Best Gifts for a Border Terrier Owner

Border Terrier H & H Santa Paws Glass Bauble

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  • A large flat-shaped glass bauble within its own open-fronted gift box.

  • Gift boxed with ribbon, ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

  • A great stocking filler gift for your pet or a cat and dog lover.

  • Bauble size: 7cm x 8cm x 3cm approx.

Border Terrier Novelty Gift Mug

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  • The design is on both sides of the mug.

  • Would make a great gift for any occasion

  • Approx. Measurements: 9.5cm x 8cm.

Vintage Style Retro Metal Wall Sign Border Terrier

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  • Retro Metal Wall Sign.

  • Would make a gift for border terrier lovers.

Border Terrier Badge Pin

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  • A beautiful piece of English pewter cast in the traditional manner with intricate detailing.

  • Would make a gift for border terrier lovers.

Border Terrier Air Freshener

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  • This air freshener feature a double-sided image.

  • Measures approxmately 4 inch x 2.5 inch.

  • Has a cord for hanging in the car or home.

  • The air freshener has a long-lasting bouquet fragrance.

The Border terrier is one of the most popular terrier breeds with its small body and cute features. That adorable face has been used in all types of gift items. It’s tenacious, brave, and bold personality makes it one of the most loved dog breeds. They are simply bags of fun!

Border terrier owners clearly adore this breed and are proud of their fur babies. We assure you that any gift item containing this dog’s face is sure to excite and give happiness to any Border terrier parent. In this article, we have listed some of the best border terrier gifts and dog toys. Of course, you can also buy these for yourself and create a collection out of it.

Best Border Terrier Gifts

Border Terrier H & H Santa Paws Glass Bauble

Whether it is Christmas or any festivities, this Border Terrier H & H Santa Paws Glass Bauble is sure to light up any home. This large flat-shaped glass bauble has its own gift box perfect to give as a gift for any occasion. The bauble is ready to be hanged on the Christmas tree or any of your collection hooks. The gift box already comes in with a ‘To and From’ message spot at the box’s back. Nothing beats a holiday with your favourite dog breed hanging for everyone to see and appreciate.

Border Terrier Novelty Gift Mug

Of course, who doesn’t love a mug for that much-needed coffee in the morning or that afternoon break in the office? With a ‘Keep Calm’ quote, this Border Terrier Novelty Gift Mug is great for any Border Terrier fan. With a photo of a border terrier and a quote, this gorgeous mug will melt the heart of any person and remind them of their pet dog. It can even be used to say ‘Hey I got you a mug since I couldn’t afford the real one.’ Yup. It’s great for all types of occasion and can be added to any mug collection. The mug is approximately 9.5 cm x 8 cm, comes with a box and has the designs on both sides of the item.

Vintage Style Retro Metal Wall Sign Border Terrier

The Vintage Style Retro Metal Wall Sign Border Terrier is great in showing off your love for the Border Terrier breed. It is a small steel sign that approximately measures 200 mm x 150 mm (8” x 6”) and can be hanged in any room as it consists of fix holes for hanging. This wonderful product is made of metal and also has other designs with different dog breeds.

As for the Border Terrier sign, it comes in the purple colour and is printed with a photo of the breed, a paw print and a few sentences describing the majestic breed. According to all the customer reviews, this plaque is lovely and well made. Definitely recommended for any Border Terrier fan.

Border Terrier Badge Pin

What’s better than a brooch? A Badge pin that’s perfect for any hat, coat, scarf, tie, or bag. The Border Terrier Badge Pin is made from English pewter created using traditional methods. This cute gift is made with intricate details that perfectly grasp the features of a Border Terrier. It can be given as a gift or kept as a personal memento.

At the back, two solid clutch and pin fittings are placed to provide a secure and stable attachment that will surely stay put on any piece of clothing. Tell the world of your love for this awesome breed with this pin. As a gift, this product comes with a taffeta gift bag that contains the pin placed in a lovely box. You don’t need to wrap it and give yourself, your friends or relatives this inexpensive gift.

Border Terrier Air Freshener

Ran out of gift ideas? This Border Terrier Air Freshener will definitely stun the person you’re giving this present to. Not only does it freshen the air but it also features a double-sided image of a Border Terrier. It’s perfect for hanging inside the car or at home. It has an approximate measurement of 4” x 2.5”. Leave your house and vehicle smelling nice with the long-lasting bouquet fragrance that this air freshener carries.

The Border Terrier Air Freshener is the ideal present for any animal enthusiast or to anyone who wants a fresh-smelling place. It doubles as a décor and an air freshener. What can be better than that?

Waggy Dogz Border Terrier Cushion

Other than fluffy pillows, a cushion with your favourite dog breed in it is one of the best things in life for a Border Terrier lover. The Waggy Dogz Border Terrier Cushion measures 43 cm x 43 cm with a printed Border Terrier face in the front. The back side is covered with a chic check fabric. It is UK made with a high standard. Inside, the pad is filled with fibre. With this cute cushion, it’ll feel like you have the real dog in the room as the eyes look like they’re on you all the time. This wonderful product is worth every penny as commented by verified purchasers. Show off your love and brighten up your room with a new cushion.

Border Terrier Designed Christmas Wrapping Paper

For all your gifts, wrap it using the Border Terrier Designed Christmas Wrapping Paper. It is approximately measured at 420 mm x 594 mm (15.5” x 23.5”). It is folded into a cellophane packet neatly. The Border Terrier patterns make it the ideal wrapping paper. If you’re planning on using it to wrap your gifts, better buy more so you won’t regret having not enough supply especially when you’re wrapping a large gift.

Border Terrier Dog Key Ring by Paper Island

Getting a key ring with a photo of a Border Terrier can be the best feeling for a dog lover. The Border Terrier Dog Key Ring by Paper Island exactly is made to be the best keyring gift that you can give. The product is pretty flexible and will remind you of your dog. Plus, the small tag saying that you’re a proud owner of a Border Terrier seals the deal. Who wouldn’t be able to resist such a cute gift? It is definitely recommended to melt any dog lover’s heart!

Vivid Arts Border Terrier Resin Dog

For your home decors or landscaping designs, the Vivid Arts Border Terrier Resin Dog is perfect for your dog collection. Your loved one will surely love this Border Terrier resin. It almost looks real sitting with one of his hind legs tucked beneath himself. Its light tan coat, pink tongue, sparkling eyes and cropped cushy ears make it look real!

The product weighs 2.2 kg and measures 31 cm long, 32.5 cm tall and 19.3 cm wide. If placed outside, this resin dog may fade in the sun, but it is assured to be frost resistant. It is well packaged and will do well as a gift to any dog enthusiast.


All in all, picking a gift shouldn’t be hard. Your friends and relatives will definitely love any of our recommendations, but if you’re one looking to build a Border Terrier collection, this list is a great place to start.

If nothing from above catches your eye, one thing is for sure, all dogs love delicious treats.

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