Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs: Wired, Plastic and Soft Crates

If you are searching for a crate for your large dog, it can be tricky. If you have browsed the shelves of pet stores only to come up empty-handed, you are not alone. It is important and crucial to your pet’s overall physical and mental health that they have enough room to move around inside of the crate. Cramped quarters can spell out trouble, especially if your pup is to remain in the crate for an extended period of time.

Finding a crate for a large dog is not always as easy as finding one for a small pup because smaller dogs do not require as much room to move around. Below, you will find our guide and recommendations on how to pick a crate, what to think about, and what brands we recommend.

Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2-Door Crate

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  • 36 inch folding dog cage
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Wire spacing 3.6cm.
  • Two sliding latch mechanisms on each door to secure the cage.
  • Steel non-chew removable metal tray for easy cleaning.
Dogit 2-Door Wire Cage

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  • Sliding bolt door locks to safely secure your pet while the pull out tray is easy for cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 106.5cm x 70cm x 77cm.
  • 2 doors for convenient access and pull out plastic tray and simplifies cleaning.
  • Perfect for making your dog feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.
  • Rounded safety corners help prevent injury.
UKPET Pro Dog Crate Puppy Cage

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  • All Metal With Metal Tray & Roof Carry Handles.
  • Great Quality & Value Dog Crate Products.
RayGar Large Dog Cage

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  • Ideal for house training and travelling.
  • Medium - Length 76 X Width 53 X Height 59cm approx.
  • Cage has 2 doors for easy access (front and side).
  • Steel non-chew removable metal tray for easy cleaning.
Milo & Misty 36 inch Folding 2-Door Black Puppy & Dog Pet Crate

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  • Heavy duty portable cage with 2 secure lockable doors and removable plastic tray.
  • Ideal for house training, trips to the vets, taking your pet on holiday or as a cosy pet retreat.
  • Non-toxic, non-chew epoxy metal coating - won't harm your pet's teeth even if they bite the bars.
  • Folding design - easy to assemble and fold down, no tools required!

Our Top Picks for Large Dog Crates

It is vital that you choose a dog crate that has enough room for your pup and provides him or her with the safety and security they require. If you are unsure of whether or not a specific crate will work for your pup, continue to look for one that you believe will suit your pooch the best.

Below, we will present you with and discuss some of our favorite choices for large dog crates.

Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2-Door Crate with Non-Chew Metal Tray

The Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage is a wonderful option for pet owners who want an affordable, but durable crate. It is made from 3-inch thick wire. The wire is made to hold up in even the most strenuous conditions and the crate itself folds down for easy storage and transportation.

This crate is one of our favorite picks because it comes with two sliding latch mechanisms that allow you to secure the cage and have the peace of mind that your pup will not break free while inside.

There is a built-in tray that is easily removed and made from a non-chew metal for easy cleanup.

Dogit 2-Door Wire Cage

The Dogit 2-Door Wire Cage is 106.5 cm x 70 cm x 77 cm, which makes it ideal for use with any large-sized dog. Should your pup require a larger or smaller cage, there are additional size options.

This crate does feature a sliding bolt door lock, which ensures that your pup is safely inside and that he or she cannot break free and get out. The tray in the bottom of the crate does easily slide in and out for easy cleanup, when needed.

You will find that this cage is designed to be adequate in size and comes with rounded corners to ensure your pup cannot injure himself or herself while you are away.

The crate features two doors, one on the side and one on the front of the cage to ensure you can gain access to your pup when you need to.

UKPET Pro Dog Crate Puppy Cage

The UKPET Pro Dog Crate is ideal for large-sized dogs, but should you require a larger or smaller crate, you will find that this brand does offer a variety of sizes. The dog crate itself is made from quality wire that ensures durability for extended use. The cage is made from all metal and features a metal tray that slides easily in and out of the cage.

There is a handle on the roof of the cage, which allows you to carry the cage with you while on the go. You will find that the crate also folds down for ease of transportation and storage.

RayGar Large Dog Cage

If you want a cage that will provide your pup with the safety and security he needs while you are away, the RayGar Large Dog Cage is a great choice. Many people purchase this cage to use when they want to housetrain their pooch or travel. The crate itself features a non-chew tray that is easily removed for quick cleanup.

This crate is 36-inches and features two doors, one in the front and one on the side, for easy access to your pup.

Milo & Misty 36” Folding 2-Door Black Puppy & Dog Pet Crate

If you want a dog crate that you can easily take along with you on trips, vacations, and even outdoors, the Milo & Misty 36” Folding 2-Door Black Puppy & Dog Crate is an ideal option. While this cage is 36 inches, Milo & Misty do offer additional sizes to include 24 inches, 30 inches, and 42 inches.

The cage easily folds down when you need it to and features 2 doors that lock for extra security. The crate itself also features a removable tray for easy cleanup when your pet may have an accident.

This crate is one of our top choices because it is ideal for many applications such as taking your pet with you somewhere, a trip to the vet, and housetraining.

The crate is made from wire, which is non-toxic and non-chew. One of the many reasons we like this crate is because there is an epoxy coating on the wire that ensures your pup’s teeth are not injured if they bite the bars.

Things You Should Look for and Pay Attention To

When it comes to a dog crate, many people think that they can just look at one and then use it. While it is possible, there is more that you need to think about and consider when choosing a large dog crate for your pup. Some crates are made from materials that are considered cheap and they may pose a threat to your dog’s health. In addition, some crates are not designed with your pup’s safety in mind and the last thing you want to do is come home to an injured pooch.

With a little bit of time, thought, and research, you will be able to choose a crate that meets the needs of your pup. Prior to choosing a crate though, you will need to determine what type of crate you want to keep your pup in and will you need a crate cover? There are a variety of options and each one has its pros and cons that you must think about. Let’s take a look.

Wire Crates

One of the reasons why wire crates are a favorite among dog owners is because they fold down and can be transported or stored when not in use. This makes them very ideal for individuals who travel a lot or for those individuals who do not have a lot of space in their home or apartment.

The wire crates often come adjustable in size, so you can create an ideal atmosphere for your pup inside of them. If you have a pup who is not full grown, then you may want to consider an adjustable option, as you can expand the crate when the pooch is ready.

One of the biggest worries that dog owners have when it comes to wire crates is that they are afraid the crate may injure their pup. As you look for a crate to purchase, check to see that the wires are made from a durable material or that they come with a coating that will NOT injure your pup’s teeth or paws. In addition, you should check the wire cage on all corners to ensure that there are no sharp edges. Should there be a sharp edge, do not be afraid to sand it down. Sharp crate edges can cut or injure your pet when you are away.

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are another common option and are typically chosen over wire crates because they provide a sense of security and safety for the dog and the pet owner too. If you do have to travel with your pup by plane, you will be required to have one of these crates.

Soft-Sided Crates

If your dog does not actively try to get out of his or her crate, then you will find that this is a wonderful option. In fact, these crates are ideal if you plan to camp, travel, or even stay outdoors.

Many individuals like these crates because they often unlatch on the sides, which allows for easy storage and also easy cleaning of the crate should your pup have an accident. This type of crate is less aggressive in its look and it does not pose as much of a threat to safety as a wire cage does in that the sides are soft, and your pup cannot injure himself on it as easily.

Wood Crates

Some dog owners prefer to have a wood crate for their pup and you may be able to understand why immediately. Wood is durable and strong. These types of crates are secure and will last for many years. One thing to keep in mind though is that if your pup likes to chew, then this may not be the right material.

The biggest drawback to a wood crate is that you cannot fold it, transport it easily, or adjust its size, which makes it difficult to use in many scenarios.

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