and a loyal pet, this is a dog that will want to be involved whatever you are doing!

For many people, the advantage of the Chiweenie lies in its small stature; it weighs no It makes a great family pet, will play for a long time and is intelligent, and if trained from an early age, will also integrate happily with other dogs and pets. For this reason, socialising the dog at an early stage is a strongly recommended part of its training.

The importance of sourcing your puppy from a reputable breeder cannot be stressed too highly. A good breeder will be able to tell you about the parents and give you assurances about health problems. Never buy from a pet shop, and if you do choose to look at rescue dogs, make sure you have all the information you can on the dog’s past before you make the choice, and be aware why the dog has been abandoned by its owners.

So, let’s talk a little more about the characteristics and temperament of the Chiweenie, and see if this is the breed for you. If it isn’t for you, we have written about many other breeds here.

Chiweenie Breed Characteristics

There are many different breeds of hybrid dog, some large and some not so, and the Chiweenie is up there with some of the smallest! That makes it perfect for people who want a dog but who live in, say, a small apartment, as while the dog does need exercise, it will be happy with not too much space indoors.

The Chiweenie is bred from a Dachshund and a Chihuahua – although yours may be bred from two Chiweenies – and inherits the characteristics of these two animals. In short, a well-bred and trained Chiweenie will be a fine example of a pet for a single person, an older person or a family, but it should be said that it may become irritated at the constant attention of younger children. In addition, if not introduced at an early age, this is a dog that may not get on with other animals, and they do have a tendency to bark, so please take this into consideration.

A few pros and cons when it comes to owning a Chiweenie:


  • A low shedding coat means its great for people with allergies
  • It is a friendly and loyal breed and one that will demand a lot of your attention!
  • Chiweenies are easy to train and receptive to instruction and learning, and you will find it great fun to teach!
  • It will be a great dog for older children, as it enjoys playing games and is very intelligent.
  • Friendly, loyal and committed, it will also make an excellent watchdog and will alert you if it sees anything you should know about.
  • This is a very small dog so will be perfect in an apartment or flat, and is ideal for a first-time owner.
  • As with all dogs, it will need exercise, but given its size, not as much as many bigger breeds


  • This is not a great dog for small children as it can become irritated
  • Needs grooming regularly, although usually has a smooth and short coat. Long coats are also possible and will need professional grooming every now and again.
  • As with all breeds, there are certain hereditary diseases and ailments that the Chiweenie can suffer from, so talk to your breeder for reassurance
  • A Chiweenie will be a barker if it is allowed to be, so firm training on that point at an early stage is needed
  • This might be a small dog, but it is one that will eat a lot, so be prepared to have food handy!
  • Be aware that this is a breed that is best kept as a solitary dog, but an early introduction to other animals can make it easily adaptable

A lively, loving and very attractive dog, the Chiweenie should make a great pet for a family or single person, and for anyone living in a smaller home.

General Appearance

The Chiweenie inherits the long and slim body of the Dachshund with the wonderful cuteness of the Chihuahua and is a very attractive dog with a pretty and attentive face, and big eyes and ears. It’s a highly original looking dog, but one that is always endearing.

With a coat that can be either smooth and sleek like that of the Dachshund, or a little longer and wild like the Chihuahua, this is a dog with its own style and one that will be much appreciated by all who meet it. The sheer cuteness of the dog cannot be overstated, as this is a very pretty dog indeed, and one that can be found in a variety of attractive colours.

Chiweenie Colours

The colour of your Chiweenie’s coat will depend entirely on the parent animals, and this means it can be something of a lottery! Even your breeder will not be able to guarantee absolutely the coat colour you will end up with, but they will be able to give you an idea. We can tell you that your Chiweenie will most likely be in one of the following colour variations, all of which are very attractive:

  • Brown – brown forms the basis of many a Chiweenie coat, and can be either dark or light, each shade being very attractive
  • Red – A lovely shade that looks very beautiful on a puppy and more so on an adult dog, this is one to look out for as it is not the most common colour
  • Black – the smooth coated Chiweenie looks particularly beautiful in a lush black, and this is a very popular colour for such dogs
  • White – another wonderful coat colour, this is one that looks particularly stunning on the longer-coated dogs and can make for an extremely attractive pet indeed.

Be aware that the chances are you may end up with a dog that has a combination of two or more of the above colours, and that this is not a bad thing at all. A multi-coloured Chiweenie is a very pretty dog, so talk to your breeder about the potential colour combinations of existing litters, or those expected shortly.

How to Groom a Chiweenie

The frequency with which you should groom your Chiweenie depends entirely on whether it is a short or long-coated dog, as the former will naturally not need as much as the latter. However, it is important that you get your puppy used to grooming at an early age as that will make it more acceptable to the animal, and that you do it regularly throughout its life.

With long-coated dogs, it is highly recommended that you have them professionally groomed regularly. This not only ensures you have a beautiful dog but also that you have one that is comfortable and happy. Find a good groomer close to you that has a quality grooming facility with a grooming table, and make sure your puppy gets to know them at an early age.

The Temperament of a Chiweenie

Temperament is one of the most important aspects of choosing a dog, whether a family pet or for a single person and as the Chiweenie is bred from two very well-behaved and friendly animals, you will find that it is a lovely dog to have around. A well-trained, well-bred Chiweenie will be a very affable, friendly and loyal dog, although one that can be stubborn and a little mischievous, so it is recommended that you start your training early in life to get the best out of the puppy.

You need to find a professional, reputable breeder if you are to get a puppy with the best and most affable temperament. They will have carefully selected parent dogs that are proven to have reliable offspring. Sometimes the breeder will use a Chihuahua and a Dachshund for the litter, but it may also be the case they breed from two Chiweenies, as this also has desirable results.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose a Chiweenie if you are looking for a family pet, and also why you should look at them as dogs for single people. To begin with, you will find that this charming small dog will soon form a bond with its owner, and it is one that is very strong indeed. You will also notice that it literally dogs your footsteps, so be prepared to have your dog with you wherever you go. Another great aspect of these dogs is portability, as they are perfect for travel in the car in a cage or with restraint.

The Chiweenie makes an excellent family dog for many reasons: it is a playful animal that will be great with older children but do beware that sometimes they don’t take to other animals, so it can be a dog that lives best on its own. There is an element of loyalty in these dogs that goes far and beyond that, you may find in some other breeds, so you need to be prepared to accept your new puppy as one of the family.

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of when buying a Chiweenie. First, this is a breed that, if allowed to, may develop a fondness for barking. This needs to be nipped in the bud early, so you don’t have unnecessary noise. Also, it is not a dog that takes to being pestered, so young children and other dogs may not be acceptable to your new puppy. Be aware that, as an intelligent and inquisitive animal, it is also one that can be naughty at times, so training well is a must.

In many ways, the Chiweenie is just about the perfect family dog, is relatively easy to train and will soon learn who is in charge if you are willing to take the time, and will get to know its place in the home. If you follow our tips on training – read on for those – and select a well-bred dog from a reputable breeder, you will have many years of fun with your new dog.

Living with a Chiweenie

We strongly recommend that, when looking to buy your puppy, you talk to reputable breeders and to other owners about their experience. A breeder will be able to advise you on the characteristics of the animal, and owners on the pleasure and effort needed to enjoy such a dog. This is a dog that will reward you with playfulness, loyalty and plenty of curled

This is an intelligent dog that will also show a great tendency to learning! Intelligence in a dog is a two-way thing: on the one hand, you get the benefit of an animal that is relatively easy to train and on the other, you get a strong-willed dog that can on occasions be somewhat inquisitive! If you begin training early, you will find you have a long and fruitful life together.

One good thing about the temperament of the Chiweenie is that it does not have a strong prey drive; some dogs will instinctively chase other dogs or small animals. If well-trained, it will leave your neighbour’s cat alone, but be aware if something moving quickly catches its eye, it may be inclined to go after it. A well-trained Chiweenie should return to the owner when called, so this must be instilled in it from an early age.

Your dog will not require as much exercise as some bigger breeds, but still has plenty of energy to burn off, so look forward to enjoyable walks together, and enjoy the exercise.

Living with a Chiweenie is a pleasurable experience, you will undoubtedly enjoy the company provided by this charming little dog.

Training Your Chiweenie

The Chiweenie is an intelligent breed that will respond well to training, but it can also be a stubborn one that wants its own way! This is why it is important you start training early, and seek advice not just from us, but from breeders and other people who have knowledge of the matter. To help you along the way, here are a few tips on what NOT to do when training your Chiweenie, as these actions will have negative results:

  • Shout – you may need to use a terse and stern voice at times – to let your dog know who is the boss – but shouting at a small dog such as this can frighten it, which means it will not respond to your instructions. Try and keep it friendly at all times.
  • Use violence – Toy dogs such as this can be fragile and easily hurt, so refrain from hitting your Chiweenie at any point.
  • Lock it away – Never shut a puppy away on its own for being ‘naughty’; remember, the dog is just young and has a lot to learn and won’t take to being left alone.

And some advice on what can bring the best results:

  • Start early – We can’t stress how important it is to make sure you get training at an early stage. In the first few months of its life, the puppy will learn more than in the rest of it about how to behave.
  • Socialize – it is very important that you get your Chiweenie puppy to socialise early in its life, both with people at home and with other dogs and animals. The latter is important with this breed as they do not always take to other animals.
  • Be positive and firm – Your Chiweenie is an intelligent animal and will notice how your tone of voice and attitude changes; positive is good, and as it is a stubborn dog at times, a firm approach is also best if you are to get the right response.
  • Patience – You need to be able to set aside a good deal of time to train your puppy and spend time with it; this is an ongoing learning process and does not last a finite time.

Enjoy your training time with your Chiweenie puppy, and it will help you get to know your dog and develop that bond that will stay with you for life.

Chiweenie Health Care

Like all dogs, the Chiweenie can be susceptible to hereditary health problems. This is understood by breeders and is one of the major reasons why finding a reputable breeder is important. Your breeder will be able to assure you that the parent dogs are healthy and that your puppy will stand the very least chance of inheriting one of the health problems that are seen in Chiweenies.

Be prepared to travel to find a breeder that can offer you the reassurance you need, and we recommend that you check out more than one breeder. There is always the option of getting a rescue dog, but for the reasons outlined below, this is not the recommended route to Chiweenie ownership.

Getting Your Own Chiweenie

If you do want to investigate the rescue dog option, look for reputable sellers. It is difficult to gauge this from adverts, so you must visit before you commit. You will need to know the breeding history of the dog and the reasons why it is in need of a new home – if this information is not forthcoming, walk away from the deal.

A breeder is always a better option; you will be able to learn about – and even meet – the parent dogs, and get the added assurance that they have been carefully chosen as healthy dogs known to provide healthy and beautiful offspring. Talk to more than one dealer, and as we have said, be prepared to travel. Be aware that a Chiweenie will cost you around £500 minimum, and we believe this to be a fair investment for what will be a lifelong companion.

Breeds Similar to the Chiweenie

If you are looking for a small cross-breed you may want to consider other options; the Morkie, a cross between a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, is a great, choice, and the likes of the Cavachon and Cockapoo are larger, but still manageable dogs. Check out the wide variety of crossbreeds available, and there are certain to be some that suit you.

Chiweenie Last Word

For anyone looking for a very small, very friendly, lively, and fun-loving dog, there are few better options than the Chiweenie. This is a wonderful animal to have around and is one of the longer-lived of the small breeds with a lifespan of 13-16years. Loyal and giving, the Chiweenie could be the dog you need, so check out breeders now and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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