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1216 dog owners were asked about their car habits by All Car Leasing, and the results were used to see what the best cars for dog owners are. These cars will have the most desirable features for people who own dogs. From these results, an infographic and blog post were created which this article is commenting on.

Do you let your dog in your car?

The first question which was asked was ‘Do you let your dog in your car?’, and 21 per cent of dog owners interviewed said they would not. 36 per cent of that 21 per cent said the reason why was because of dog hair messing up the car, and the second biggest reason which 26 per cent chose was the dog smell that permeates the car once they have left.

When Driving, Where Do You Put Your Dog?

69% of small dog owners keep their dog with them on the passenger seat, 57% of medium dog owners keep their dog in the back seat, and large dogs are mostly kept in the boot, with a large majority of 78% of large dog owners keeping them there.

Have You Bought a Specific Car with Your Dog in Mind?

The third question asked was ‘Have you bought a specific car with your dog in mind’, to which 62% of dog owners who allow their dogs in their cars said yes. Estate vehicles, crossovers, SUVs and MPVs are the best cars for dog owners because they tend to be more practical and spacious. These cars also have features, such as ‘60:40 split’ and ‘flat-folding back seats’.

What Type of Car Do You Drive?

The final question that was asked to the dog owners was ‘What type of car do you drive?’. Out of 961 people, 260 drive a Hatchback making the Hatchback the most popular among dog owners, 211 of the dog owners drive a Crossover, 96 people drive an SUV, 87 drive a saloon, 182 drive an Estate and 125 people drive a different car. All Car Leasing did assume most dog owners would simply own a Crossover or an SUV, however, this data is consistent with previous information that states that most dog owners own smaller dogs because a Hatchback would give them just enough space.

Most Desirable Feature in a Car for Dog Owners

All this information gave All Car Leasings an idea of the most desirable feature for cars that belong to dog owners. A large boot is the most desirable because you can fit a bigger dog in as well as anything else you need for trips and long hauls. Other features that are desirable to dog owners who allow dogs in their cars can easily access the boot so bigger dogs can simply jump in and high-quality seats that are resistant to damage and easily cleaned with a wipe.

Dog Accessories

Dog accessories are also an idea. While they are not essential, they will be sure to add comfort to both the dog and the driver. A dog fence will create a barrier between the back seats and the boot, and a dog seat cover that can be washed will help keep fur from sticking to the seat. A safety belt for your dog will help ensure safety too.

Homeward Hound - Dog Owners And Their Cars

Homeward Hound byAll Car Leasing

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