Best Dog Puzzle Toys Reviewed (& Why You Should Use Them)

Dog it 3-in-1 interactive toy.

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  • A fun interactive game for you and your dog for physical and mental stimulation.

  • It works with your dogs natural hunting instincts and encourages problem solving skills while promoting bonding and playtime with your pet.

  • Hide-and-seek game; Spin-a-whirl game; Sliding puzzle

Idepet Dog Toy Ball

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  • Made by extra-tough rubber, good elasticity, bite-resistant and nontoxic,non-abrasive,safe for your sweet dog grinding and cleaning their teeth.

  • Perfect for fetch and interaction with your dog.You can add food or treats into the grooves and this can keep them busy for hours.

  • Soft and unique surface relief, can effectively help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy.

  • This dog toy can easily attract your pet's attention, help pets' intelligence improving and is convenient to train dogs.

Dogs & Co. Flipboard

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  • Flip Board interactive dog puzzle toy

  • Lots of treat compartments, Including barrels & sliders

  • Great for scent training and 'hide & seek'

  • Tough plastic toy with movable parts

MissFoxPaw scent puzzle.

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  • Keeps your pup playing longer, eating slower.

  • The Paw Hide inspires natural, treat-seeking fun!

  • Great dog brain teaser, Fun to watch the dogs work out removing the treats!

Kong Classic Dog Toy

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  • Mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs' instinctual needs

  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch

  • Great for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies

Best Dog Toy Puzzles – Our Top Picks

Dog It 3-in-1 Interactive Toy

More compartments to hide doggie treats in but it can be used as a hide and seek game, a ‘slide-and-find’ game, or a spin-a-whirl game. 3 ways to challenge your dog to dig out the treats. Reviews suggest that some dogs figure it out very quickly. Others sit and stare and never quite get it. How smart is your dog?

This one gets a lot of positive reviews. A ball where the treats are inside and the textured surface of the ball challenges dogs to chew and lick until they get the treats out of the gaps. The unique pockmarked surface is non-toxic and tough. Great for giving your dog’s teeth a workout. Helps with keeping teeth clean as well. A really good, stimulating workout for your dog’s mind and mouth. Overall, this is a great dog toy puzzle ball.

A variation on the hidden compartments idea. Different flaps and shaped objects to move in order to get at the treats hidden in the compartments. Tough plastic to withstand chewing. Challenges the dog to use scent and thinking to find the treats. This product was designed incorporating ideas used in Zoo’s where similar issues of animal boredom are tackled. This is one of the hardest dog puzzle feeders uk.

MissFoxPaw Scent Puzzle

A paw shaped puzzle where the treats are hidden under plastic compartments. Your pooch needs to dig out the compartment to get to the food. The compartments are not ‘flip-up’ so your dog removes them to get the treat. Can leave a bit of a mess as the puzzle ends up spread around your room but certainly challenges your dog’s nose and mind.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

You are probably familiar with these much loved, Kong products. This toy really does it all. Fill the hollow centre with favorite treats (peanut butter, chicken strips and jerky or any other favorite of your pooch) and let your best friend work to dig out the treat. The great thing about this product is it works as a durable chew toy if your dog wants to bite down. It can be a fetch toy as well. Hours of fun and your dog won’t get bored of it.

Our Pets Interactive IQ Treat Ball

Similar concept to the Kong toy with a hollow interior, but this toy is filled with dry treats. Your furry friend will figure out quickly that as the ball rolls around, treats will fall out. The beauty is that you can adjust the difficulty level and make it more challenging to get treats out. Easy and effective. Your dog can see and smell the treats and it will keep working at getting them out.

Star Mark Bob-a-lot Dog Toy

The hollow interior of this toy holds up to 3 cups of food or treats. As with the previous treat ball, you can adjust the openings to make it harder to get the treats out. The unique feature of this toy is the shape. It always returns to an upright position, hence bob-a-lot, and is less likely to slide under furniture or disappear somewhere that the dog can’t get it. It slides but comes to a halt upright. Easier for the dog to hunt it down!

This type of toy can be a bit more challenging for your clever canine. Treats are hidden under the small flaps and they need to be nosed aside to get to the treat. It helps with mental stimulation and offers something for your dog to learn and master. It is made of durable wood and will withstand pressure if your dog decides to simply bite his way to the treats.

Curing Boredom & Bad Behaviour

I challenge you to think for a moment about how much money and effort we put into keeping our kids busy and entertained. It goes without saying that a bored child will be under your feet, probably complaining about something and looking for you to entertain them. If everything goes quiet, it might be even worse. Your kids have found something to get into that they probably should not be doing. We spend a lot of money on games, electronics, books and many, many other things to keep them busy.

Now think about your dog. Your furry best friend probably behaves exactly the same way when they are bored or alone. I am sure we don’t put as much thought into keeping them busy and stimulated as we do with those crazy kids. A simple, yet accurate statement is that ‘bored dogs behave badly’. Who can blame them? They are looking for something to do, unless, they have the memory foam dog bed that is so comfortable that they sleep all the time, but you get the point.

Why Use a Dog Puzzle Game?

Dog Puzzle toys are great to have on hand. If your dog is left alone if you have friends over and need the dog to be otherwise occupied if it is a rainy day when your dog is not ‘out and about’ or when you quite simply need quiet time, a good puzzle toy can help.

Most puzzle toys quite simply recreate in some way the pursuit and hunt for food. Dogs used to have to hunt, track, catch, find and search for food to survive in the wild. We have taken that need away by bringing them into our homes and providing for them, but they still have their natural instinct to hunt for food. The best toys challenge the dog at some level to find their food. This keeps the mind sharp, occupies their time and gives them a form of exercise. If you are involved in the game offering encouragement, even better. They crave your attention and love to please you so get involved!

How to Use Them Correctly

One word of caution, it is probably best that the dog toy puzzles are used for treats and snacks. If you start to use games and puzzles when your dog is expecting its regular meals, you might trigger some kind of ‘food insecurity’. Your dog does not need to feel it has to work too hard to get its basic food. This should be a fun diversion to find extra treats or snacks during the day.

If you have a dog who just wants to chew and chew, then check out our guide to the best indestructible dog toys.

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